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Review #1, by Naheed Animagi part 1

15th February 2011:
I've been waiting so long for you to update! XD great chapter :)

Author's Response: Oh... well thanks! ^.^
I love to know that people like the story... Just... updates might be even slower than they already are ( I know... once every other month WTFH?), because I'm working on another one called Workout, and MM is getting a bit difficult to write... I a bad author arent I??? Well at least I'm not abandoning it right?

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Review #2, by Naheed Hallows Eve

10th November 2010:
I really love your story

Author's Response: *blushes* Well. you know. I try. I spent a LONG time on that chapter, and don't think IU can top it. I already hate the next one.. I may possibly restart it.

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Review #3, by Naheed October

10th November 2010:
Great, great, great!

Author's Response: Oh my, all these comments are making my day amazing!

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Review #4, by Naheed Invisible

10th November 2010:
I really like your story so far :) Please do continue!! :D

Author's Response: Aweee... thanks. You are awesome! ^-^

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Review #5, by Cuddly_Crookshanks Hallows Eve

10th November 2010:
A coma???!?? OH my GOD!!! Yeah, I'd definately classify that as 'not doing to great'! Technically, he's not doing anyting! :D 10/10 Update quick as possible!

Author's Response: OH MY!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE COMMENT!! ^-^ You make me happy Cuddly!

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Review #6, by Cuddly_Crookshanks October

11th September 2010:
What do you mean, 'a little bit boring'?!?! It's GREAT!!! I can't really think of anything else to type, so hopefully that's enough word nourishment for you, Sun. 10/10 :)

Author's Response: aweee. You just made my day Cuddly. XD Thanks. You're awesome. I'm working on the third chapter, and I'm gonig to tell you, a lot is going to happen within the next while. I'll be introducing some new characters, and I hope you'll like them. Thanks so much for reviewing! ^^

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Review #7, by Cuddly_Crookshanks Invisible

18th August 2010:
Great story! Hope your updates come alot quicker than mine! :P

There was just one point that didn't make much sense. It was after Haley woke Kait up and they were talking in the bathroom. Instead of ' "Blah blah blah" I said' and then ' "blah, blah blah" she said' it just had 'I said' after everyline. (If that made any sense)

It is understanderble, if you concentrate. I think you've just gotten caught up in imagining what to write next, and made a mistake. I do that all the time! :)

Author's Response: Thanks. It's probably going to be re-posted soon, so no worries. So, i gather you took me up on my offer, and actually read my stories. AWESOME! You are one of my favourite aouthors BTW. ^^

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Review #8, by Ravo Invisible

17th August 2010:
Well my Hales. Now I finally see why you have been badgering me to read this. You are, as always, a genius. Nice one! (Don't fancy being the shy one, but, what can I say?)

Author's Response: please don't put my name on here. I'm Haylenie... and yes, you are the little shy one, and I'm not much better. barely.

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Review #9, by Dark_Caster_Gray Invisible

17th August 2010:
Great story, but i feel there should have been a bit more done... Where's the detail? The smell of the kitchen? The sights in the classrooms? The sounds in the halls? What do the characters really feel?

Author's Response: Good point... I should ad that in there. I'll probably edit it down the way, and I'll try to add that into the rest of the story. THANK YOU!! ^^

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