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Review #1, by Secret Santa Meetings

17th December 2011:
Here I am the 3rd and final part of your 1st gift is here, remember to look out for the clues to my identity I drop in every now and then.

Oh this story seems promising, I like how you introduce the main character with so much detail. I really feel like I know the character. Be careful about putting the emphasis on 'Plain' especially if she ends up with Albus because that can be very Clichéd (You know what I am talking about if you read a lot of Sirius/Oc. The plain girl Sirius wouldn't even notice somehow gains his attention and they fall in love) it can become very predictable. I love Laura the most at the moment, don't know why XD She just seems adorable and Jane is great as well :)
One more thing, you introduce Alice as Alice Longbottom but she greets herself as Alice Fields? x

Love it so far. Cant wait to read Ch 2!
xxSecret Santaxx

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Review #2, by zelunatic Crumple and Fall

10th May 2011:
please o please update soon i love it ahaha i almost cried in some parts ahahaha please!

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Review #3, by Alcott Lover Crumple and Fall

22nd March 2011:
Loving this, read it all in one and need to know what's happening next. Esp. with Laura.

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Review #4, by maskedmuggle Crumple and Fall

16th February 2011:
Oh, great chapter!! Laura falling at the end is brilliant! OMG we still haven't found out for sure what her, um, problem is! Gahh I'm so curious now! I really love love love your fic! You've done a wonderful job with it!

Your plot is pretty much original, there's tons of action going around everywhere! I love all your characters! There's so many, but I feel like I can connect with them all!

Your writing is lovely! Maybe you could be a bit more descriptive, but really, thoroughly engaging! And I really enjoyed my read of all 8 chapters of this story! I will definitely continue reading should you update it - are you a fast writer/updater, out of interest? :P

P.S Who is in your chapter image? I've seen the face around.. but can't put my name on him.. :P


Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your reviews! Don't worry you'll find out what Laura's problem is very soon- possibly the next chappie. ;) I'm glad you think the plot is original- there was a real danger it would be cliche, so I try really hard to add some twists.

I'm not that fast a writer, but the next chapter is nearly finished so it should be updated pretty soon- hopefully.

The chapter image is of Gaspard Ulliel. I think he's a model.

I'm so glad you like the story. Your reviews really made me happy! x

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Review #5, by maskedmuggle A letter

16th February 2011:
The plot is definitely thickening!! The more I read, the more I'm loving it! :D

I ADORED ALL THE DOM ACTION. I loved the sudden Lorcan bashing as well and him admitting he loved Dom - awwh so unbelievably adorable and sweet!! :D

I loved all the banter. But I also loved that end bit! The letter is really well written and I can't wait to read the next chapter! I really like your plot - it really stands out to me. So much action, and it's definitely really interesting and well written!

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Review #6, by maskedmuggle Mother

16th February 2011:
Awwh! Each chapter is getting better and better! I really loved this chapter! Seriously, Bree's whole speech and Harry's appearance was wonderfully well written!

And I LOVED, LOVED Bree's "Can Albus take me home?" That just made me go awwwh! :P lol. I loved Albus' point of view! I really enjoyed reading about how he saw Bree. And it's sad that he has his eyes on Amber. But you never know… I thoroughly enjoyed the light touch of humour as well - haha Albus' initials!

Overall, really loved the action in this chapter! Great writing! :D

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Review #7, by maskedmuggle Back

16th February 2011:
So.. HI.

Brilliant chapter! I think this might be my favourite yet!! I absolutely adored everything that happened in here! Having her muggle friend come over, and Scorpius ruining her secret was great! I loved how Marley was really excited, and her personality is really great as far as OC's go!

I loved the speeches. Both Emmett's and Bree's were so well written. Wow. Really, the emotion, everything, was wonderfully said.. beautiful.

The cliffhanger-ish ending was totally unexpected, which is great! Definitely makes me curious as to why her mother is suddenly here. And her mother is Marietta? Definitely fits that personality we see in just a few lines. Great work!

The only thing that's niggling me a bit is the tense. I love how you're mainly writing in present tense - not something many people do. However, be careful; in a few places you jump to the past tense, sometimes in one sentence. Just look out for that! Otherwise, absolutely lovely chapter to read!

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Review #8, by maskedmuggle Tragedy

16th February 2011:
Hey ;)

When I saw the chapter of this was called Tragedy.. I don't know what I expected.. but it was nothing like this. The sisterhood initiation thing was a little weird.. and having Alice Longbottom being part of it seemed a little weird too.. Neville would disagree to the utmost!

The tragedy really, was definitely tragic. It also seemed a little out of place and it felt like it was unbalancing the mood of your whole fic so far. I really loved all the writing though! It's definitely really good :)

The way Bree felt after she found out her dad and brother had died was really well written. I liked the way she acted and such, was very realistic! :) Nice work!

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Review #9, by maskedmuggle Andre Bellour

16th February 2011:
Yep. It's me again. HELLO! ^_^

Wow! I'm so impressed by the beginning! I loved all those little snippets about what they were each doing! Really intrigued me straight away! I'm eager to find out what's happening to Laura.. somehow I'm thinking pregnancy.. so it'll be interesting to find out if I'm right or drastically wrong! :P

I'm not such a fan of "Bree's P.O.V" and "General P.O.V" but all the same, lovely chapter! Again, such a large cast of characters! Lots of the seem to be smart :P You introduced even more this time. I'm not sure whether they enhance the piece or not, maybe you could try focusing more on description in the settings and the story, not so much on the characters :) I'm also a bit hesitant on the really fast development of the relationship between Bree and the Gryffindors.

I loved the lists. They're a really great idea, and they really convey a lot across. The action with Andre and the unknown guy was really intriguing. Seriously, I'm really mystified by who that othr guy is and what they're planning! And running into James Potter too? A major plus for me!

Ooh, by the way, lovely chapter images! Logan Lerman looks awesome in this one ;)

And also, I haven't read Little Women before.. but I love the idea of it. 'Little Women' is a great title for this fic ;)
-charlotte :)

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Review #10, by maskedmuggle Albus

16th February 2011:
Hello again!

Ooh!! What a wonderful chapter! Seriously, I really enjoyed this one! Again, a bit too much descriptions for my liking, but I did get a good sense of the character's personality from them! Nice descriptions of the room mates. I really liked how elaborate your characters/families are developed - Like how Emmett is a THOMAS and the son of Dean Thomas and Demelza Robins (interesting match - and I love it!) AHH Albus Potter, Emmett, Andre and Scorpius seem so hot! ;)

Especially Emmett and Andre. Nice names. Scorpius, not so much. Which is weird because I usually love him. He and Rose reminds me of James/Lily in the Marauders Era! Great work on the characters! It was nice to see Bree get some conversation with Albus ^_^

And I really loved the whole action in this chapter. The ending especially. It was unexpected, and I loved the little lie :) The excuse was also weird and wacky, I look forward to reading about her detention hopefully! Lovely writing!

-charlotte ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I must admit, I'm guilty of forgetting about Bree's detention completely- that's what comes of never planning. Oops. I'm sorry you don't like Scorpius as much :( I wanted to give him and Rose a James/Lily sort of match since the rest of the romances in the piece are easier. Also, I imagine Rose as a Daddy's girl, and I think she would have taken what he said in her first year to heart. Anyway I'm glad you liked it (and Emmett- he's one of my favourites)

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Review #11, by maskedmuggle Meetings

16th February 2011:
Hello! (:

Really nice opening chapter! You had quite a lot of characters introduced, and I pretty much like them all! Some of them are a tad cliche, but I really loved the dialogue and action going on here.

There were also quite a lot of information and facts at the beginning and throughout the chapter. However, your writing is really good and I soon got engaged into it! I look forward to finding out what happens in the next few chapters..

As for Bree, I like how she's a Hufflepuff! And pretty name too! I really like the sound of Laura too. All in all, a really nice chapter - and I'm off to read on!
Happy Valentine's Day! :D
-charlotte! :)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the nice review! It's helpful to know that I introduce quite a lot at one time- I don't realise I'm doing it and I understand it must be quite confusing. But I'm glad you liked it, and the characters, even though I do realise some of them are slighlty cliche at the beginning, at least. Thanks for the review

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Review #12, by Girlforeverlost Crumple and Fall

14th February 2011:
great story!
I'm really enjoying it, keep going!

Author's Response: Glad you like it, next chapter is nearly finished being written. Thanks for the review! x

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Review #13, by AlbusRox14 Crumple and Fall

8th February 2011:
Okay thank you so much for updating! It doesn't matter about the wait, are you back now? Yay!

So it looks like Fabian likes - or at least admires - Alice. Hmmm. . .

So how much time does Laura have left again? So sad! Why does she have to die soon? Life is so unfair to Bree, will she ever recover from it? Because if she didn't that would be a crap ending to the story, just saying.

Author's Response: Yes, i'm back, and the next chapter is already half-written. Don't worry, the ending won't be all despair or doom, I promise. And the snippet said Laura had five months left- and that's all I'll tell you! Thanks for the review x

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Review #14, by AlbusRox14 Tragedy

6th February 2011:
This is a reread, so I understand a lot more of the plot now - like, Alice's secret - that was why she was walking to Hagrid's hut. And Andre, is the one who told.

Now that I understand it, the last line of this chapter is so sad! "Til the day I die" - oh no! That is in no way long enough! That's so sad!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoy it and re-read it! I'm sorry if the plot's a bit confusing at times- when I started out it certainly wasn't that confusing but it's got a mind of it's own! Thanks so much for the review x

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Review #15, by AlbusRox14 A letter

29th January 2011:
I like it but you haven't updated in forever! I am adding this story to my favorites I love it so much!

Please update at least in the next month though, I have almost given up on this story!

Author's Response: I'm so pleased you like it; it should be updated very soon. Thanks so much for the review x

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Review #16, by AlbusRox14 A letter

27th January 2011:
hmmm. . . I check this story once a week, and now you're saying that it will be updated? Chapter 8? Please? It would make my day - :)

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for the wait, i had lots of exams and coursework which just got in the way. However, the chapter is nearly finished, and I hope to have it up in the next week x

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Review #17, by tEar_leSs A letter

7th December 2010:
o am i sensing a Fabian/Alice pairing come soon? (: hehe i hope so! lol anyway, this is my first time reviewing for this story and i want to tell you that i have been enjoying it immensely so far! can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: You'll have to wait and see ;) Glad you're enjoying it, am writing the next chapter now, should be posted in at most a week. Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by GreyLady A letter

30th November 2010:
Dun dun dun!! It's Andre, isn't it!? Stupid git.

Pleasant read, though. A couple minor errors, but that's human.


Author's Response: Ah, you'll just have to wait and see. ;) Glad you're still enjoying it and thanks for the lovely reviews! Sorry about the errors, I try and get rid of them but I obviously didn't manage all of them. :)

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Review #19, by GreyLady Back

30th November 2010:
Why did the little girl have to die!! So unfair. But once again, soo well written. Nearly actually cried.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review. I nearly cried too writing this chapter; I'm glad I managed to get the sadness of it across.

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Review #20, by GreyLady Tragedy

30th November 2010:
NO! I wanted her and Ethan to be friends again!! This soo ruined that :-( But she has a sick bedroom. Chuck in an espresso machine and I would never leave it.

I like your writing, though. It flows so nicely.


Author's Response: I love her room too! Part of it is based on my room, but then I just imagined my perfect bedroom and went from there! Espresso machine would have been good though... And I'm sorry about Ethan and Bree :( Thanks for the review, I'm glad you like my writing!

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Review #21, by GreyLady Andre Bellour

30th November 2010:
Damn. Ended too soon. Haha. I hope Andre is just planning a massive pillow fight.


Author's Response: Hahaha. That would be really funny. I can almost imagine it! And cliffhangers are fun...

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Review #22, by GreyLady Albus

30th November 2010:
There was one or two small typos, but they weren't really much of a big deal. Very well written though, and I like that she got to speak to Albus :-)


Author's Response: I'm sorry about the typos, I try to make sure there aren't any but i sometimes miss some! More Albus conversations keep coming ;)

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Review #23, by GreyLady Meetings

30th November 2010:
Yay for astrophysics!!! Best subject I ever studied at school. Haha. But it rocks that you've included it. :-) Very nice story so fars.


Author's Response: Glad you like it! I've never actually studied much astrophysics at school, but i was super interested in the stuff i did see, and i knew i wanted to make Bree's Dad a scientist, so I decided on that! Thanks for the review.

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Review #24, by Olwyn A letter

29th November 2010:
So... I just started reading it. I would have left more reviews but I couldn't stop. I kinda love this.
My favorite is the Dom/Lorcan thang. Made me laugh so much.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! I love Dom and Lorcan too, and even though that scene wasn't planned, I just had to write it! Thanks for the review.

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Review #25, by lemon A letter

29th November 2010:
hey! =)
so, it's pretty late already, but i couldn't stop reading. good story! i really like it.
bree is great! i like your characters very much. all of them. their friendship. the way it develops. their conversations and silences.
and the story keeps me interested.
now, if only alice knew about andre's conversation with that other boy, that james and bree overheard. but i don't want to judge too quickly, it's really just an assumption and could be totally wrong. the 'conversation' wasn't anywhere close to evil.
so, alice has to show that letter to mcgonagall. not in order to tell on lestrange's son, but to let everyone know they're in danger. will she? or would that destroy the story? ;) she really should tell a teacher or auror, though. (^^ okay, so that's me getting totally into the story, yeah...)
i don't want laura to die! please don't do that! oh, well, begging won't change anything, right? what i mean to say is, i like her. and i like the best friend thingy.
looking forward to seeing more of albus. see how that works out.
anyways, thanks for sharing your story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoy the story. Yes, Alice will tell someone, she knows the dangers of what is happening. And I'm glad you like Laura, I love her too. It keeps making me change my mind on what will happen to her! Thanks again.

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