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Review #1, by xo_draco_xo Just Another Laurie

25th February 2012:

Very well written, and very touching. I loved it :)

Author's Response: Yeah! Good on you for catching it!

Thank you for the review - glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #2, by HermioneJGranger Just Another Laurie

29th November 2011:
I know this was published forever ago but I wanted to review to say it's amazing!! I really, really love this! I don't usually like Charlie/Tonks but I loved it!!

You portrayed Charlie's emotions really, really well; he's very believable and as a character we don't see much in the books I love your interpretation of him! You got Tonks perfect, too, because you can tell she cares about him and is just as awkward about the whole thing as he is. . .and I love when Remus comes! Your description of his and Tonks' interaction makes their relationship super believable!!

I also love the repeated 3 reasons (well, 4, at the end). It ties the whole thing together very nicely and although it's slightly devastating (poor Charlie!) it works very well for the piece. I also like the title (Little Women reference) assuming you're comparing Charlie to Laurie and Tonks to Jo.

Anyway, I really liked this and thought I'd let you know! Great job!!

Author's Response: I always felt like Charlie had so much to offer as a character - like, genuinely, DRAGONS and ROMANIA and COOLNESS - but was often overshadowed by, you know, everything else.

I'm glad you thought Remus/Tonks was believable because I'm not entirely taken with them as a pairing. Which, I know, is practically HP sacrilege but what can you do?

Yes, yes, Charlie is poor Laurie...forever friendzoned and losing the girl to the old guy. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Remus to bits.)

Thanks so much for the review, I'm pleased you like this!

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Review #3, by jetteblack Just Another Laurie

16th October 2011:
ooh, i'll be your girlfriend charlie...

Author's Response: Haha! Wouldn't we all love to be? :P Thank you for the review!

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Review #4, by The Last Marauder Just Another Laurie

6th May 2011:
I really liked that fic. I never thought of Charlie having a thing for Tonks before. I always did wonder why he chose dragons in Romania so far away from everything and your explanation not only seems plausable, but actually probable! I also really loved the ending to this fic, it was funny and sad at the same time, if that makes sense. Really well done, this is going in my favourites!

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words! Charlie/Tonks is probably the only non-canon pairing that comes close to an OTP for me.

It definitely makes sense, and I really appreciate you saying so! I'm honored you liked it enough to favorite! Thank you for the review!

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Review #5, by Canadian_Hogwarts Just Another Laurie

4th January 2011:
Wow. That was so amazing. Poor Charlie... I never really thought about him that much, since he isn't a really huge character in the books, but now that I've read this, I'm going to be looking at him in a very different way. I loved the ending, where he lists the for our reasons he went to Romania, the last being that she's in love with Lupin. Speaking of which, that pairing is normally one of my favorites, but in this story, I really hated it. Now I'm all confused... but in a good way! Now, there was one thing that caught my eye, but I don't know if I'm just over-analyzing; when Charlie says he can't find it, because he's not the Hufflepuff, was that a reference to AVPM? Because if it was... kudos to you! Anyways, great, great, fantabulous story! I'm really glad I read it!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I absolutely adore Charlie, and I've always been partial to this little Tonks/Charlie backstory so when given the opportunity to write about it, I couldn't help myself. I'm completely thrilled this makes you look at him in a different way, that was ultimately one of the goals in this and even coming close to that is very rewarding.

Ah, yes, the Remus/Tonk vs. Charlie/Tonks debate. As for me, I don't quite know why, but Remus/Tonks never completely clicked for me. Don't get me wrong, I've read some gorgeous fics with them as the centric couple, but there was always something missing for me. Oh, please don't hate the pairing! xD That wasn't my intention, so much as maybe getting some more Charlie/Tonks fans out there, as they are quite possibly my OTP.

Are you a Hufflepuff? Because you just found my AVPM reference :P Yes, yes, I'm in love with the videos and I just couldn't resist! I'm so glad you found it, so now it's not my own personal joke xD

Thanks so much, darling! Glad you enjoyed it and I so appreciate the stellar review!

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Review #6, by Secret Santa Just Another Laurie

25th December 2010:
Hi Zinny!

SS here again to say this was my favorite so far. Love Charlie and love the style of this piece. The immediacy of his thoughts and his listing reasons -- as if trying to add structure to his emotions. NICE!

And all from a simple 'I think you should take a seat' ? Well done.


Author's Response: Thanks again for all of your lovely reviews! I appreciate them so much xx

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Review #7, by ANP Just Another Laurie

6th December 2010:
This was really great, I enjoyed it a lot. It's stories like this that put my faith back into one-shots!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I'm flattered to know this had such an impact on you.

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Review #8, by witch_in_training Just Another Laurie

18th August 2010:
Hey Zinny!

This adds so much more depth to Charlie, and why he moved all the way to Romania. Yeah, sure, working with dragons is fun and all, but it makes you wonder if he couldn't have found something equally as exciting closer to home. Of course, if you throw Remus and Tonks into the mix this way, close to home is exactly the last thing he'd want.

I love Charlie's thoughts in parentheses, especially when he's correcting Tonks on how long it's been since they've talked, and when he's horrified that Remus calls her Dora.

This was sweet, sad, and beautiful. I feel awful for Charlie, even though I can't bring myself to feel angry at Remus or Tonks. It just goes to show, you never know who might get hurt by someone else's happiness.

Have a lovely day!


Author's Response: Sami, lovely! I'm so glad you gave this a read!

I always thought there was an extra something to Charlie, and you're spot-on! Romania is such a far off (and random) place, and I was silently theorizing as I was reading the whole series that Tonks was a driving force in his traveling their for work. Because really, it just makes SO much sense! XD

I'm glad you liked the parenthesis! I dunno where they came from really, but I suppose that's how I imagine Charlie's brain working - scattered thoughts that just sort of pop up here and there. Am I making sense? I don't think I am. :P

Oddly enough, I don't dislike Remus/Tonks together. I resent Tonks a bit - that's true, but I love Remus too much too actually hate the one thing that makes him happy. Of course, Charlie/Tonks is just all sorts of perfection (if she had been smart :P) and yep, the whole 'someone else's happiness' bit is exactly what I was going for.

Thanks so much for the review, lovely, I really appreciate it!


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Review #9, by lia_2390 Just Another Laurie

17th August 2010:

You know, thinking back on it now, this situation and the characters are incredibly similar to those in Little Women. And I agree, I really wanted Laurie to be with Jo but nooo. Hmph.

Anyway, the review. The idea behind this fic of yours is really creative. Halfway through, I fell in love with Charlie and I feel so bad for him. This is a good explanation as to why he chose Romania of all places to work. I just figured that's where he was sent not that it was his refuge of sorts. I love how you made similarities between Tonks and the dragons too. Poor Tonks, I could see that she meant well but she still should have told him earlier.

I wonder what happened between them that was so bad that he felt he had to run. Did she reject him? If so...I completely understand. Utterly painful that is.

I think you did a good job, I really enjoyed this story!

Author's Response: Hello!

Alright, you're my new favorite. Isn't it just uncannily similar? Laurie was one of my first literary loves and I can barely forgive Jo for running off with that old professor.

I'm really glad you liked it, dear! I fell in love with Charlie a while back after I thought through the whole Charlie/Tonks thing, so I thought I'd give him some attention. I'm planning a spin-off to this actually because I adore them so much, and that'll explain much of his running off to Romania and whatnot.

So glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the wonderful review!

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Review #10, by Eridanus Just Another Laurie

17th August 2010:
Emmm, so, Zinny? Why must you devastate me so? :P

I loved the style of this. There was something very you about it, but it was almost like you had pared it all down at the same time. It was a little less elaborate, but still had something more magical than the normal style of everyone else.

Plus, Charlie is a babe and you made me want to cry for him. I secretly hoped that Tonks didn't want Charlie at the wedding because she still loved him, but then canon invaded. Which you did a really good job of sticking to by the way. It really did make me detest Tonks a bit though... Charlie needs love.

Their relationship was very naturally portrayed though. I have no idea why, but I especially liked it when Tonks fell off the sofa :P. It just seemed like something I would do.

All in all, lovely piece ♥. And even though the writathon is DEATH it's still loads of fun XD.

Author's Response: Jane, love! This was pretty much all-around devastating for me to write, as I'm essentially defying my OTP with this :P

Did you really? I'm so glad! I'm quite comfortable using description in a dreamy sort of sense, but of course that didn't fit this at all, and so I had to strip away all those lyrical adjectives and sort of tell it like is to get to Charlie's emotions. Totally thrilled you found a little bit of me in the narration though; huge compliment!

I WANT TO CRY FOR CHARLIE ALL THE TIME. I swear, when I saw JKR's Next Gen family tree and saw he never ended up with anyone, it was so bittersweet because I totally called it that he loved Tonks and wouldn't want to be with anyone but her XD

There's a part of me that dislikes Tonks the tiniest bit because I was never fully into Tonks/Remus and clearly she turned down Charlie at somepoint so :P

Haha, thank you lovely! It's happened to me before, so I thought why not stick that in there?

WOE @ WRITATHON. But yes, you're right, I secretly love it XD

Thanks for the terrific review, lovely!

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