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Review #1, by hcamp Revelations

13th June 2017:
I have recently come across your series. I absolutely love it! I'm extremely sad that you haven't completed it. I'm dying to know how and when Keri and Remus finally get married and be together.

Here's hoping you come back to this

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Review #2, by P Revelations

28th April 2017:
I have enjoyed reading this very much! I understand that life can get in the way of writing sometimes. Still, if you ever feel like coming back to this, I would love to read more.

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Review #3, by Chelsea Revelations

27th February 2017:
I only recently discovered your story and I've read all the 3 years + this one back-to-back and goodness gracious, I love it so much! Your writing is so detailed, there are lovely subplots besides the romance, and your characterisation of Remus is so spot-on. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

I know it's been 6 years but I do sincerely wish you'd come back, even if your posting schedule will be a bit sporadic! You've already written some scenes for future years and I'm really curious to see how you'd take and adapt the rest of the years to the story.

Please come back and continue writing if you can :')

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Review #4, by Koffa Revelations

30th January 2016:
This story is awesome and soo well written, I hope you come out of hiatus and finish it since it seems it hasn't been updated since 2011 :(

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Review #5, by Lucifef Revelations

31st May 2015:
One of the best fan fictions I have read hitherto. Pls do post the next chapter soon!!

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Review #6, by MJ Revelations

4th January 2015:
I have spent the last few days reading all the 4 stories because I got so so addicted, only to realise that this chapter was published in 2011. My horrors. I hope you'll come back and continue the story because you have obviously written very far! Hopefully it won't be a 5 years gap between this and the next chapter's publish date..

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Review #7, by Rosie Revelations

5th November 2014:
Please write some more! I love your stories and they are far too good to be abandoned now when everything is still unresolved

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Review #8, by Ruth Revelations

31st July 2014:
I love your stories PLEASE UPDATE!! SOON!!

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Review #9, by Rachel Revelations

27th July 2014:
Have you given up on this story? Because if so, please post a notice on this page so I don't have to keep checking

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Review #10, by RS Revelations

20th June 2014:
Another chapter PLEASE

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Review #11, by Rosie Revelations

27th May 2014:
I love your stories so much. I read all 4 in a week and particularly liked the Kerri-Severus relationship, have always liked Snape and Remus as characters and you've gone above and beyond Rowling here. But please another chapter? Soon?

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Review #12, by Neal 7211 Revelations

20th May 2014:
Please tell me there is more!!!
This should be a book.
Where do I get the rest??
U R a very good story teller. Keep it up.

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Review #13, by CleverElf Revelations

17th April 2014:
I am so angry at this author for giving up on this story. I love it so much, and i know i will probably never get to finish it. I know i will check often for an update. I tried to search online to see if anyone knew what had happened, but i couldn't find anything. I complained that the last three stories were too long, ironic.

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Review #14, by Eleanor Revelations

18th February 2014:
oh no! please continue and return to updating! ik life can be hard but this is the best series i have ever read here on this site! Please return as soon as you can! im an addict to this series!

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Review #15, by Voldemort's Best Man Revelations

21st December 2012:
Please, please, please update the story! This is one of the best series I've read, fanfiction or not- but it's loyalty to the original series is fantastic. I've read the entire series in two days and am completely addicted.

Do you do any other writing? Where can I find more samples, apart from the ones in this site?

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Review #16, by xopurelyinnocentxo Revelations

27th June 2012:
Don't worry about answering my reviews, I'm just glad to read your stories. I also just want to let you know that I love reading them, and I don't mind waiting. :) I understand how much a life can change so suddenly. Do what you need to do, your readers understand. At least, the ones that matter do.

Don't worry. :)

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Review #17, by xopurelyinnocentxo Sirius Black

27th June 2012:
Don't worry about us. We will keep reading your stories, no matter how long it takes. :) Just do what you have to do.

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Review #18, by xopurelyinnocentxo The Quidditch World Cup, Part 2

27th June 2012:
I love your stories! Thanks for writing them!!!

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Review #19, by Parvati_Khatri The Shark

9th June 2012:
AH! Why doesn't Kerri see what I see? Snape is a trickster! He's trying to set her up with Roland!!! Come on Kerri! Don't fall for it! I hope Remus and Kerri get back together soon though, it's driving me nuts! I love your writing, and I can't wait for a new chapter. Can you put something about Isis? She's one of my favorite characters.

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Review #20, by Aurorazola Revelations

28th March 2012:
Oh my gosh! Nonononono!!! You cannot stop updating!! Please no!! I spent a week reading from year one, and now I'm addicted, and in love with the characters, and comparing Roland to Howl from Howls Moving castle... you cant abandon!! Its been almost a year!! Please don't give up on this!!

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Review #21, by Portia Revelations

15th January 2012:
Hi there!

I've been just completely mesmerized by this story despite it being the beginning of the semester, and now I'm falling behind! ^^;
I'm really enjoying this story! Not just because Remus (my favorite character) is in it, but also because you've managed to re-create Rowling's world fantastically! I've never had so much fun with a fanfic (and I've been reading them for years, guilty pleasure)!
You managed to add so many details of the magical world, like nifflers. Just casual details and things about the magical world make it all seem so much more real. I'm starting to wonder what Harry thinks of Kerri and I feel like re-reading to books to find out and then reality comes rushing back :(
You've really done a great job of integrating Kerri, most people fumble over the whole Voldemort's-daughter idea, but not you!!

One other thing I really like is that I'm getting a degree to become a teacher, so seeing little things that Kerri has to deal with as a teacher that are actually things I have to deal with make this story so much fun.

Moving on, I'm really looking forward to this story being updated! I know its been a while, but please don't give up on it yet!

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Review #22, by hpfanno1 Revelations

28th December 2011:
hey there!
read the whole story till now, and i love it!
i seriously love the sev-kerri relationship and i've been dying for them to get over it since the graduation!
i'm glad they're talking again! :D
this story has made me see all the character's in a new light.
i seriously love kerri... she's brilliant but hot tempered (by the way, i love her knack for choosing awesome password), kind but slightly evil (runs through the family, huh?) and she's trustworthy but not exactly spotless.. (shooting off spiders in the sewers does count against her, a little)..
in short, she's a perfectly normal girl and not some sainly miserable herion (like SOME writers tend to make their protagonists turn out) and i luvvit!
i hope to see the siruis-kerri relationship to blossom. let's face it, they are too much alike (starting with their reckless tempers)! :)

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Review #23, by Gryffindorseeker4 Revelations

16th December 2011:
I know you said that you intend to finish the story/series, but it's been months! Please don't abandon this awesome story, I reeaallly want to know what happens with Kerri and Remus!

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Review #24, by Artemisia Revelations

16th December 2011:
Please, please, please write more. I love this series and can't imaging not being able to finish it! You haven't written since April and I'm having withdrawals! Pleeease write more? and on a diffrent note, you should seriously consider becoming an author, you write beautifully. 10/10 all the way! And please include more Snape/ Kerri scenes... Those are my favorite!

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Review #25, by ruby_slippers Revelations

23rd November 2011:
So glad she told Remus about Sirius -- they deserve to spend some time together after years of silence. Seriously this is one of the all time best fan fictions i have ever read. The incredible attention to detail while still managing plot twists! how do you do it?! Incredible! I can't wait to see where this goes!!

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