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Review #1, by Celeste Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

6th October 2015:
Christ. Why oh why did I have to read ladylike and this one in the space of 2 nights be completely caught up think Dom should be with Holden only for her to end up with Lorcan and then only for her and Lorcan to break up but me still holding out that her and Holden will be together. Then thinking randomly before I even got to Honor saying she wants Fred that I felt like they would be good together. She may end up being nice.

This is going in my reading list on my phone so I can wait for updates. Even if it takes ages. That's fine. I'll wait patiently. I understand what it's like being busy. It's why it takes me ages for anything when I'm not studying.

Uh yes great story. Did have a few tears. Poor Dom.

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Review #2, by Pixy Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

5th October 2015:
Oh my f?#&@$% GOD! Okay,
this, and your other stories
are all fantastic I love
Seven Weddings and ladylike
but, girl, you really have
just gotta finish you work!
You are a brilliant writer
and i look up to you, but i
loathe unfinished fanfics. I
understand that some times
other things are more
important but a year?
Really? Girly, you just
gotta get on top of this.
From your AN's you sound
like an insanely smart girl
and your writing really
could get published. But
don't leave people hanging
for so long. Personally i
think it's childish and
irrational and lily and dom
would agree too.

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Review #3, by OpenBook28 Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

28th September 2015:
So I'm a new reader to HPFF and I was just looking for another story to read when your first story 'Ladylike' caught my eye and now I'm like obsessed with these two stories. Anyway I hope you update soon, cause I would really like to read more of this story

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Review #4, by Gwen Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

14th April 2015:
I'm here! I come back every other week or when I remember hpff to check for updates. I can't wait for more, I still remember when I read through the first book in a sitting, and I hope to read this book through also :D
Question: it's been a while (few years) since I've read the books so don't really remember if you've addressed this by why did Dom not go to Ginny for Harpies advice/recommendation as Ginny is supposed to have played for them and writes a sports column for the newspaper

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Review #5, by Gwen Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

14th April 2015:
I'm here! I come back every other week or when I remember hpff to check for updates. I can't wait for more, I still remember when I read through the first book in a sitting, and I hope to read this book through also :D
Question: it's been a while (few years) since I've read the book so don't really remember if you've addressed this by why did Dom not go to Ginny for Harpies advice/recommendation as Ginny is supposed to have played for them and writes a sports column for the newspaper

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Review #6, by Gwen Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

14th April 2015:
Yay! For getting into uni and finding a lovely hp loving bf! Can't wait for more chapters!

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Review #7, by Gryfraslythpuff Of Kitchens and P.H.S.A.H.J.

20th March 2015:
So, my last review was cut off! It was also way back at the end of Ladylike... but considering I've zoomed through them both to get to this chapter in what MUST be record time, I think you'll be able to connect the dots! :) Your story is amazing, and I so love this sequel!!! If Lorcan and Dom don't get married, I will cry. If she gets back with Holden (which I suspect might be a possibility now that they've come upon each other in this secret Jones-hater group), I will cry. About the group... THE NAME. you're hilarious. :D I snorted loudly. In the middle of my class. I'm in college. This is not okay. It's also probably not okay that I was reading fanfic in class... but I digress. You're doing an awesome job with all of this! Continue writing, please please please! :) I have to know where this ends!

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Review #8, by aurorasoltice Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

26th October 2014:
I actually stopped reading fanfictions for about 2,5 years but i still remember this story being one of the stories i used to stalk. Found it again (although my old account was a lost cause) reread, and i fell in love with this all over again. I admire Gwenog Jones, for being impartial. Didnt really expect that on my first impressikn fewchapters back, but i was proved wrong. Kudos, and i will be waiting for the next chapter patiently :D

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Review #9, by Erin Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

3rd July 2014:
I just saw this and I am so happy! I loved this story so much and I missed it. I'm so glad you updated. I love your interpretation of Dom so much and I really hope you update soon. Have a lovely day don't think nobody stuck around!

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Review #10, by Simone Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

21st May 2014:
I can't believe you are back. That's super awesome, I just knew I should start reading this story again. When I saw the new chapter I basically started crying.
Thank you so much.

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Review #11, by Miss MarlaG Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

7th May 2014:
I need to re-read this story again (as I was just giving Ladylike a re-read because its one of my favourite stories ever) but I just needed to come here and bloody shriek because oh my god you're back? It barely even feels like two years - I left for the same amount of time too, and just very recently came back to update a very old story as well. But I am so excited that this story is being continued and I'm going to be able to see how this part of Dom's life continues to develop - cdbsjcbdsjvbdhjvfhjds so ridiculously excited you're back! ah. still freaking.

I'll be back with a proper review of greatness once I can be coherent again and speed through this story.

Author's Response: I am so glad you are back to read my stories just when I've come back to write them! I've missed my fan fiction and I've missed writing, and I found a little bit of free time. Maybe it'll be just enough to finish this story up!

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Review #12, by Marie Of Gwenog Jones and Brains.

7th May 2014:
You have no idea how happy I am that you updated! I know you're busy with LIFE lol, but I just want you to know I appreciate you writing this fic and I am excited to see what happens with Dom!

Author's Response: I am so happy you're still reading! Thank you for waiting for me :)

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Review #13, by Simone Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

29th October 2013:
Please, I need the ending of this story.. I read Ladylike and Real Ladies in two days, but I need the ending.. Pretty pretty please, I'm begging you

Author's Response: It's coming, I promise! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Anonymous Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

6th January 2013:
I really like your writing! It's all pretty good. I was just wondering when you're next updating this. I've been waiting for ages.

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Review #15, by T Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

18th October 2012:
alright... since my work offeres me some boring hours from time to time i read ladylike and real ladies -as much of existance as possible in record time.
i pleadge guilty for i didnt bother to review on ladylike as it was already finished, but it led me to a miracle (forgive any typos, im typing on my new phone and im still not used to it) 1. i dont review 2. i dont read wip storys as i am massivly lacking patience.
i begg3d for ladylike to be old and real ladies to be finished by now, as you probably know perfectly well it wasnt and dispite my better judgement i read it and now i am craving for more. you get a 1000 stars from 10 i promise to review on each and every chapter following but i need more. please. pretty please.
i love your storys, your style. your humor, oh please humor me some more (=
anyways, what im trying to say is: youre great, please update. the suspense is killing me
lots of love

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Review #16, by Nessa Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

23rd August 2012:
jhhehiurhuruyrgr PLEASE UPDATE SOON

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Review #17, by Shanna Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

20th August 2012:
I'm yelling at you, not for this chapter but for the last. Can you hear me from here? I live in Australia. I really hope you can hear me.

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Review #18, by Shanna Of Owen and Lily.

20th August 2012:
You Spelt Azkaban wrong

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Review #19, by Shanna Of Vesper and Sea Urchins.

19th August 2012:
So pretty much, you dont need me to tell you how much of a good writer you are.
Well maybe you do, but if you weren't I wouldn't be wasting my time down in this little box of greyness.
Greys not really my colour you see, I'm more of a Pink/ blue girl.
But yeah your an amazing writer, and I still don't think you need the opinion of a fourteen year old girl to tell you that.
I don't know if you can see WHEN I'm reviewing this, but last night I read Ladylike (and about three words of Real Ladies) until 2am when my phone died. I then proceeded to sleep until 7, where i got up and ready for school, where at 8am I sat and read Real Ladies for another half an hour.
Now I'm sitting in Indonesian (ew) and I decided to review instead of trying to find the chapter I'm up to.
Yeah I have a sad addiction to fanfictions, but only the good ones.
I daresay this isn't the last your going to see of me, and I hope I don't annoy you to oblivion. (:
Oh yeah and I just wrote a review that could pass as a short one-shot.

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Review #20, by JaymeeXD Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

10th July 2012:
Ahaha loving your work. x :)

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Review #21, by bomberchica Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

13th June 2012:
Such a cute story. Congrats on graduating. Please update soon! This is such a great story.

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Review #22, by alicia rose potter Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

31st May 2012:
Well, I know I'm joining the party a little late, but I really love your stories! I love how you portray Dom as a real girl, who wants to be herself regardless of everyone else. We need more stories about girls like this. I'm also thrilled for you and your personal-life-fun-things too! Congrats on top of the class! Calculus is only fun when you're tossing your notes in the recycle, and if you find a real-life Lorcan, would you mind passing him this direction? :D I understand how real-life can be, but I really hope you update soon!

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Review #23, by Hermione____Draco2012 Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

12th May 2012:
Please update;)

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Review #24, by Ollivander382 Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

12th May 2012:
Your stories are some of the best I have ever read. Real Ladies is bloody brilliant. I LOVE Dom Weasley. She is probably the most sarcastic, profane character I've ever read about. I hate Lorcan for being a coward and not wanting to marry Dom. If she was a real person I'd marry her. Will we be seeing Dom/Holden again? Fred/Honor? I actually suspected it from the first story when Honor said the prankster and gorgeous one.

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Review #25, by Headless_Hunstman Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

9th May 2012:
Hey all I can say is AFT (About.. Fu well you fill in the blank but it ends with Time!)
I am glad things are working out and I know how real life can get in the way of Hobbies... You do have a gift though so keep it sharp.

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