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Review #1, by MoonlightDrive Hermione... Lupin?

16th December 2010:
What happened to Tonks and Teddy? :/

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Review #2, by Writersbane1 Hermione... Lupin?

29th September 2010:
Is it just me, or does someone in the Auror office need a frosty cold shower?!

Author's Response: haha, i know right?! people these days i swear!

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Review #3, by Lady Fulula the Forgetful Hermione... Lupin?

25th August 2010:
I laughed so hard at the end... it was totally unexpected. Love it BAMFWABFF! Very nice very nice.
With lots of love
Your real life BFF,
Lady Fulula the Forgetful

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Review #4, by obiwancrazy Hermione... Lupin?

22nd August 2010:
It's definitely very short, but it's still brilliant. I love the conflict in Hermione and how she described Lupin. And I'm glad that you did paint her character as a resisting one in their ship, because Hermione has quite the head on her shoulders and she really would question it. Good job!

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Review #5, by Cleopatraa Hermione... Lupin?

17th August 2010:
Yeah Iím the first one who reviewed this story! I really like this though. The fact that she said at the beginning no to a marriage but at the end yes. But the question that lingers at my mind right now how the hell did this happened? I mean how come they are a couple? What I get form the story is they sort of had a secret affair. I really liked thsi part:

This is wrong. So, so wrong. Unbelievably wrong. Scratch that, this is horrendously wrong. I should say no. Thatís it, easy as pie. No, I will not marry you. Absolutely not. No, we will not build a life together. No, I will not like to be happy for the rest of my life. Thanks for the offer though. I think Iíll curl up in a corner and die now if you donít mind.

You began very strong but also ended very strong. This was a very cute story!

Author's Response: Awww! Thank you! I'm actually creating a short story which explains how this whole thing started! I'm very happy with the first chapter I've written :) And I hope that when it's validated you will too! I really like how I wrote Hermione in this, because I mixed her emotions and her logical side. It's Hermione we've known for the seven books, but I've created this other side of her as well. I'm really glad you liked it! And the short story (.Mine. is what it's going to be called btw) will be up very soon!

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