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Review #1, by Tor Petty Epilogue

14th June 2011:
Oh. My. God. Just... oh.

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

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Review #2, by Tor Petty Five

14th June 2011:
Oh, no. Fate.

I guess we know what happens now, don't we?

Author's Response: yes, sadly, we do :(

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Review #3, by Tor Petty Four

14th June 2011:
ďIf you donít marry her, Padfoot, I will. I fucking will. Iíll take her to the Ministry right now and weíll get married, itíll only take, like, ten fucking minutes.Ē

I laughed until I cried at that part.

You also made a marvelous juxtaposition with everything turning bad so fast. You portray Remus Lupin better than anyone else I know. And this chapter is definitely one of those parts that show it. With that said, though, it's the ending that made this chappie great.

Author's Response: thank you so much! This whole thing is such a wonderful compliment, even coming from a very good friend!

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Review #4, by Tor Petty Three.

14th June 2011:
This is my favorite chapter so far. And it's almost like I know the characters already. ;]

Author's Response: Gee, wonder why that might be? Not like you helped create them or anything :P

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Review #5, by Tor Petty Two

14th June 2011:
Because gentlemen and James aren't the same thing. :}

I think I adore this story so far. It's very beautiful.

Author's Response: Obviously not!

And thank you :-)

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Review #6, by Tor Petty One

14th June 2011:
Oh, darling, this is pretty good so far!

Author's Response: thank you, my love! Sorry I haven't answered your reviews sooner!

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Review #7, by LilyFire Epilogue

28th November 2010:
A great ending to this story. Leaves me emotional, though I can't say which emotion is the most prominant. It's great. I think you captured Remus perfectly. But now I'm dying to know...does she go to her father! Perhaps we find out in the next instalment?
I adore the last line "So many frayed knots all interconnected in a tangled web of life's mystery." Just amazing.

Author's Response: aww, thanks so much! And yes, a lot is going to be explained in the sequel if I ever get around to it. :-)

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Review #8, by LilyFire Four

25th October 2010:
Another great chapter. Wow. Now I cant wait to see what happens when she moves in. Will she still be short with him? How is she going to deal with the grieving? What about the babyÖhow is everything going to turn out!! Please update soon (as possible) please. I love this story. Your doing a fantastic job(:

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so nervous about this chapter; it really didn't go the way I expected when it came to Lenka's grieving process. Could I maybe get your email address on the forums and send what I've got so far to you? Seems like you're the only person who reads this, so I really just want your approval, haha.

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Review #9, by Libuse One

18th October 2010:
I really like the idea behind this story, and am anxious to see how it turns out. I was suprised when I read this and saw that the characters were Czech, since I am Czech, but I wanted to point out that there are some things in here that are a bit off on how the czech people would act (like saying ahoj to strangers and calling it czechia). All in all, I really liked the story though. It is a great idea, or, as we say in czech, dobry napad.

Author's Response: Ahh, really?! I have a friend also from Cz who calls it Czechia, so I thought that was generally accepted. How would they greet strangers? I forget the formal way to say hello...I'm in the forums as KTPearl, if maybe you'd be able to send me a message and give me a hand?

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by LilyFire Three.

8th October 2010:
Aww.So cute. I can't wait for chapter 4. Is she going to find out Remus' 'furry little problem'? I think it would be cool to see her reaction. I still love this story (even though it took me forever to get around to reviewing). Its in my top 10. Please keep it up(:
P.S. Haven't seen you around to forums...Don't forget about it! (:

Author's Response: Ah, I'm afraid that soon Remus will actually be making his exit of the story. Are you aware of the year in this story? There are only months left for our young heroes, and I want to make the end as neat as possible. :
I'm so glad you're enjoying the story; I'll be posting the next chapter, hopefully, in the next few days!

Ahh, yes, the forums. The only forum I've ever been able to keep up with is the one for my favorite band, haha. I'll try to get on more ;)

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Review #11, by LilyFire Two

11th September 2010:
Now you have me really hoping that you finish this story. Remember, if you have a problem or writers block or something, you can always owl (PM) me on the forums, Iíll help as much as I can. That goes for any story (Iíve read them all, just havenít gotten around to reviewing...)
Still think you a wonderful writer. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much, love! I've been tied down the past week with school and a terrible cold that's kept me on NyQuil, haha, so I've been sleeping a lot. I'm getting a little stuck on the next chapter, but slowly working through the rough spot into THE GOOD STUFF!

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Review #12, by LilyFire One

20th August 2010:
Wow. Great start. You don't know if your going to finish it? Even if you only made like one or two more chapters for it, it would be a great story.

I was wondering if you had an account on the forums. If you don't, you should start one, because I would be more than willing to help you bounce ideas around about any stories you have, especially Obliviate, since you seem to be stuck(:

You write wonderfully, keep it up(:

Author's Response: I'm now a member! my username is KTPearl; I'm so very pleased that you're excited about the story, and I have been working quite hard on the next chapter, so hopefully it will be up soon!


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