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Review #1, by ms simone après moi, le déluge

4th October 2011:
this piece show the real pansy & draco.. love your writing style!!

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Review #2, by MajiKat après moi, le déluge

15th August 2010:
And even when she wasn't laying back and thinking of England, they had perfectly civilized conversations.

that made me laugh!! excellent reference ^_-
this was wonderfully sad. i really felt for her, for the situation she was in. its an ageless one, loving someone you can't truly have, but you made me feel like i was reading it for the first time, like i was reading draco and pansy for the first time. your characterisations were unlike any i have read before, where he is intentionally cruel and she, sappy and in love, irrational. here, they are adults, if you will. they are mature and sensible, and in love.

wonderful! another beauty from kali!
kate xx

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Review #3, by WitnesstoitAll après moi, le déluge

13th August 2010:

I don't know that I've read any of your work, save for this, but I'll most certainly have to. This was beautiful -- sweeping, grey, and passionate. I've never before read an accurate characterisation of Pansy that made me feel so empathetically for her. Draco's character too was horribly accurate. Though I knew he wouldn't, I earnestly hoped that he'd take her offer, sweep her off her feet and all that jazz. The description was delicate and grey and I could feel the cold hearth and even colder rain as I read it.

This story connected with me. It screamed out at me (though in a soft sort of voice) and made me analyze my own life. That is a fabulous thing for a one shot to do.

Well done!

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Review #4, by Quill Writer après moi, le déluge

7th August 2010:
I really liked this. It was emotion and character growth nicely put together. It was well written and had depth. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you liked it. :)

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Review #5, by Enya après moi, le déluge

7th August 2010:
aw, sadness D: but you write the relationship between Draco and Pansy so well and you get their characters so well too! I never really liked Pansy, but you made me feel sorry for her and gah. You rock

Author's Response: I LOVE YOU. And, um, dude. Look who's talking. Can't wait to see that story posted!! Thank you so much for posting, Enya. Love. XOXO, K.

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