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Review #1, by Jazzeh Turnip The Sunset Kiss

22nd August 2010:
I like how you've characterised Rolf as being a little weird, but not nearly as weird as Luna... merely accepting of it.

That ending was so beautiful. Luna talking about the sun in the weird way only she can. I'm surprised that she actually behaved at the convention though, but at the same time if she liked Rolf beforehand (which I'm guessing she did) then she probably would've wanted to please him and not mess up his big day.

I don;t feel as if I can say much more because there's not really much here to comment on. But I like it, and I enjoyed reading it :)


Author's Response: That was an amazing review. Seriously, thanks a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #2, by Julia The Sunset Kiss

12th August 2010:
Okay, okay, delete this if you want, but you're not answering your phone or your emails, which is completely understandable. I heard about your cousin, though, so I really want to know how you're holding up? At least he's alive, right? And there's no chance of him dying in the near future, right? At least he doesn't have to go back to Iraq and fight some more, right? I heard it was a bomb that hit him, but it doesn't matter. Baby, if there's anything you need me to do for you, just ask. We're all here for you.

Great story, by the way. The ending was super good.

Author's Response: Thanks. For both parts.

Actually, do you think you can swipe my phone from Mrs. L'etware's desk? That's the reason I'm not answering the phone, not because I'm sad and busy.

Not to say that I'm not sad or busy, because I am...but you know...

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