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Review #1, by Serpentine Chapter One: Appearances

24th May 2004:
This is so wonderful, your writing, the emotions and characters, everything! Beautiful. Continue, I beg of you.

Author's Response: Hee, yay! I love you! Sorry...But yay...thank you so much, that was the coolest review....

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Review #2, by britlover Chapter One: Appearances

2nd April 2004:
this is beautifully writen and very discriptive. i would love to be writing this to u and praizing you for this story, but i have to think of the logic behind it. voldemort and harry is a couple that would never work, i know this is fan fic and you can make it whatever you want, but how could a boy love the man who killed his own parents and tried to kill him? how could he love a man he would edventually have to kill himself...or be killed by? this story would be absolutly wonderful, and would work great if insted of voldemort it was draco. but i know it is too late to change that. so good luck with this story, i hope all turns out well ~kelly, britlover, "nations apart", "magic board"

Author's Response: But you see that's the beauty of it. This is somewhat a study of emotion and such stuffs. The whole idea is that emotion is emotion. And because Harry and Voldemort spend so much time and energy on each other, it just kind of evolves naturally. I also liked using Voldemort because Voldemort's emotions and thought processes really haven't been explored. But yeah, you're right, it's not the most realistic thing in the world. It's just something I wanted to do or see. Thanks for the review, good luck with your story

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Review #3, by TheEvilChipmunkofDoom Chapter One: Appearances

29th March 2004:
o i just remembered this button i got in salem and it made me think of you...hahaha you'd hate me for it, but o well...anywho i'll have to show it to says "i didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables". i guess you failed to convert me to veggietism. whoops. hehehe...but i do have a new song talking about how horrible people are to elephants and how we need more elephant love in the world. yea but i just couldn't resist buying the button, it's so me, and it being able to piss you off is just a perk. a very large perk. hahaha! sorry just had to gloat...ttyl...skc

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Review #4, by TheEvilChipmunkofDoom Chapter One: Appearances

25th March 2004:
ooooooo guess what??????? skc

Author's Response: What??? *jumps up and down, then topples over*

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Review #5, by TheEvilChipmunkofDoom Chapter One: Appearances

25th March 2004:
Harry and Voldy sittin in a tree K I S S I N G first comes love then comes marriage (or it would if bush wasn't such a homophic asshole) then comes them killing each other or summat cause they both are like total opposites man and they can't live happily ever after cause it just wouldn't work! they're in loooooove aren't they? awwwwwwww it's so cute, only not because one's like the prince of darkness like and the others like the boy who lived and like the evil dark one tried to kill him and all but really fell in love with him? hotness! awesome sex scenes...muahahaha! (live in fear chris!) omg but they make such a cute couple together dontcha think? the whole darkness lonliness thing goin on...cause like harry is like all singled out and alone because of his heroishness and like tom is like singled out for being the devil incarnae or whatever so it's like woa! opposites really do attract, huh? like...yea...woooooaaaa....oooo guess what molly???? we have a delayed opening tomorrow! hahahaha! u dont! :- p why? because we are soooo cool, that's why! na na naaaaaa! ok i'll stop now... :- p sorry bout that, couldn't help it....i suddenly have like so much energy like and it's all like woa! duuude.....huh? blowjob? what? weeeeeell i should prolly go to sleep now even if we do have a DELAYED OPENING and a THREE DAY yea...peace out man...i mean girl....i mean dude....dudet....u no what? censored it....uhhhhh....yea....skc

Author's Response: exactly my thoughts...hee hee. Chris is all "you need to write another fanfic, one that's not gay" Oh and I can top your delayed openings biatch. Two half days in a row...ha ha. And we had no homework today due to an insanely stressful week of tests and grades and all around ickiness. But I have Asher's Barmitzvah on saturday which means I'm going to have to try to walk in the insanely high heels Mom and I bought. Heh. What? What do I know or not know? Pray tell. Oh, good news. A case has been brought to the supreme court about the pledge of allegiance and the whole "One Nation under God" thing and the justices are waaay too conservative for the pledge to not have to be said in schools, but at least the issue has been raised. I think it's kinda sad only two people have deicided they like me enough to review the story. Chris...ha ha. I feel bad for him...kinda. He needs to go find something else to jack off to. Hah. Love you, Carrot Lady

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Review #6, by naumy Chapter One: Appearances

22nd March 2004:
nice job molly... well, its not to my liking but yea... please dont tell me harry and voldemort end up being lovers, im not a homophobe, but thats disgusting!!!!

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Review #7, by TheEvilChipmunkofDoom Chapter One: Appearances

21st March 2004:
nice job, keep writing. g2g work now...skc

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