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Review #1, by ArtyGirl The Bell Chimes

1st July 2015:
Loved it and the perspective! I want to know more!

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Review #2, by Cynthia. The Bell Chimes

3rd April 2013:

Thank you so, so much. A real pleasure to read you.

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Review #3, by ~Kristen~ The Bell Chimes

24th October 2012:
I simply love it! :)

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Review #4, by shoveitsunshine The Bell Chimes

15th June 2012:
I really liked the simplicity of this fic, as well as the fact that there was no actual dialogue. Your descriptive imagery was stunning, as well.

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Review #5, by Shelby Weasley The Bell Chimes

28th November 2011:
I love stories like this. You're use of descriptive language is well-placed and manuvered.

Not to mention my incredible soft spot for Dramione... ;D

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Review #6, by mindifislytherintom The Bell Chimes

3rd October 2011:
This is so well written! I like how it goes back and forth in the timeline. Fantastic job! :)

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Review #7, by Mrs Roonil Waslib The Bell Chimes

1st October 2011:
The simplicity of this fic is stunning; the plot, the scenes, the lack of dialogue are effortless and beautiful. It is not too forced or melodramatic. Definitely a must read for Dramione fans.

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Review #8, by confusedlover The Bell Chimes

28th September 2011:
very lovely.

this was truly amazing! what an incredible story. you wrote this flawlessly and with description so beautiful i am honestly speechless. incredible job! keep up the amazing writing!! (:

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Review #9, by gingerlikeaweasley The Bell Chimes

27th September 2011:
That story blew my mind! Honestly, it was one of the best fics I've ever read - you really have a talent! Everything about it was perfect, the story, your descriptions, your style - perfect. Wow!

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Review #10, by Mary The Bell Chimes

27th September 2011:
I literally could not stop reading this, it was that good. This is so beautifully written it astounds me. Wow. I'm still in shock from how good this is. Thank you so much. It's stories like this that draw me back to HPFF every time.

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Review #11, by Sara_Sj The Bell Chimes

21st March 2011:
"His voice was low and wrung out as he said the word. Relief.

And when she asked him what he meant by that, he replied in a way that seemed to show he knew what she was thinking. How I feel? Relieved. Isnít that what you wanted to know? She heard the tone of defensiveness ringing in his voice, as though daring her to suggest otherwise.

She paused then, and looked at him straight on. Regardless of how he undoubtedly felt about her showing any form of gratitude, she was compelled.

No, I... I assumed as much. I just wanted to say thank you.

Her voice was a barest whisper in the cold morning light. His head whipped around to face her front on, the hollows of his cheeks threw the pale light into sharp contrast against the deep and probing gaze.


She is still searching for the answer."

For some reason, I really loved that part. I really loved this fic. I just loved everything about it. The subtle undertone. The love you could feel, even though it wasn't really shown in the way we're used to. It was amazing.

Draco's character, I felt, you got spot-on. And I hardly ever say that. Ever. I am quite a picky person D: Sucks when you're trying to grade your own work, though. I am my own worst critic, I guess.

But enough about me, this was amazing. The depth of it, while remaining on the surface at the same time. The subtleness of it all. Their touch at the end, them both taking that step together.

Him coming towards the light, closer and closer each day.
this was absolutely amazing. As much as I love catching errors (no I don't, but I always want to let the author know how they can make an amazing piece of work even better), I fail to find anything here.

As much as I somehow wish there was more dialogue, I completely understand why it's not there.

This was perfect. Amazing.

Definitely favorited (and that's not a common occurrence :D).

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Review #12, by Potterfan The Bell Chimes

5th March 2011:
Beautifully written! :)

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Review #13, by Elizabeth The Bell Chimes

13th December 2010:
Oh my gosh, this is by far the best one-shot I have ever read (and I've read a lot). Your diction choices are absolutely superb and your flashbacks were well placed and understandable even without the typical *Flashback* announcement. Fabulous, wonderful job; keep up the fantastic work!

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Review #14, by MajiKat The Bell Chimes

29th October 2010:
that was amazing darling!

this line: He was a hero that day, ghostly white and seraphic amid the darkness and the death.

stunning imagery! this whole piece is filled with beautiful imagery - you are so good at that! your command of figurative language has always made me admire you as a writer. it seems to effortless for you; it just flows on the page, one thing into another and never does it seem forced.

there is also a slight detachment to the narrative voice and i love the way you do that too - you pull the reader in but don't saturate them. you make the reader observe, watch, listen, feel, but not necessarily become, and i think that is to be commended. to be able to hold that distance but still write with such emotion and clarity is amazing.

i love the repetition in this. the bell, the way you bring us back to the elevator continually, and how those small scenes spark memories and let us follow hermione as she delves into those memories. i love the use of the word relief towards the end - how he says it, they discuss it, and then, you open the next section with it AND go on to use the word in the description of draco. very very clever.

i love how you can take small moments and make them so huge! this piece is reminiscent of No Words in that way (which is still one of my all time fav fics!). the way you weave canon into your work is stunning, Kylie.

I have missed reading your stuff - I see you have new pieces that I shall have to check out!

so you wanted to know if i liked it - YES i did, very muchly ^_^ and i shall be adding this to my favs!

Kate xx

Author's Response: *sigh* such a gorgeous and thought provoking review... as yours always are. You make me think back over each piece of writing with fresh eyes because of your perceptiveness.

You're right.. I've definitely been doing a lot of writing the last few months.. not all of which has been uploaded yet but I'm getting there. I see you have been too and I'm rather excited about checking out your latest. It's taken me a while to get back into the loop here at HPFF because I was gone for so long, but it reminds me of the good old days :P

Anyway thanks so much for the gorgeous review, it was really lovely to hear your thoughts on the story :D


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Review #15, by Bobby Dazzler The Bell Chimes

8th September 2010:
what an incredible last sentence! "and when the gate slides open, they take the step beyond together." - that is just an incredible way to end the story and tie it all together and show further progression with their friendship/relationship beyond the end of the story. amazing work! definitely did the story justice with that ending, brava!

i really enjoyed this story because it was simple. the fact it all took place within an elevator, or hermiones thoughts, really made it simple to focus on and take in her thoughts and feelings, rather than focus on - in this case - intruding aspects like locations and dialogue etc. the dialogue in the memory worked just fine in itself because it was simple, but i'm glad there was no present tense talking too, because it would have been an interference in the plot i believe.

i love how you gave us a backstory on how and why (which still is unclear to hermione) they did the things they did when they were younger, but leaving the ending open like that it makes you believe they will one day sit down and work it all out, or their relationship will blossom and they'll one day know without needing to be told why they acted as they did.

stop being so goddamn amazing miss kylie lol. this was an exceptionally good read, very skillfully written might i add. wonderful job :) xx

Author's Response: So late with my response... it's positively shocking... but I already told you I love you to death so it makes up for it in part :P You know how much I value your opinion, so I'm thrilled you liked it :D You would not believe how much writing I've been doing of late... it's kind of insane.. not sure where all the inspiration (or time!) is coming from but I'm going with it.

Thanks a bunch & love you lots.


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Review #16, by Erilin_chan The Bell Chimes

26th August 2010:
Loved it! Kinda cold in its telling but perfect for the situation. Fantastically written!

Author's Response: Thanks so much :D I definitely wanted to have that slightly distanced kind of perspective, so I'm glad it came through.

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Review #17, by Alex11215 The Bell Chimes

26th August 2010:
Wow. The writing was incredible, very descriptive. Most one-shots end up seeming like they should be stories, but i liked the end.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I know what you mean about one-shots... it's kind of the tricky part about writing them. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts :D

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Review #18, by JohnnyPickAlot The Bell Chimes

25th August 2010:
your writing style is truly amazing. it kept me hanging every step of the way & i cannot wait to see if you've written anyother fics.
lovely, lovely oneshot. :)

Author's Response: *grins* thanks so much for the lovely words :D

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Review #19, by dead_poet The Bell Chimes

18th August 2010:
this story is so beautiful. your description of draco and the change within hermione, especially the difficulty to find out what is right or wrong (if those two side even exist), is just amazing. i really like the setting of your plot. the escalator shows how "normal" a relationship between those two can be. they work together, so it's like a daily routine but also kind of awkward for hermione and draco because they need to share the tiny space an escalator provides. it also depicts the ups and downs every person need to go trough to find peace.
i really love your story because it's beautifully and picturesque written and it's truly unique!
of course 10/10!!

regards, christel :)

Author's Response: It was definitely a more metaphorical piece of writing, so I'm really glad that it came through in your reading of it. Thanks so much for all the lovely things you said, I'm delighted you liked my story :D

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Review #20, by dramione_girl82 The Bell Chimes

12th August 2010:
This has to be one of the most well written DraMione stories I have ever read. It doesn't give a cliche joining, it brings to life how he could be good, be good for her. You bring the love that they could have to such light that no one dare challenge it. I don't think I could write a review worthy of what you have done here. I will be adding this to my favorites, and recommending it to others. Amazing work... I am silenced... 10/10 Higher if I could...

Author's Response: Wow, such a lovely and uplifting review, I can't thank you enough :) I'm completely thrilled that you responded to this little one-shot. I try to make my dramione stories as plausible as possible... but that is always a challenge.

Thanks again!

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Review #21, by Quill Writer The Bell Chimes

12th August 2010:
In a way the one-shot was very deep and I felt a meaningful passion between the two.

The description was great and I kind of felt as though I just saw Draco in a new light.

Anyway, good job!

Author's Response: That's really awesome to hear... trying to convey a redeemed Draco in a way that isn't trite can be difficult. I'm glad it came across. Thank you :)

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Review #22, by Anonymously Pleased The Bell Chimes

12th August 2010:
Lovely. The style this is written in is truly beautiful. Introspective without being overbearing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :D

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Review #23, by Salogel The Bell Chimes

11th August 2010:
First one to review!!! :) Great description! I really enjoyed it. Keep writing!!! :)

Author's Response: I will.. thanks for the kind words :D

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