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Review #1, by oldnumberseven  Have you seen this toad?

15th October 2013:
While I still love Quinnie (I actually sighed out loud when she was upset about her plant dying, because aw, poor girl!), I'm really warming up to Abigal. I love her thought process and random little tidbits because I tend to get sidetracked and think crazy, bonkers things like she does ... like the bit where she wants to grow her hair as long as Dumbledore's beard. Hilarious.

However, I would just like to caution you on overdoing the quirky. When I was reading the first part of this chapter, I noticed a lot of metaphors/references (the strawberry ice cream, the baby elephant bit, the pink flamingo too) and it almost got to be too much. I love the weirdness (if that makes sense), but maybe tone it down a bit so it sticks out and has a bit more impact?

But all and all, like I said in my first review, I'm hooked on this story and I can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback! I had written these chapters years ago - at an age where my writing isn't as great as it is now, so yeah I definitely see what you were talking about - too many metaphors. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll update soon. I definitely will in the future, but who knows?

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Review #2, by oldnumberseven  Lets Dance Like Leprecons

15th October 2013:
Oh my god, I got the giggles during this chapter. Let me just point out my favorite bit:

He just called me his lady! What do I call him, Maguy?

Seriously, I snorted out loud. So hilarious.

I'm interested to see what happens with Fletcher and Mason ... and Sirius for that matter (and Remus of course). I like that you've introduced these new characters but haven't really done anything with them yet. Well, I mean, you've introduced them but you haven't forced anything between them and Abigail and Quinnie so it's still a bit mysterious. It makes things more believable!


Author's Response: Thank you again! I do really love Fletcher and Mason and had tons planned for them! :)

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Review #3, by oldnumberseven  Our Friend, The Polar Bear

15th October 2013:
I've just finished the first chapter and I'm already hooked/shipping characters.

Can I just say that Quinnie is the best? Seriously, I want to be friends with her, since I am also a quirky Hufflepuff :D I don't normally attach myself to characters this early in a fic but seriously, I love her and I'm already shipping her with Remus. I do hope there are some awkward/cute scenes with them in the future!

But that's not to say that I don't like Abigail. I love her too, actually. She's similar to Quin - in an oddball sort of way, like when she talks about wearing bags over their heads or how they should run away to Canada - but she's also a great narrator. I like listening to her thoughts, as creepy as that sounds!

Onto the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! Wow - has it been a long time since someone has reviewed this story of mine! haha

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Review #4, by Bchampagne Have you seen this toad?

5th September 2013:
Loving this so far, it's hilarious! Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #5, by StellaRose Have you seen this toad?

4th September 2013:
Ooooh suspense suspense. I really want to find out what James will do next! I'm going to assume he tells his mates but I hope he's not mean about it! Kind of confused why Remus is so nice, does he like Quinnie too and is that why James was so shocked?! lol. Alright, alright I'll stop guessing and just wait for you to update :)

Anyway, your story so far is very light hearted and fun to read. A bit silly at times but I appreciate your sense of humor. Abigail is my favorite and I loved the scene where she and Quinnie were caught by James and Sirius, too funny!

Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by loony_lovegood101 Have you seen this toad?

7th October 2011:
:D hehehe i love this story very very FUNNY!
can't wait until next chapter!!!


Author's Response: Aw, well thanks :) It means a lot!

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Review #7, by katie Have you seen this toad?

14th August 2011:
honestly love your story,it's possibly the best on this site.
Post the next chapter up as soon as possible :)

Author's Response: aw, thanks :D
And I will!

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Review #8, by SiriuslyRedPadfoot Have you seen this toad?

13th August 2011:
Oh my this is hillarious! I really like the story so far even if i am terrified of frogs/toads myself :D Update soon :)

Author's Response: haha toads/frogs freak me out too :)


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Review #9, by fethre Have you seen this toad?

13th August 2011:
Aw! I got all excited because I thought it was a new chapter!
I haven't read this in so long though, it still made me laugh my butt off. Hoover with a sombrero and a mustache.. Rofl! Her and Quinnie are so hilarious together, they're such great characters! I gotta know, where do you get the inspiration? Is Quinnie bassed off somebody?
Alright, I really REALLLYY want the next chapter of this. (: do hurry!

fethre (Hufflepuff)

Author's Response: i'm so sorry ): It got updated because I had to delete what USED to be chapter 3 chapter image but it was something TOTALLY different suddenly. I was very confused, lol.

I'll try to hurry with the next chapter but it will be quite a while /:

Thank you so much!

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Review #10, by ChestnutIrises Have you seen this toad?

21st January 2011:
Ok, this was the funniest chapter!

I can't believe that Abigail really called James Potter, and checked him. In his face.

That cheeky slapper. She's ace.

And I love sunflowers, too! I received sunflowers once! I ddidn't like them before, but I do now!

Oh, and I have a suggestion.

When you do sarcastic or weird comments, don't point it out. It's better if you just leave it. Take the 'I wish my hair is as long as his beard.' comment. You then pointed it with 'Is it odd to think that?' and I think it would be even more hilarious (because it was) if you leave it like a very normal comment from Abigail's.

I love this!

Keep on the goodies! :3

Author's Response: Haha, Abigail is a riot! Just like Quinnie. That's why they're best friends, because well, lets face it... Who else could handle these two insane ideas? Haha!

Sunflowers are amazing. Reminds me of summer.

Thank you for the suggestion! I'll definently look into that and think of that haha!

Thanks for your lovely reviews!!

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Review #11, by ChestnutIrises Lets Dance Like Leprecons

21st January 2011:
Oi! I definitely love Quinnie.

I think I even fancy her?

And that would so happen if you talked to Sirius Black. I think I might even speak in Portuguese!

I really can't speak in portuguese. But mum can! And she speaks to me in it... And I understand...

Oh, well. Bollocks.

And I love the leprecon dance. I always do embarrasing victory dances. It's just a very essential part of life.

Keep on the goodies! :3

Author's Response: Quinnie is a very special character that I adore writing about:-)

Haha, I as well like to break out into an odd dance... makes things interesting.

Thanks for R&R! :D

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Review #12, by ChestnutIrises Our Friend, The Polar Bear

21st January 2011:

Hey, I like Quinnie. And I noticed that... Abigail has red hair and blue eyes, too. Just like Susie Clive.

I have the strangest, randomest thought that you like redheads... And blue eyes... Yep.

So, it's amusing. Amusing is good. I like to be amused.

And I don't like toads. The frog you have on the banner... That's another story. Because I love frogs.

I have seventeen stuffed frogs, two frog shirts, three frog PJ's, one frog wallet, a frog loudspeakers, my frog socks, and my frog earrings.

Frogs are my favorite animal. Not that you'd have noticed.

So, I love the Marauders, but Remus has light brown eyes. Though he'd look cute with hot pink eyes.


Keep on the goodies! :3

Author's Response: Hahha, I do have a thing for redheads but this story was originally created by my best friend, who is unable to write it...): But I do love redheads because, well, I am one! Haha!

I love Frogs also, but I strangely like Toads more: )

Thank you the review!!

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Review #13, by dinasayah Have you seen this toad?

29th December 2010:
hey when are you going to update?
i really like your story its really good :)
please update fast :D

Author's Response: AW, thank you:)
Unfortunately, I have no idea when I will be updating! I have the next chapter all set, but only about 20% written):
I will get to it as soon as I can:D
Thank you again for your review!

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Review #14, by Kirsty Weasley Have you seen this toad?

13th October 2010:
Abigail! What were you thinking? Telling James about Quinnies crush? Oh that is sooo going to come back and bite her in the butt! But yes. I have come to realise that I love this story. It is awesome (into favourites you go) but Fletcher so has a thing for Abigail (so obvious) and maybe she should give him a chance? Or just get with Sirius. Either way you know? Anyways, please update soon before I go mad- Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your reviews(: it means a lot!! Next update wont be for a while sadly ): but i hope you read it when it gets up!

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Review #15, by Kirsty Weasley Lets Dance Like Leprecons

13th October 2010:
ooh, Sirius Black and Abigail up a tree! And Quinnie should maybe get with Mason- he seems NICE! But yes, I may have fallen in love with this story... a little bit.


cough... **continues reading**

Author's Response: hahahaha youve fallen in love? YAY !

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Review #16, by Kirsty Weasley Our Friend, The Polar Bear

13th October 2010:
ahahaha, loving this! And oh my goodness Quinnie is mad and hillarious! Continuing to read now! :D -Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: Aw thank you a bunch (: Quinnie is mad and hillarious but loveable

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Review #17, by RUMBLERORE Have you seen this toad?

25th September 2010:
ahhh! i love this story so so so so much! its really great! hahaha i love quinnie and abigail :) they're hilarious. and oh my gosh! she told james!! :O when i got to that part my jaw dropped. hahah yeah, i dunno, whenever i read stories, i feel embarassed and stuff for the the characters so i was like freaking out when she acidentally told him. heheh. but anyways, im really excited to read the next chapter now! Ah! i can hardly wait. :)) great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so so so much! ahaha
I love Quinnie &Abigail too, they're so much fun to write about and I love the relationship between them. (: haha, I also felt very embarassed for Abigail, since we both know how James and the rest of the Marauder crew feel about those two loons. Crazy chickas. LOL (:

Thanks again! I hope you keep reading &reviewing !

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Review #18, by milkshots Have you seen this toad?

23rd September 2010:
I love this, can't wait for the next update(:
It's just so beautifully random! I love Quinnie and Abigail and all their wee sayings.
Please update soon :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you love this! (:
next update wont be for a while because I'm super busy with school work = & the next update will be for my other story :D Thanks!!

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Review #19, by Eva Lets Dance Like Leprecons

31st August 2010:
So, this is possibly one of the most interesting starts to a story I have ever seen. And, even though it's a little kooky and slightly immature (in a funny way), I really, really, really, really love it. Because it's out there, and it's weird, and your main characters are Hufflepuffs and we never see that. :)

Your writing is pretty good, if it's your first time I'm even more impressed. I like Quinnie and Abigail, although sometimes their--okay, Quinnie's--randomness is a little more "um, what?" than just plain funny, but I guess that's her character, and why not let her run off with it!

It's only the second chapter but I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! and i mean LOVE! as in lady gaga, i want your LOVE!.to read more. (sorry i got carried away) the story is hilarious, and charming at the same time, and I am super eager to see the Sirius/Abigail thing. Sirigail. Abius. you know what i mean :) and, of course, Quinnie/Lupin! (I won't even try to combine that one) (okay maybe one. Quupin? ack!)

so, keep updating, and I'll keep reading! :) and also, I would really like to see at least one of the chapters, not necessarily now but perhaps in the future at least once, to be from Quinnie's see how her crazy little brain thinks :) you don't have to. please keep up the excellent writing, i can never find many just plain good, original, non-cliche stories on here! (no offense hpff...if the moderators somehow see this...ah, shit.)

enough rambling! i love the story! i am impressed! continue! thanks! :)

Author's Response: Wow, you have to be one of my favorite reviewers. Yay for you! & yay for me for getting such an amazing fan. (: Thank you so very much for this, I am so flattered.

Haha, I love your combinations. Abius is my favorite. Quupin will deffinently be happening somewhere in the VERY soon future (;

But of course, the first chapter is all thanks to my best friend. She wrote it a very long time ago, and since she unable to complete it.. well, why don't I carry on with it! So first chapter is written by her (:

I'm writing the next chapter at the moment! And now that you've mentioned it... A chapter filled with Quinnie's odd thoughts interest me. I don't want to get your hopes up, but if I feel the need and the perfect moment, you just might get to read her thoughts. :D

I absolutely love your rambling! It made my day (: I hope you keep reading and reviewing. Thank you! ;p

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Review #20, by PineappleGoddess13 Lets Dance Like Leprecons

29th August 2010:
I liked it, made me laugh a lot...keep up with the updates

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm currently writing the next chapter(:

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Review #21, by OrdinarilyExtraordinary Lets Dance Like Leprecons

23rd August 2010:
Yay, some Sirius Black action! :D
I think its cute how she's a complete fool infront of the Marauders, both Quin and Abigail. Can't wait for the next! :)

Author's Response: Haha (: Gotta love them! Thank you!

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Review #22, by OrdinarilyExtraordinary Our Friend, The Polar Bear

23rd August 2010:
'Ello there, I'm Dana and I have to say I'm very impressedd with this story so far. Can't wait to read the others. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am currently writing the next chapter but I have to wait for my other stories chap to be validated first! Thanks!

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Review #23, by milkshots Lets Dance Like Leprecons

21st August 2010:
This is interesting(:
I love Quinnie, she's so funny and quirky.

Author's Response: Thank you! (:
I also love Quinnie(; She's awesome!

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Review #24, by katebabelovesharrypotter Our Friend, The Polar Bear

9th August 2010:
I loved this! And the title of this story is the best title I've ever seen! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! (:

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