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Review #1, by Nikki  A Marriage of Convenience

4th January 2015:
I love Astoria's portrayal, and Draco's is pretty true to canon too, which I personally love. Plus, it reads very smoothly. Can't wait to get to some of your other stuff!

Author's Response: Haha, yeah, I just re-read this, like 5 years after I wrote it, and Draco's portrayal is the only thing I like about this. Astoria comes across as a bit unhinged, and I can't remember whether that was my intention or not. But this isn't strictly speaking canon, since JKR revealed that Astoria doesn't subscribe to the old ways - so maybe I should rewrite this.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

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Review #2, by flying_rabbit  A Marriage of Convenience

19th August 2010:
I like Astoria's voice here; she makes Draco seem so unimportant indeed - I bet he likes that. If it's a marriage of convenience, and she chose him - did he have any say in the matter (I mean, did she just tell him that they would be getting married, not whether it was simply a case of marrying Astoria or not marrying at all)? Or did she have certain marriage offers and she chose his?
It's very understandable that after the war, Draco is no longer proud of his identity. Maybe that'll shake him awake, and make him see that he doesn't matter that much. If Astoria doesn't do that for him, first.
Is the Dark Mark still visible, though? Snape and Karkaroff talked, in GoF, about the Mark slowly becoming clearer and clearer. That kind of gave me the feeling that it was (virtually) invisible before, and thus, it would return to invisibility after Voldemort was killed. That's just my interpretation, though. I might (and probably will) be very wrong.
If you put it that way, Astoria and Draco are severely mismatched indeed. But I wonder if Draco really has many things left he could laugh about. It's a good thing Draco knows that he's a... (you know, non 12+ word) (or is he only mocking her there?)
So she asks him if they'll ever be in love, because that'd be nice for their child (they're already planning to have only one and they're already sure it'll be a boy? I guess it's a good thing that came true, because what would've happened if their child would've been a girl, or twins?), and then she says she doesn't believe in love... that's odd. Draco really found himself a nice girl ;) Oh, she's the only one who'd marry him. She seems crazy enough for it, if she marries him because she thinks he's a funny bloke because he's so predictable and everything. Maybe they'll grow to like each other indeed, and then they can deal with the ghosts of their pasts together. Who knows :)
And no, it wasn't rubbish. I wish I could write spur of the moment pieces like this, it's really a nice story! :)

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Review #3, by schoenemaedchen  A Marriage of Convenience

12th August 2010:
So, I just loved how you requested the review. And I quote:

Does it make any sense at all? lol.

So my answer is...Yes, of course.

By the time I was done reading, you had me believing me that this actually happened too.

I can see Malfoy being a fairly bitter person after the fall of Voldemort and really getting himself into a marriage. It seems very Slytherin-esque to get married and have this image of a respectable family, love or not.

I especially see Draco getting this. After all, from what I remember of the books, the only time Draco's parents seem to ever come together are when they're worried about him during the final battle. I don't imagine that they had a very lovey-dovey marriage either, but rather one of duty and honor.

I also thoroughly enjoyed how you've developed Astoria's character. She would have to have that kind of attitude to put up with Draco. Not many would take him, I agree on that.

Whatever the case, I think you've captured the situation disturbingly well of the dying Era of these "pure blood" institutional marriages. And all the conflicts that are involved. Seems like Draco and Astoria are onto the trick to surviving it, however.

Well done!!

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear this seemed plausible, because when I was writing this it seemed as though I was doing so on autopilot. I didn't give this much conscious thought, words just fell in place. Which was why I was a tad bit sceptical, seeing as it wasn't carefuly planned as my fics generally are.

It was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek, satirical look at arranged, pureblood marriages. Personally, I don't understand how these work, where people who barely or only socially know each other get spliced to uphold the family name and to preserve the purebloodedness of the off-spring. It's ridiculous, and to pretend there's any real emotion involved would be a delusion. It's sad the way Draco and Astoria make peace with this, but as you said this probably is the ONLY way they're going to make it work.

Thanks so much for the review, and I'm sorry it took me so long to get round to responding to it. :)

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