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Review #1, by laurowa What He Knew Was Best

3rd April 2011:
This story is completely fabulous! I can't wait to read more, will she get her memory before the death of Potters? How will both she and Sirius cope with this situation at home? I want to know it already! ^^
I hope you'll post a new chapter soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review :)

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Review #2, by icemice What He Knew Was Best

21st November 2010:
I absolutely LOVE this so far!! I eagerly anticipate the next chapter! I'm telling you right now, this will be one of my favorites that I check every day. This story is exceptional. Wonderful writing, wonderful characterization, wonderful storyline. I'm sincerely excited to see where this goes.

Author's Response: Aah thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #3, by PandaBear Please, Remember Me

18th October 2010:
That was amazing! I was almost crying.

Author's Response: Aaaw thank you so much for your review ;)

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Review #4, by iluv2eatcarbs Please, Remember Me

12th August 2010:
Since your other story is on haitus and loved it so much I decided I would probably love your other stories just as much-and I was right! Your ideas are wonderful dear, you know this, right? You're totally original and aren't doing a story during the Marauders 7th year (shamefully hides Marauders stories). It's so sad she doesn't remember Sirius, he should give her the ring, then she'll remember everything! Haha. Well I hope you update soon! I can't wait to see how he tries to get her to remember things or what happens next :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your support :) I'm glad you like my ideas, it's always such a compliment to receive these words :) Hahaha and there is nothing wrong with Marauder seventh year stories! Trust me! I've seen many which are worth reading! I think there is something about the fact that they're in school and somewhat 'innocent' that appeals readers :) Anyways, enough rambling, I'll try to update asap :) Thank you very much again!

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Review #5, by lucky Please, Remember Me

12th August 2010:
I really like this idea about Sirius's girl not being able to remember him. It's really sad but just seems to suit Sirius's life. I'm glad you are writing a story on this angle. I hope that you continue with it. :D

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review :) You're number one :D Woohoo! It is sad and does suit Sirius's life yes. It's also a 'nice' way to explore his character a bit more. I felt like there was more to Sirius than what met the eye and I hope I could do his character justice :) Thank you again and I'll update soon!

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