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Review #1, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs Chapter 2

16th October 2011:
Again, Lily should have let James hex Vernon... Don't look at me like that!!! ... Well he was ASKING for it! ... I KNOW it's against wizarding law, but still!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. (It's one of my favorites I've written)

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Review #2, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs Chapter 1

16th October 2011:
Hehehehe... Vernon had that coming. Lily should have let James hex him!!!

Author's Response: I really, really wanted James to jinx him, but couldn't seem to do it...

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Review #3, by magicmuggle01 Chapter 2

21st February 2011:
A great chapter. For a few moments there I thought that James was going to kill Vernon if Lily hadn't gotten James out of the house. Another 10/10 and please update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks again :D
Personally, I'd have loved to see James kill Vernon, but sadly it wouldn't be very good. You know, it would change the whole beginning of the Sorcerer's Stone and I don't picture James as a murderer, but it's still fun to dream ;D
Thanks,but I don't think I'll add any more chapters or update much. You're welcome to read some of my other stories I'm working on, though!

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Review #4, by magicmuggle01 Chapter 1

21st February 2011:
What a great story. I loved the humour, I had to laugh when James suddenly appeared out of nowhere almost freaking out Lily's mother. And I see that Vernonb and Pertunia have not changed one bit. Since I would like to find out what happens i Will go onto the next chapter. 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I'm so happy you liked the story.
James appearing in the middle of an Evans family dinner was my original idea and the rest of the story came after. I could never imagine the Dursleys not hating magic and making rude comments, so I just had to that in.
Thank you so much!!!

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Review #5, by GinnysMuggleFan Chapter 2

16th February 2011:
hahahahaha! I loved this story! AH, it was hilarious! write more, write more!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! Your review made me smile :)
Sorry, but there's only two chapters in this story. I'd love it if you'd read some of my other fics, though.
Thanks again,

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Review #6, by LilyFire Chapter 2

15th February 2011:
You have a great potential story here, but I do think you've gotten the characters a bit, well, OOC. Take James, he would never things slip like that, expecially being an Auror. The parents act like they don't like Petunia, which I find a bit odd...
I do think it's a funny story, and it has a decent plot. Just try to get the characters more on form next time and it will be more believable. It sounds as if they are all around 10 or 11 years old.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review and constructive criticism!
Sorry that the characters might have seemed a bit unrealistic, but the reason I'm writing fanfiction is to work on my writing and now I know what to work on.
James always seemed like a hothead and very rash to me so I could picture him blurting something out to people who he thought that it didn't matter if they knew or not. Still, that's my opinion and since he's not really a character in the books, he could act anyway we can imagine.
I think that Mr. and Mrs. Evans would have loved Petunia, but not approve of her choices (hating her sister, Vernon, etc). So I guess I understand how it could have seemed like they didn't like Petunia in my story.
Thanks again :D

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Review #7, by awesome247 Chapter 2

13th February 2011:
I like it. A lot. I just love reading about the Dursleys, I don't know why. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D
I love reading about the Dursleys too!!! Thanks for reviewing

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Review #8, by Argus MacGonagall Chapter 2

9th February 2011:
Entertaining. Does it end there or is there more?

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate your review. Yes, that's the end of the story. Thank you!!!

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Review #9, by RumbleroarRedvines Chapter 2

27th September 2010:
I loved this! Awesome idea and HILARIOUS story!

Author's Response: Thanks, I loved writing it. Read some more of my stories and don't forget to reveiw!!!

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Review #10, by SusieBones Chapter 2

1st September 2010:
funny and this is good

Author's Response: Thanks, it was fun to write

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Review #11, by Phoenix_Heartstring Chapter 1

30th August 2010:
Very very well done! Loved your characterization of Vernon, and how even Mr. and Mrs. Evans hate him. Great work, very entertaining! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I figured that nobody could like a moron like Vernon Dursley (except Petunia)

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Review #12, by Akussa Chapter 2

23rd August 2010:
That was good, yet again too short and with a special ending.
I see that it is noted as "completed" does that mean it really is the way the story ends? Because you could go on with the date and how James tells the others about Lily's sister and *wonderfull* husband! Just an idea like that, feel free to use it if you feel like it. If not, I still look forward to reading what you write next!

Author's Response: Thanks for the idea, but I've got a couple more fanfics I'm working on, but maybe when I finish them all I'll go back and add another chapter. Probably not though, so sorry.
Thanks for reveiwing both chapters!

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Review #13, by Akussa Chapter 1

23rd August 2010:
Wow, Vernon and Petunia are really, really rude people!!
Good beginning although the way you end the chapter is kind of weird, like the action is not over yet but not really cliffhanger...ish.
I look forward to reading the rest!

Author's Response: I've always thought of Petunia and Vernon as rude (and sometimes funny).
I know the ending isn't great, but I don't have anything else so I won't be adding more. Sorry.
Thanks for reveiwing!

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Review #14, by Hayleekins Chapter 2

23rd August 2010:
That was really good, I'm glad you added onto it. I thought it was hilarious how Petunia was saying that *her* husband was so awesome, it sounded very Petunia-ish. You do each charactor very well, and your chapters are pretty well written. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks, I like Petunia and have always felt bad for her, but its fun making her rude and stupid. Again, thanks so much!

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Review #15, by Tonks101 Chapter 2

23rd August 2010:
Ohh!! Please update it is great

Author's Response: Thanks, but sorry, I'm not going to add any more. I don't know what I'd do next and want to get on with some of my other stories.

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Review #16, by jacks_angel2007 Chapter 2

23rd August 2010:
that was funny! I liked it!

Author's Response: Thanks, I tried.

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Review #17, by Friday_Star Chapter 1

15th August 2010:
I really liked this, but it ended super abrubtly, I'm sort of confused about what happened at the end! Other than that, it was a really great story. Nothing much happened, but that doesn't matter because it was more centered around the relationships between the characters and how they interacted, which I thought was all very realistic (:

Well done :D


Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I have the next chapter planned out and in it a little more happens I think. Thanks!

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Review #18, by Lucy Chapter 1

10th August 2010:
Hello there!

I have to say, that was quite an interesting read. Though I was quite confused when you put that Remus was going on a date with Susan Bones. Was it supposed to be Amelia Bones? Because Susan Bones is the girl who was in Dumbledore's Army. I just thought that I'd correct you.

But asides from that, it was brilliant. It was funny, it wasn't over-the-top and it was cute.

I really can't wait to read more (I have an iGoogle Feed on this)!

Author's Response: Thanks Lucy. You are right, I meant Amelia Bones though it doesn't really matter because she is only mentioned in the passing and was just the first name that popped into my head, but I'll correct it. I'm glad you want to read more and I'd love it if you'd review the next chapter too!

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Review #19, by jane pinkerton Chapter 1

8th August 2010:
It has the potential to be really cute! But it seems unfinished...You set up a story, but didn't follow through with the whole of it.
I do like the ending lines though-- "You plan to go on a date alone? Do you?"
very funny line!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm debating on changing it to unfinished and adding a second part, but I need a good idea first
The ending's my favorite part too

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Review #20, by ekroman Chapter 1

6th August 2010:
HeeHee:) now this should have been longer ! Very good

Author's Response: thanks so much ekroman, especially for being my first reviewer! I wanted the story to be longer, but couldn't think of anything to add, if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. Thanks!

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Review #21, by Hayleekins Chapter 1

6th August 2010:
That was good :) You should have written a bit more! ha ha, I'm not going to make you write or anything P: That was good, and I like your writing style. Good work!

Author's Response: thanks Hayleekins, I have a few fanfics written, but I have to wait to submit them. I would have written more to Dursley Dinner, but I couldn't come up with more good ideas so if you have any let me know and I can add them (with a huge thanks)!

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