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Review #1, by Cali Epilogue: November, 1981

16th June 2015:
MY. HEART. It's literally chopped into tiny pieces laying on my kitchen floor right now.

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Review #2, by KatsClarinet Epilogue: November, 1981

15th December 2014:
Wow.did not see that ending coming. Well done!

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Review #3, by Rosie Epilogue: November, 1981

25th May 2014:
Read this all in one go. And the ending - AARRGGGH is one happy character too much to ask?? but very well written - I love Remus as a character and I think you showed him really well here, good job

Author's Response: You read this all at once? I'm impressed! It must have taken you hours! But in terms of the ending, there is one character that survived- Nick! I always had it in my head that he escaped the night and went on to be a productive member of Muggle society. But I guess Nick doesn't count. Oh, and Remus was the reason why I chose to start writing fan fiction in the first place. I'm glad that you think I did him justice. Thank you!

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Review #4, by Allison Epilogue: November, 1981

19th March 2014:
Aww, you made me cry!! Very creative ending. Great job on the story.

Author's Response: In my original plans, I had Artemis die in Remus's arms. Cliche. I'm glad I changed my mind to this ending. I'm sorry it made you cry, but that tells me that I succeeded in making the characters real enough to care about. Thank you so much for your reviews!

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Review #5, by Eleanor Epilogue: November, 1981

18th March 2014:
urgh that made me cry super hard! that was so mean of you! i loved the story but i just kept crying for this "depress-ilougue" wah! T_T

Author's Response: I'm sorry you cried! But it had to be done. Thank you for leaving this review and letting me know how much it moved you!

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Review #6, by Allison Chapter 29: I Blame My Lack of Creativity

18th March 2014:
OK, now the most probable reason seems to be that Artemis is healing Remus after his transformations and being Obliviated afterwards so she doesn't remember he's a werewolf. But that doesn't make any sense to me, since Poppy has always been able to heal him in the past and I can't imagine that Artemis would tell people, so...

Author's Response: Part of a mystery is not just figuring out the actions, but also figuring out the motive behind it as well. Thank you for the update to your theory! I hope you enjoyed the end and hopefully the explanation of everything was adequate as well!

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Review #7, by Allison Chapter 21: Mixed Emotions

18th March 2014:
Haha Randy with blue lips after his long shower was funny. As is Artemis' obliviousness. Oh, and I loved the 12 days of Christmas prank! As far as what's going on w/Artemis, I still have no idea. Starting to get frustrated. I'm pretty sure I've noticed most of the clues, I just can't put them together. Why would Artemis have insulted Remus? Who's the girl (who I assume is the one erasing her memories)? The only possibility I can think of is that in the future, Artemis goes back in time and does all that, but I can't imagine why she would, so that seems unlikely. Is anything associated w/the full moon besides werewolves, or is she repeatedly encountering Remus? I know that I'll find out since the story is finished; I'm just frustrated that I don't know yet.

Author's Response: Tee hee, Randy's feelings are so obvious to everyone except Artemis! Poor girl, she doesn't realize how popular she could be.

The Twelve Days of Christmas. *sighs happily* Only the Marauders would turn a beloved carol into an excuse to torment an entire House!

Trust me, the clues are there! It's just that they're easier to spot once you've solved the mystery. I'm still really surprised that I left so many people stumped about this. I like your theory about an Artemis from the future; I don't think I've heard that one before. I know, the story is finished and you finished reading the story a long time ago, but if I were answering your questions while this was a WIP, I would say that I wanted to keep the mystery simple (even though it's apparently not simple to solve).

I want to thank you for taking a moment to leave this review before jumping over to the next chapter! Thank you!

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Review #8, by violet Epilogue: November, 1981

26th February 2014:
I'm literally crying as I write this. This is one of the saddest books I've ever read... I really thought it would end happily unlike the other books I've been reading. It was great, but the ending was heartbreaking. I loved it though. Now I just need to find another book!!! Maybe an AU where no one dies... Lots of love and hope you're well lovely! Please continue to write; you have amazing talent. xx

Author's Response: I'm so sorry! I know, I made it seem like a happily ever after story before the Epilogue here. This was my very first fan fiction, and I wanted to stick to canon as much as possible. It touches me to know that my characters invoked such strong emotions from you. You are free to think of an alternative ending if you like. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing! Your praise makes me blush. I'm glad that you liked Artemis so much!

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Review #9, by Minnie Epilogue: November, 1981

1st November 2013:
Garh. So I read your responses and I am thoroughly annoyed that you have not written a sequel. The story is beautiful and it needs a sequel. I also found out you liked Canon and I think my heart just died. Maybe artemis's condition gets slightly better and her and remus remain friends? Or she does actually get better after several years and fights in the war, maybe meets harry and nick? Just argh WRITE SOMETHING. I am a fan of canon and I really don't like characters acting out of character or several character that are meant to be alive dying but remus this story is different, I think canon in this story would kill me,
But as long as you write a sequel ill be happy - a long one too! There are a few things left unexplained like the reason for Artemis not going mental. Just PLEEAASE write a long sequel?

Author's Response: I'm so sorry that I've disappointed you! I know I've said something about confirming a sequel, but other things came up (new stories here, writing original work that I can get actual credit for, RL in general), and I never got around to writing anything. Besides, the epilogue kind of eliminates my chances for writing about Artemis's seventh year (unless I do it all like a flashback, but even then the mystery of what will happen to her is ruined). You must know that the way I chose to end Artemis's story was better than my initial plans for her (aka her tragic death in Remus's arms).

Sadly, I can't see Artemis recovering and rejoining normal Wizarding society. She is lost forever. But because Artemis messed with her memories and brain in general during her sixth year, it did help her a little, preventing her from becoming like the Longbottoms. Also, Bellatrix was stopped when Voldy got killed, remember? She didn't get to have as much fun as she would have liked. That's the logic that went into writing this epilogue and Artemis's current condition.

So while the possibility of a sequel is still an infinitesimal possibility, the chances of Artemis getting another 38-chapter story is zero. Please don't hate me! But thank you so much for your review! It means a lot to me, knowing that this story is still being read and enjoyed years after I finished it.

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Review #10, by Fay Epilogue: November, 1981

1st November 2013:
This fanfiction was inspiring and completely heartbreaking. I loved it so much and I really loved the fact that their relationship didn't revolve around sex, it was perfect. The epilogue just killed me. And to know that eventually everyone Artemis was close to dies is horrible. Eventually remus goes on to marry Nymphadore and they have a child and everyone - sirius, remus and all the others got to have a part in Harry's life but Artemis didn't. It's so sad, but I was curious about the wolfsbane - the potion should have earned Artemis millions? She should be written about in textbooks. ASDFGGJKL it's all so confusing, I also think a little part of me died when I realised there was no sequel. Please could you wrote ams sequel non-canon too but any sequel will be good, the plot and story is too perfect and remus is an idiot for just going, be must visit her sometime too. PLEASE?!

Author's Response: Hello again! I'm glad to see that you've enjoyed the story this much! I only wrote it because I felt like I didn't see enough stories like this on the archive (i.e. giving Remus a romantic interest, a focus on relationships and very little sexual tension). But if it makes you feel a tiny bit better, I did spare Artemis's friend Nick! He's safely anonymous in the Muggle world.

Artemis was actually still working on the wolfsbane potion when she was attacked. It was her goal to find a more exact cure for lycanthropy. She had only gotten around to sparing the mind during the full moon when she was attacked. *chuckles* If given more time, she might have discovered an actual cure for werewolves and gotten rich like you said. I don't think she'd be too interested in monetary gain though, just Remus's well-being.

I highly doubt I'll write an actual sequel. I do have a sequel-like story in my notes. It's actually just a four-chapter epilogue to the epilogue, and it's really sad (I remember that I cried when I came up with it, and I'm normally callused with my writing). I'm not sure if I'll ever post it, but just know that it doesn't go against canon- it actually reinforces it.

Thank you so much for leaving such a passionate review! Artemis will always be one of my favorite characters, and I'm glad you enjoyed her story!

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Review #11, by Fay Chapter 1: Sirius Black, in the Library, with the Bookworm

26th October 2013:
Okay, so I read the summary of this chapter and I couldn't resist! It seemed so interesting. I love the story so far, and Artemis seems really nice. I love that she studies a lot (which I don't come across very often in theses fics). I also love how she appreciates her parents and writes to them all the time, I don't think some people realise how much children mean to parents, regardless of what they (the parents) may say; and I almost died laughing when she told Sirius to "get a new want," all in all, good chapter so far - I look forward to continue reading.

Author's Response: Greetings! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Artemis's tale! This was the results of three straight months of reading nothing but fan fiction and my ideas of what I wanted to see more of on this site. Would you believe that this is the first thing I had ever had the courage to post online for other people (non-family members) to read? Thank you so much for reviewing and letting me know how much you liked this! Your words have made me very happy!

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Review #12, by Clare Epilogue: November, 1981

16th September 2013:
So I'm crying! Wow, this story has truly been a pleasure to read. I've been so captivated by it and thoroughly enjoyed every second of my time spent reading. I've fallen completely in love with your characters and your writing has allowed me to develop so much empathy for them. I can't actually believe I'm crying, but the ending was just so powerful, unexpected and brilliantly written that I feel like I've lost a friend. Your writing is completely and utterly incredible and I just want to thank you for sharing your talent with us all on here. This emotional roller coaster of a story has got to be quite honestly my favourite I have ever red. x

Author's Response: I'm sorry if this sound wrong or insensitive, but hearing that I made someone cry from reading one of my stories is probably the biggest compliment I could ever hope for! I still love Artemis so much, even long after writing the last chapter of her life. I'm so moved by how much you were moved with Artemis's fate. The idea for her story is what gave me the courage to see what others think of my writing style. Your heart-felt and emotion-revealing review helps reassure me that I did the right thing in posting stories online. Thank you! :)

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Review #13, by surething123 Epilogue: November, 1981

5th June 2013:
WOW! That is an amazing ending! Honestly, I felt really bad for Remus and I wish that they hadn't broken up, I've never been a fan of Tonks and Remus. But when I heard about Bellatrix causing her condition, I wanted to go into the Harry Potter world and kill her with my own hands! But that just makes me sound like her so whatever. You should become an author. Your writing style is really good!

Author's Response: I always knew I had to end this story in a way to make it canon-compliant, and my first plan of simply killing Artemis seemed too overdone, hence this ending. And I really only like Remus/Tonks because this pairing produces Teddy. Wow, you wanting to get revenge on Bellatrix just shows me how powerfully moved you were with Artemis's story! I'll take it as a compliment! And thank you, I do hope to become a published author of my own original fiction someday! :) Thank you for this sweet review!

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Review #14, by ginnys twin Epilogue: November, 1981

25th May 2013:
I honestly am speechless. This has got to be the best story I've ever read. (Yes, that includes HP). I don't have words for how well thought out and awesome this is. I can't wait until I have time to read some mor of your stories because if this novel is any indecation, you are a fantastic writer. I wish this ended differently, but I respect your decision, and I see why you ended it like this.one last time, I love this story.


Author's Response: Awe, you are so sweet! And I'm honored that you think this is the best you've ever read! This was my debut story on HPFF and I highly enjoyed writing Artemis's mystery. Thank you so much for your highly flattering review! I do hope you'll find something else you will enjoy!

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Review #15, by ginnys twin Chapter 7: "I'm Sorry" Isn't Good Enough

15th May 2013:
I liked the way you portrayed Sirius (mostly, but I miss your humor.) I LOVE the way Artemis is portrayed, and I find it original. Yes, there are tomboys out there, yes there are bookworms out there (like me :p), but very few stories are about tomboys/bookworms. I like that she has her flaws, but right now I'm puzzled as to why people get scared of her mouth (are her teeth really that bad?). I'm assuming that's the idea, that we are supposed to be puzzled, and I look forward to seeing why. Again, I really like this, but it doesn't have the same humor Good Bye James, Hello Derek had.

Author's Response: Hello again! Sirius probably has the most personality changes between all my stories, or at least how he reacts to girls. I think the Sirius in Goodbye James, Hello Derek was probably the most immature yet cutest version I've come up with to date. Oh wow, I'm glad you like Artemis! She is one of my favorite characters I've ever created! At this point, Artemis is known only as the bookworm, but when she gets irritated her sarcasm can come out as harsh and can really hurt people's feelings. So it's not really her mouth but rather the words that come out of it. (I hope I answered that right, I haven't reread this story in a while.) Rest assured that she had perfectly normal teeth. That's why she can pack away so much food. This was my first story here on HPFF, so I tried to keep a balance of humor and real life problems. With Goodbye James, Hello Derek, I wrote that with a kind of mental laugh track playing in the background. Thank you for leaving another review! :)

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Review #16, by Bamboozled Chapter 16: He is the Biggest Idiot in the Cosmos! . . . !!!

31st March 2013:
I'm sorry but am I the only one who is seeing the "eyebrow" replace "ass" every time in a word? Like "The cleyebrowroom went dead silent." and "Sirius took hold of my arm as I peyebrowed". Because I could NOT take the chapter seriously.

Author's Response: No, you weren't the only one. It was HPFF's April Fool's Day prank. They do this every year. Everything will return to normal soon enough.

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Review #17, by pinaygrl3123 Epilogue: November, 1981

22nd March 2013:
I am literally sitting here crying. Why? Just why? So many people lost. So much was ruined by that war. Remus. And Artemis. It breaks my heart so much that they couldn't be together. She'll never know that it was really Sirius. That Peter was the bad. I can't even... oh my gosh. She... was perfect for Remus. As much as I hate going against canon, I've never been one for Tonks and Remus, but... oh god. I can't stop crying thinking about how they had to end. Oh man. I love this story. Worth staying up til 5:30 in the morning for. oh my gosh... I just.. Wonderful story. Truly. It was quite the journey.

Author's Response: I am so terribly sorry, but it just had to end this way! I believe in canon, which meant that I had to get rid of Artemis from Remus's life somehow. In my original plans, Artemis died in some super-cliche way, but I thought leaving Artemis just as bad as the Longbottoms would have been worse and have it make sense on why Remus remained single for over a decade before he met Tonks. Thank you so much for your dedication to read and review every single chapter! Again, I'm sorry it took me a month and a half to finally respond to all these reviews! You are awesome! And I hope you got enough sleep. If not, blame your fatigue on me! I will willingly take the blame! It's the least I could do! Once again, thank you so much for your reviews! They were all wonderful to read!

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Review #18, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter 37: Now What?

22nd March 2013:
Man. This story was awesome. I LOVE Remus and Artemis. They are my favorites. I love how sweet their relationship is. How much they truly care for each other, it was really very nice and heart-warming. I'm gonna miss them after this story is over. Man, I'm kind of scared of going onto the next chapter, but I must.

Author's Response: It fills my heart with joy, hearing all your positive praise for this story. Artemis and Remus really are sweet and perfect for each other. Trust me, I was incredibly sad when I realized that I wouldn't be writing any more. But at least they'll continue to exist within the story. Good luck with the epilogue!

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Review #19, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter 36: Missing Memories

22nd March 2013:
...Oh my god. She loves Remus so much. Oh Artemis. I didn't think it was possible for me to love her more but I do. Wow. That was a BRILLIANT twist. If anyone figured it out... they definitely had to see all cute well hidden clues you've laid out. Wow.

Author's Response: So, I take it that the mystery was worth waiting for the solution? :) It took me just a few minutes to think of this story, the mystery, and the solution. And it took me ten months to write it all out. And if you ever decide to revisit this story, I'm sure you'll pick up on all the tiny clues scattered throughout the story that will confirm that I knew where the story was going the whole time. I'm really excited that you enjoyed learning the truth so much and how much more you like Artemis!

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Review #20, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter 35: The Morning After

22nd March 2013:

Author's Response: At least now you know who that mysterious girl really is! And be ready for a really, really, really long explanation!

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Review #21, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter 34: Under the Full Moon

22nd March 2013:
.I'm so confused. I can't even figure this out... It's a full moon, she's completely conscious, she's staring at Remus, she's figured out their nicknames BUT WHAT IS HER SECRET.

Author's Response: The revelation of what's really been going on is getting closer! Just a little bit further until the truth comes out!

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Review #22, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter 33: Ignorance is Bliss (Wished I Believed it Sooner)

22nd March 2013:
BO. I was hoping for a real answer. And NO. STOP RUNNING OUT ON REMUS. When he says something important or kisses you out of nowhere DON'T RUN AWAY. Oh that poor boy...

Author's Response: Oops, sorry that I teased you! Artemis thinks she's solved the mystery, in any case. But I like it when Artemis runs away from Remus in times like this. I like tormenting our favorite werewolf!

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Review #23, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter 32: Do I Need to Solve Everything?

22nd March 2013:
That's one way to go about things. And just once I'd like for her to just let Samantha give her a bit of a make over or something! And--- WAIT SHE FIGURES IT OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER I JUST SAW THE AUTHOR'S NOTE OH MY GOD OH MY GOD

Author's Response: I'm sorry, but Artemis would just be out of character if she let Samantha do anything to her. Unlike Lily, Artemis will never ever be friends with Samantha. And yes, the beginning of the end starts next chapter!

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Review #24, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter 31: If Only I Could Retrace My Steps . . .

22nd March 2013:
I'm so confused. What happened. Where did she go? What does Snape know? What happened to Sirius? Why are he and James so down in the dumps? Oh my god, why have I still not figured this out after 31 chapters!? Urgh! This is so annoying. But good job on her finding, or trying to find, a solution to her problems.

Author's Response: After so long, the mystery is still confusing you. I never thought I'd be a good enough mystery writer when I first started writing. The answers to all your questions are in a later chapter (which I know you've read by the time I finally got around to responding- again, sorry for the super late delay!). At least I felt a tiny bit more creative with Artemis's detective skills.

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Review #25, by pinaygrl3123 Chapter 30: An Example of Poor Judgment

22nd March 2013:
That was hilarious! Awesome, awesome, awesome chapter. Bahaha. I love Randy's death threats. And poor Peck thinking that Artemis was pregnant - hahaha. That was great. And hmm, I wonder what Sirius is thinking. If he's looking at the Marauder's Map I'm sure he knows about her meeting with Snape. Hmm.

Author's Response: I pulled that same prank on my mom years ago! I could only imagine how freaked out Randy got at home when he thought Artemis was pregnant- that letter was tame compared to the Randy at home in my imagination! Sirius, though, is a little too curious for his own good. Nothing good will happen because of it.

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