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Review #1, by Miss MarlaG Ruby.

28th March 2011:
awww! this was so sweet and sad. i feel Nina's pain, the pain of someone she loved gone, and its just heartbreaking. The denial. The shock. The realizing. It hurts. It really hurts. And revengue.

this was a beautiful piece that I really loved :')

Poor Ruby :'(

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Your review was lovely to read :)

I'm glad you liked it so much.

x Ely

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Review #2, by AquariaJasmyne Ruby.

24th March 2011:
ELY! I know you're at camp, but I'm reviewing anyway XD

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I can't believe you've dedicated this to me! I just...ahhh!! *attacks you with huggles*

So, like I said in my other review, this is such a memorable piece, and the emotions are so vivid. I loved every word. Sorry this is kinda short - wrists are playing up yet again -__-

Now hurry up and come home! I miss you :'(

♥ Lizzie

Author's Response: Thank you plaguie!

I LOVE YOU TOO! I know how much you love it *wink*

Thank you so much for reviewing- best coming home pressie ever!

x Ely

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Review #3, by ShelbyBlack Ruby.

4th March 2011:
*10/10 DUH!

Chills Ely...CHILLS! This was amazing, I loved it ^_^
The loss she felt was so evident, it was painful to read! Your writing is flawless! YOUR AMAZING *HUGS*

Lots of love, ShelbyBlack

Author's Response: SHELBY!!! *squishes*

Aw, I'm hoping it wasn't too painful...THANK YOU!

Lots more love,

x Ely

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Review #4, by xxpetrapan Ruby.

9th December 2010:
Aww...that was so sweet and sad! I would the same then Nina is planning to do if my little sister Klavia! Like I said is post reviews you are so talented and are great with emotions


Author's Response: I have six sisters who I'm very close to so If one of them died I'd be something like this. Aw, you are way too sweet to me!

x Ely

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Review #5, by Elizabeth_Black Ruby.

27th September 2010:
*squeaks sadly, rat ears fall* :'( this was so sad, Ely...

Anyway, to the review! Like I mentioned, this was so sad, but it was also written absolutely beautifully! It was really entrancing, too and I couldn't look away.

I really liked the ending - it was so haunting! And the "'well what the hell are you waiting for?'" line really added a bit of lightness to such a heavy piece.

I think it's so great how you still left unanswered questions. It really makes for a very memorable story :)

This was a fantastic piece, Ely! You are such a great writer - 10/10! :)

♥ Lizzie xx

Author's Response: Aww, Thank you Lizzie. Your reviews always make me happy! I loff you

x Ely

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Review #6, by daisychain1 Ruby.

29th July 2010:
wow that was short but worth while. i like the descriptions and you really showed her pain and love for her sister. AWESOME!
i hope its not to much to ask but i have a new story out The porcelain dolls and your story is like amazing so i'd really love to know your opinion, good or bad i hope you think its okay me asking because some people thinks its rude. but anyway awesome story!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm not really the kind of writer who can write 3,000 word one-shots. It's all based on what I would feel if any one of my sisters died. (I have six). You're the first person to atually ask me to read one of their stories, I feel honoured. *blushes* And yes, I will. Well thank you so much for reading :D

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