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Review #1, by spencefa Secrets Revealed, Secrets Kept

30th September 2011:
That was an excellant story, very insiteful.

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Review #2, by spencefa Silent Sorrow

30th September 2011:
This story is very good, it is interesting to get to know Severus better, extremely similar to Harry

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Review #3, by Neytirihime101 Secrets Revealed, Secrets Kept

29th September 2011:
Hey I really liked this story and I have read possibly every story you have written or at least almost I have finished with away in a manger I also read Moonfire waiting for the sequel of course I also read broken Wings and Two Hawks Hunting also waiting for a sequel I am reading Irresistible Chemistry and Return to Prince Manor can't wait until those are done. I just love how you write you definetaley can grasp the concept of being Sev and understanding him and Harry. cant wait for more. But still reamaining your faithful fan :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I have no idea when I will start the sequels to those books. I will be posting a new story called Raven's Choice on here, a prequel to my Common Interests story. Hope you enjoy thatas well.

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Review #4, by vampirefromoldcountry Nobody Cared

11th January 2011:
You probably saved over 1,000 young lives with this story.thanks

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Review #5, by micking Secrets Revealed, Secrets Kept

13th August 2010:
Oh Wow! Thank you for the chapter. I was glad you were able to finish it so quickly. You are a very good writer and I have enjoyed reading this story. You and just a few others are capable of keeping Severus in character and still show love to Harry. Will keep coming back and checking your other stories for updates.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love Severus and always try to both keep him in character and reform him in regards to Harry. Please do! I've just updated Moon Fire.

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Review #6, by Vermouth Secrets Revealed, Secrets Kept

12th August 2010:
As to be expected of Severus. I'm really glad things turned out fine.

A story like this should never be left under-reviewed. I wonder why...

Still waiting, patiently, for the big sequel to come out.

your reader and reviewer,


Author's Response: I don't know. Maybe the suicide theme makes people uneasy. The big sequel will come out in January.

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Review #7, by Vermouth Between Me and Thee

11th August 2010:
Ballistic, huh? Well it won't be the first time that Severus had lost it in your stories, of course the results will never be catastrophic as "Snape's Worst Memories"...

Once more I must tell you the emotions you conveyed are brilliant. You once mentioned that writing the memories in the first-person perspective is better to convey the person's feelings. I agree with that. Of couse you must admit that for movie versions, like HBP, it just has to be done in the third-person, therefore creating an omnipotent view of story-telling. We get to see what happens behind people's backs and stuff.

I'm more than eagerly waiting for 'the axe to fall'. If it were me against his fury, I won't rule out the possibility to kneel down while listening to what Severus has to say. Of course, non-orientals would reserve kneeling for God, and not for a mere person, right?

Just a thought, though.


Author's Response: Yes, you're right. First person works well for writing but not videos or movies.

No, never like that with me . . .

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Review #8, by micking Between Me and Thee

10th August 2010:
Yes, it is a cliffhanger. I think Severus will be very upset but I think he will punish Harry not in the ways that harry thinks. I am glad that you were finally able to get thru the memory and get back to reality with Harry. I wondered how things would turn out and now I have to wait and see. Sorry, just enjoy this story so much.

Author's Response: Aww that's very sweet! I'll try and get the new chapter up ASAP.

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Review #9, by Vermouth Never Say You Love Me

9th August 2010:
Now THIS is what I call scary...

I mean, you once written things like someone being tortured to his last breath, but then his daughter was a miracle natural healer who can heal by pointing her fingers, so it didn't spook me at all because I had known she was able to patch everything up, fix every fiber, and I did not doubt that for a second. The same thing happened when you decided to knock her into a coma, and gathered the stength of dragons to heal her, it was just too obvious tht all will turn out fine, I mean why not? Her last thought was Sweetheart I love you... (no I feel just fine, and it certainly is a rational thing to think at the moment... not) With her poor boyfriend waiting, Heaven forbid she doesn't wake up. The results did not disappoint me, I was right. I chose not to review all of that because I felt rather uncomfortable reading predictable stuff.

But this... well I'm just not sure what will happen next any more. Maybe his stupid father could just die?

I wonder if your country's news network had covered this, but recently, some 23-year-old mother in Japan was arrested for starving her two children to death, just becuse her husband left her and she found them annoying! Do I hear you screaming in disbelief? I think so.

On a brighter note, though, I just love this story! I'm quite surprised that I am one of the very few people who review. I truly believe that raw pain and stuff are much harder to write than faerie realms and the sort. Please continue!


P.S. The 3rd chapter of Aftermath and the stone will be coming out soon! So when you see this, please read and review!

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Review #10, by Vermouth Bring Me to Life

9th August 2010:
Yes I'm really enjoying all of this, thank you for sharing!

You shouldn't fear of not being able to show those feelings. Your instincts are well-aimed, yhou can go on and trust them.

Perhaps... there's an empath in all of us?


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Review #11, by Vermouth Silent Sorrow

27th July 2010:
Even though I know that Severus would never attempt that anymore, I can't help but feel my heart ache reading this.

By the way, it seems you posted these two chappies before the queue closed? Lucky you, I only wish I could do that...
Anyway, my humble story has updated to Chapter II, would you like to see it? I'm so looking forward to some fresh reviews!

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Review #12, by Vermouth Nobody Cared

26th July 2010:
I was praying that you would begin the sequel to TwoHawksHunting (that series is my favorite forever!!!), and when I found thiat this had come out, I was deeply moved as well.

Poor, poor Severus!

So this is an extended version of Broken Wings Chapter XV...

Yes, suicide is indeed a hard subject to tackle, but I hope you are assured by my saying that you have done a WONDERFUL job in writing all the feelings, etc.

Yes, one's life is very precious, we should all bear that in mind.

And yet, -I do hope you are not offended by this- inside the literature structure, suicide can have a very special impact. I wonder if Lao She's play Teahouse ever had the chance to show in theatres in your country? (in 1980 it went over to France, West Germany and Switzerland, with a huge success, how they all managed to understand Chinese I would never know) In the end, Wang Lifa, the owner, hung himself, (the teahouse, his life's work, had been forcefully confiscated bu the Kuomintang) but it doesn't necessary mean a coward's way out, instead it was a final, powerful accuse to a dark and corrupt society, which was about to come to an end.

If possible, you can buy an English version of the play and take a look. Unlike Shakespere, it doesn't even have a central story, but it takes you back all the way to 1898-1948 Beijing, as vividly as it can be.

(Sadly, Lao She died in 1966 because of wrongful persecution by the "Cultural Revolution". He drowned himself in a lake. To this day my mother and I still argue about whether or not he was a coward in the end. He was nominated Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968, after finding out he had passed away, it went to Kawabata Yasunari)

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Review #13, by micking Nobody Cared

22nd July 2010:
Not knowing much about Severus, I thought he was someone superior. Because he treats Harry so badly just for being a Potter. Seeing a different side of him, really makes his actions more understandable. Don't know how harry will feel about this after seeing and living it in the pensive. I look forward to the next chapter. You have a gift for writing that I thoroughly enjoy and would like to continue reading your stories. I have been reading some of the others and have enjoyed them even though I did not leave a review each time

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