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Review #1, by Mike The second lesson...

3rd February 2012:
Good needs more chapters and also needs a prologue to say why Harry's not redoing his last year like the others two of the golden threesome and how he was asked. Also how dose Harry and Hermione do with there relationship while he is her professor.

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Review #2, by Linda The second lesson...

23rd September 2011:
Really enjoyed the 2 chapters but the story doen't really come to an end. Hope you gonna upload some more one day.

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Review #3, by Time9870 The second lesson...

17th June 2011:
Not a bad story overall

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Review #4, by Lunar Harmony Teaching curse

5th January 2011:
MORE! I need more. Really good job.

Author's Response: thanks I'm not sure if i will continue :)

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Review #5, by rhomegirl111 The second lesson...

7th December 2010:
really good!! keep writing!!!

Author's Response: i will cheers 4 reviewing! XD

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Review #6, by Harlan Carter The second lesson...

5th December 2010:
Keep up the fine work. Like the transition Hermione is going through, very sensitive.

Author's Response: cheers i'll try to keep posting regularly. however i'm not making any promises my main story is called... 'The false prophet.' so i probs will post on that more. but thanks for reading and glad you like it.

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Review #7, by Harlan Carter Teaching curse

5th December 2010:
Very interesting story line. Would really like to see more.

Author's Response: Tanks 4 reviewing glad u enjoyed.

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Review #8, by Harry_Ginny_Together Teaching curse

18th November 2010:
Please more! This is a really good story and plot

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment and I have decided to carry it on 7 chapters at most.

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Review #9, by hp_forever Teaching curse

18th November 2010:
Omg I loved it this would make a good plot for an actual atory

Author's Response: Ok I will try and carry it on then at most 7 chapters as I'm busy working on another story. Thanks for the comment BTW really appreciate it.

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Review #10, by mlskojing Teaching curse

16th August 2010:
That was great. I really hope that you get your 10 reviews. I would love to read more. Especially how Harry and Ron will work things out. So you requested that we ask for more. So I say PLEASE WRITE SOME MORE.

p.s. I had to deduct a point for grammar. (Puctuation, and Capitalization.) I know they are not the biggest things around but it can distract the reader... I look forward to MORE.

Author's Response: Ok first thanks for reviewing...
second who said that Ron and harry will work things out? I may leave them arguing. (probably not though)
Third Im actually thirteen almost fourteen so excuse e for not having the best spelling/grammar yet. (Not meant in a mean or sarcastic way)

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