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Review #1, by Blissbug ONE

7th August 2010:
Hi! I know its taken my a while to get to this review but I'm so glad I finally found time!

This story is engaging, and the characters really jump off the page. I like Teddy, this more grown-up cynical side of him is different and makes me curious as to what you might do next. I also like Everleigh. She's got a past but instead of overwhelming the story with back-plot, that past serves to bring up the tension and the reader's interest. I can't wait to see what happens when Everleigh meet's Teddy!

I feel like this story has a distinctively solid forward direction. The setting is unusual -- love the shop -- and the supporting caste well cemented and rounded. I honestly didn't see any glaring bits that made me pause. I just enjoyed the read :) 8/10


Author's Response: Don't worry about taking time, love. I'm so glad you liked it!

Ooh, thank you! I tried to write Teddy in a way I hadn't written him before ... and I'm glad you thought it was different, as that was my aim. As for Everleigh, I'm so happy you like her. She's one of the most vivid characters I've written in a very long time. When she'll meet Teddy ... haha! And there are yet more characters to be introduced!

Thank you so much! The shop is an amalgam of various different settings that I've been puttering around with (ultimately I just decided to squish them all together and be done with it). Thank you so much for the review! :)

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #2, by Inti ONE

21st July 2010:
Kalinaa! Am super tired and incoherent and so in not much of a place to review this. BUT, just thought I'd quickly pop by and say this is brilliant. Thanks for linking me, most DEFINITELY a triumphant return to form. Hopefully you'll be around a bit more often? Really truly want to see more of this. Amazingness start!

Author's Response: Jackolantern! You know it always makes me so happy when you leave me reviews. :) I'm so glad you liked this! A triumphant return to form -- haha! I'm working on that. Hopefully I won't be too out of shape as I work through updates. Thank you so much for the review; I'm thrilled you liked the story.

XOXO, Kalina.

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Review #3, by katebabelovesharrypotter ONE

20th July 2010:
Alright, I really, really liked this! It was new and refreshing. Teddy wasn't with Victoire! GASP! I liked this and Everleigh seems very cool and original. Oh and I just have to say Kellan Lutz=*drool*. Haha. Moving on, I don't have anything to critque really. In one instance you said "MAc", but that was a tiny mis-type I'm sure. There's nothing, but interesting here. I like where this is going :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review -- and for the speed with which you got to me! Good lord. Yes, LMFAO, I am rather anti-Teddy and Victoire as far as things go, so I decided to stick him elsewhere. I'm glad you liked Everleigh, vain creature though she is. I'll fix that typo immediately. Thank you so much for the review!

XOXO, Kalina.

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Review #4, by Enya ONE

20th July 2010:
Dedicated to me? D: I'm extremely flattered. And also really happy, because I just read the first chapter and already love it. You're such a good writer, I can only hope to one day write half as good as you. Starting, of course, with the Agrippa story. If it ever gets started XD Kick me about it sometimes, okay? I love you. And can't wait for the second chapter

Author's Response: Dude, of course it's dedicated to you. YOU'RE ENYA. Ergo amazing. And you stuck with me all through the (admittedly short) insanity I pressed upon you during my plot-creating. Of course you're an amazing writer -- on RPs and elsewhere. Silly goose. I love you too, mkay?! AND WRITE THAT STORY.


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