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Review #1, by Lillian Rose Potter Burned Memory

27th December 2010:
I wanted to read this even though you said it was abandoned. The summary just drew me in. I liked it and thought it would have been a good story. I give your chapter a 9/10.
lol i thought of jj the jet plane instead of john jr. :)

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you did read it!! And, thank you very much for the rating! I feel like I can't leave this story abandoned forever, so maybe once my schedule gets a little lighter, I might start writing it again...
HaHa!! i loooved JJ the Jet Plane!! Heee I'm never gonna be able to look/ write the name 'JJ' anymore without thinking of that Jetplane ;)
Thanks again! Happy Holidiays, and Happy Writing!

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Review #2, by evans_4eva Burned Memory

15th December 2010:
Please don't abandon this!! It's got so much potential!

Author's Response: I really do like this story! I started writing it at night, in a little journal I keep by my bed... But the pages were SO small that I could write EIGHT pages in there, and it only be abnout one and a half typed... haha!
I think I will try and write more for this one! I love you for thinking it has so much potential, and I'd like to think that too! I just havent had a computer for a while, and with me starting high school, I just found there wasn't enough time for me to do any writing! I have kept one story working right now, but after I find a balance between that story, homework, and extra curricular shtuff, I think I will keep writing! I think I have at least a few more chapters 'half' written :)
Thank you VERYVERY much! You made my night TWICe tionight (for commenting HERE and on my other story!!!)

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Review #3, by VancouverCanucksForTheCup Burned Memory

9th October 2010:
Hello! I know you have not yet posted your next chapter but I noticed you got a banner and I just wanted to say that it is brilliant! Usually people do not capture Lily quite right but I think your Lily goes perfectly with your story!
Do you live in Canada? Just curious, as I have never had anyone like/recognize my username(you do not have to tell me!)
Anyway thats all I wanted to say!

I rate your banner a 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Hi!! I KNOW, I love it!! I really can't take the credit, except on choosing the characters for the banner, since it was the AMAZING livingautm from TheDarkArts who MADE it, but yes, it seems that the Lily used in other banners would not fit this one, so I had to do some searching for one who fit better!! Thanks :)
Yes, I DO live in Canada!!! well, I DEF. like your username :)

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Review #4, by VancouverCanucksForTheCup Burned Memory

4th October 2010:
Wow! I really loved your first chapter and am very excited to see how this story comes along. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll be sure to update soon!!
By the way, LOVE your name!! XD

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