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Review #1, by MyLittleHeartShapedBox cinderella's lament

6th February 2012:
Love the whole theme of the Oleander and the posion at the end. Did she perhaps make a wine from the petals of the Oleander flowers?

Author's Response: she did
thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by darker side of happy cinderella's lament

4th October 2011:
Well written, I was not expecting the ending as it turned out. A very different outcome then I usually see in Pansy/Draco pairings. Well done!

Author's Response: thank you so much. i really pleased you enjoyed it

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Review #3, by mimikry cinderella's lament

7th March 2011: he marrying astoria afterwards???i always kind of liked draco but now?huh

Author's Response: oh no. draco is dead. pansy poisoned him ^_^
thanks for reading!

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Review #4, by GubraithianFire cinderella's lament

9th January 2011:
Oleander is poisonous, isn't it? So I can't say that I'm surprised at the ending, but - and this is probably ridiculous - I almost expected Draco to be poisoning her instead the same way. The line about Draco realizing what she'd done, where she'd got the courage and all - I took that as a sign that he was punishing her for not living up to his ideal, and if I may be frank, I would have liked that ending better. The idea that no matter how she rebelled in such stupid ways, she didn't have the courage to do anything about it and he could still be ruthless. So I can't say that the ending surprised me, because I know you and I know your writing, but it was brilliantly written. That last line - "pretty conspirators" - SO GORGEOUS.

I started out with talking about the ending because it's the part that was supposed to stick with you. And I have to say, it didn't because I expected it. The beginning and middle of the fic was what stood out to me more because Pansy's relationship with her husband seemed to have a lot of sides. On the one hand, she's convincing herself that she's content. On the other hand, she is. But the complete and utter boredom was what surprised me - not the anger so much, until the dinner, but the way she thinks that buying things will incite Draco's annoyance. She's clearly vain, but she's not an idiot. She's privileged and bored (that line during the dinner, when she breaks the plates and escapes her annoyance - that was beautifully phrased).

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think that this sort of person could be happy. I don't think her fling, so to speak, with Blaise had anything to do with emotion, and I wonder what role he as a person had in her decision. He was a means to an end, and I like how you portrayed him as such.

So on the whole - wonderfully done, but nothing that surprised me. I've seen you do better, but this is nothing to shake your head at, either. Gorgeous writing and astute characterizations, as always, but nothing new and/or exciting.

Much love, Gubby

Author's Response: hey Gubs!!

thanks for your honesty darling - I appreciate it!!
yes Oleander is poisonous - a beautiful plant, but very deadly. The the beginning, when i started writing this, i didn't plan on Pansy poisoning him - it was going to be the other way around, but then i thought, that's been done so many times, and i wanted to do it differently.
I am pleased that you liked the way I wrote Pansy and I'm pleased that you didn't like her, because you weren't meant to. She isn't a sympathetic character, and I usually try to write her as such. In this she is bored and she is petty and she is most assuredly vain.
no, the thing with blaise had nothing to do with emotion - to her, it was something she wanted and therefore had as is her way. for him...i don't know what he wanted. perhaps it was the same thing because i don't see them ending up together or anything like that. so he was a means to an end definitely.
thank you hun!! I really do appreciate your thoughts on this. it was a fic that i wasn't sure about in many places and you picked those places.
Kate xx

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Review #5, by lilylunapotter26 cinderella's lament

22nd October 2010:
*jaw drops* I loved it so much! I feel bad for Pansy. She's so much different than Draco. Even though he made the new hospital wing, his attitude makes me feel like he wasn't really doing it to be nice. Blaise seems much more fitting for her, I hope they got together!!

I can't believe she poisoned him :O Pansy!! Where had she gotten the courage from? I was very surprised! In a good way though! I thought it added a nice touch. Great Job!! This was so well written and very different from all the stories I've ever read!!

Author's Response: no draco was definitely not doing it to be nice, lol. he is only out for himself ^_^

i like to think she ended up with blaise. he was indeed much more suitable to her and her needs.

hahahaa yes i can't believe it either. that just came out of nowhere but i think i always had a feeling it would happen!

thank you hun - i am so pleased you liked it!!

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Review #6, by Elizabeth_Black cinderella's lament

28th September 2010:
Hi! It's Elizabeth23 from the forums, here with your requested review :)

Oh, my, this was fantastic! I truly loved it; it's just got that whole...Slytherin air about it if that makes sense.

Your plot was amazing. It was obviously very well thought out, and was very well written, too. The characters were developed well, description was perfect. Likewise for grammar, which is great!

Pansy's characterisation was brilliant. I really liked how you wrote her, and her personality really shined through the entire time of reading. She was quite complex, as well, and I love characters like that. I could see a clear difference between he face she puts on for the world, and the real one, behind the mask. And I honestly felt sorry for her, too.

I loved how you included Milli in this, as well. I haven't seen much written about her, and I adored your portrayal. Mentioning her really added a bit of lightness to this piece and, like I said, I loved it.

The flow was perfect, considering you covered quite a lot. It was seamless whenever Pansy took her mask off and then put it back on again. I cannot fault it at all.

The ending was brilliant! I just loved it, and it was so subtle, too. Absolutely stunning, and the final sentence sounded amazing! It just leaves you hanging!

10/10 for this - it's honestly perfect! I really enjoyed reading, so thank you for the request!


Author's Response: hey lizzie

thanks so much for such a lovely review! i am really pleased you liked this and that everything worked!!

i like writing slytherins, esp as adults. they can't have changed that much, really - grown up yes, but those core personality traits that put them in slytherin to begin with would still be there ^_^

im not sure where milli came from - i had that old 19th century idea about a woman from a good family who had fallen on bad times for marrying the wrong man (well, the right one in milli's case!).

pansy is love!

thank you so much for this lovely review! i am so pleased you liked the ending!! i do too!

cheers darling!
kate xx

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Review #7, by wolfygirl cinderella's lament

27th September 2010:
Hi there, it's firebird from the forums with your review :) And just a warning, it's gonna be a long one :P

This is such a clever story! You write brilliantly, and the ending was absolutely marvelous. I cheered a little. I couldn't help it :)

You've captured Pansy's personality perfectly. It's easy to see how vain she is, and how shallow. Yet despite her many flaws, I can't help but feel sorry for her. You've done such a great job of inspiring sympathy. An awful marriage, no hope for the family she wants, next to no friends - you can forgive Pansy for her shallowness and vanity because she's in such a hard situation.

You even manage to offset the fact that her situation is her own fault. She chose this life, and normally that would make me totally unsympathetic towards her. But once again you manage to make me see another side of it.

"He didn't like her to be late for any occasion, and meal times were no different. She used to think it was sweet of him..."

To me this passage hints that Pansy did once love (or at least have feelings for) Draco, and that she thought he felt the same. It makes me think that maybe she wasn't just being shallow when she married him. Maybe she hoped for more. I don't know if that's what you were going for, but it really makes me feel for Pansy.

Things like the shopping trip, and buying gifts for the servants to infuriate Draco. They're childish, spiteful things to do, and yet because of how well you've written this, they're also perfect. It's exactly how Pansy would respond - exactly how she'd exact whatever revenge she could on the man who'd made her so miserable.

And the oleander. Wow. I love how the oleander is woven throughout the entire story. You haven't just hinted at it in there somewhere, or only brought it up in the end (both of which would have seemed disjointed and awkward). You've made it an integral part of the story. At first it struck me as a perfect example of Pansy and Draco's marriage - her getting joy out of something, and forming an attachment to it, and him demanding it be destroyed.

And then I got to the ending, and it was so much more!

"They winked at her, her pretty conspirators, and she smiled."

A beautiful piece of writing and it just ties the entire story together wonderfully.

And have I mentioned how clever the writing is? Well too bad, I'm going to mention it again! The first time I read this the ending was a surprise. But then when I read back over the story, with the ending in mind, I could pick up on the little hints scattered through the story. For example the passage about what she'd been taught to do if she didn't like something she had. Brilliant.

The only thing I picked up that could maybe be tweaked is the structure of a couple of the sentences. For example:

"She counted slowly to ten, in case she threw the boiling liquid across the room at his head..."

It seems to me that this sentence would be more effective if you change 'in case she threw' to something else (like '...trying to resist the urge to throw the...'. Just as an example). Of course this is partly personal preference, and partly me grasping at constructive things to say :)

I'm going to stop now, as this review is reaching epic proportions. Thank you for asking me to read this story. It's a brilliant, intelligent, surprising piece of writing, and I loved it. Keep up the good work :)

P.S. Gah, I know I should shut up, but I had to add this in:

"The lies dripped from him like syrup and she was tired of the mess it made on the carpet."

Absolutely adore this simile. Beautiful writing, and it was almost humerous, but in a dark sort of way that fits the story perfectly.

I'm really done now. Promise :P

Author's Response: O.O

this has got to be the most epic review i have ever received! i did a little happy dance when i saw it!

i adore pansy, good, bad or ridiculously stuck up and spoilt, but i adore her even more like this - remorseful, regretful but so stuck in her situation she is unwilling to walk away and into a better life. she is so hung up on the materialistic aspect of this life she condones her own misery! i am so happy you got that.

yes, she did love him once; i never see pansy as stupid. i believe she is smart, but superficial, and would not have assessed the situation before agreeing to marry him. hey, maybe she even proposed to him, i don't know.

the oleander is so symbolic, and im glad you got that too! i wanted something she could use to get at him, in different ways. poor draco - what a demise. oleander poisoning would not be fun - ive seen what happens to livestock who eat it (i had a few trees in my yard growing up - they are so beautiful, but then, most poisonous things are!)

for some reason, i thought it would be a better plant than belladonna or any of those others - i think the oleander gets forgotten :(

thank you so much for all your wonderful compliments - i worked darn hard on getting this right. it was a mission because i wanted to ending to be a surprise but i wanted the reader to realise that, on closer inspection, the signs were all there.

THANK YOU for noticing!!

im just really pleased you liked this!
thanks so much for reviewing!!

kate xx

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Review #8, by The Empress cinderella's lament

30th August 2010:
I always love your work Kate, and this is no exception. The way you've written Pansy is just incredible. I can't like her, she's too shallow and vain, and yet I can feel sorry for her. Trapped in a loveless marriage, which is her fault, because she wanted all the fine things that come with it. But all the regrets and wishes of what could have been that she deals with make her a sympathetic character. Your characterisation of Draco, likewise, is perfect. The cold, heartless man who can't quite pull off his father's hauteur. He's distant and so callus to Pansy's feelings. The interaction between them feels real and to an extent, it's Draco's treatment of Pansy that makes me able to feel sorry for her.

The ending! Jeez Kate, I didn't see that coming at all. But I loved it! Pansy's thing with Blaise, and then the way she ended things with Draco. I swear, my jaw dropped. I didn't think she had it in her! And yet, it makes sense.

I loved this piece. It's wonderful :)


Author's Response: hi darling

thank you so much. im really pleased you liked this and you liked my pansy. i love writing her and unfortunately for her, i always make her miserable. i see no other way she can be, poor thing
i love draco. always have, always will. i adore writing him and i like seeing him like this - the little boy in his daddy's clothes who just can't quite be the man yet.
i had to end it that way. i had to let her get back at him, dramatic as it was, lol. he deserved it!!

thank you sweetie!!

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Review #9, by padfoot4ever cinderella's lament

17th August 2010:
Heather here with your review request!
This was a very well-written one-shot I have to say. Pansy is so absolutely miserable in her marriage, and even when she is trying to convince herself otherwise, it's so clear that she's unhappy. She wants kids, she wants love, she wants her tree. I love the symbolism of the oleander. Very clever!
The writing is clearly brilliant. I love how you compare Pansy to Ginny and Hermione, and to others who are poor or fat. The obvious theme running through the story is money won't make you happy if it's all you have. Her life is so full of material goods, but it is ridiculously empty. That's what I like about your story - there's a point to it. Even though Pansy was, let's face it, a nasty character in the books, this story makes us have sympathy for her. She has realised the error of her ways and regrets her decisions, even though part of her still tries to convince herself she's happy. This story offers her some redemption, and the ending you've given her offers her hope too.
Well done, very enjoyable story!

Author's Response: hey heather!
thanks for reviewing hun ^_^
thank you for getting this so completely. she is miserable, totally miserable. i like to make the reader feel some sympathy for her, because whenever i imagine her, it is in an empty situation, like this one. i can't picture her ever being truly happy, you know?
thank you again! i appreciate your comments!

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Review #10, by Potter_Princessx3 cinderella's lament

12th August 2010:
That was really reallly reallly really good! That was fantastic.
I really love the story line and the way your potraed these charcters.I can really see everything that you wrote in the futrue. Your writer has such detail.its amazing!
You are a great writter!
Please don't be mad but would you midn checking out my fanfictions? I would LOVE your feedback! (:

Author's Response: thank you hun
im really pleased you enjoyed it!
i enjoy writing both these characters - pansy in particular, because there is so much space to play with her
i can't promise i'll get to your page - i shall try, but my life is ridiculously busy!!
thank you!!

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