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Review #1, by The Singer in White Abrasive

29th January 2012:
You must think I'm such an idiot for doing this...

I totally wrote out that entire review I just sent you thinking it was something else. I submit it, and then realize that I was on the wrong tab. What an idiot I am, indeed. Here's a review for your actual story:

I do think your characterization of Sirius in Grimmauld hits the nail on the head REALLY hard. XD I couldn't really see Sirius getting any help at all for his depression in that miserable place that he called a childhood home (and Rowling did saw Sirius suffered from depression in there). When you think about it, there are only three people that go in and out of that home that he'd have a good chance of being more than acquaintances with: Molly, Remus (which is a given), and Tonks.

Molly, as you've shown, wouldn't approach his depression properly. She already thinks him to be reckless and irresponsible, and really doesn't have the right approach that one needs to deal with someone that's depressed, and has the sort of dark issues that Sirius has (this is coming from someone who is unfortunately, quite familiar with depression, but doesn't have the type of demons Sirius has, thank goodness).

Tonks, I feel, would be put in a bit of an unfair position - she's a young auror, and not quite one of Sirius's peers. Tonks was born in 73' - She would have been about 8 or so when Sirius was put into Azkaban without trial, and there's a good chance that she'd have some incredibly (incredibly) faint memories of him visiting her mother, her, and her dad during the first war whenever he could. While Tonks would certainly have loved to help her first cousin once removed because her mom had fond memories of him (and quite possibly, her too), Sirius's demons - they're not really something that Tonks would be able to possibly grasp.

Remus is by far the best candidate. But at the same time, he's not. After all, Remus thought that Sirius deserved to be locked up in Azkaban too, once upon a time. He thought that way for over a decade.

Then there's also Sirius himself - I think (and it seems like you showed this here a little), that Sirius would also do a wonderful job of inserting his foot in his mouth, and thus, pushing others away that might want to help. He's too proud to ask for help, and I think to a degree, that he's harboring anger with other people his age that would push them away.

I've got this up in my tabs just in case you ever go back to it. I'm curious to see what else you had in mind for Sirius in this story.

And sorry about that ridiculous spew of a rant to a story that wasn't this one. I need my sleep apparently. Badly.

Author's Response: I was a little confused by the context of the review you left me and figured that it must've been a simple mistake.

At any rate, I'm really happy that you enjoyed this fic. Characterization is one of my biggest worries, especially when it comes to dealing with canon characters, so it makes me glad to know that you liked them all.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be updating this fic again as I'm pretty much taking this idea and combining it with another. But thanks for your kind words anyway. They were really a treat.

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Review #2, by The Singer in White Abrasive

28th January 2012:
You know, I've gotta say that you write by far THE most charming version of Sirius that I have ever seen. And I love you for it dearly.

I'm trying my hand at a Sirius/OC story, and I love bouncing ideas off of other people and getting their opinions. With Sirius's characterization, I don't have anyone to do that with. I've got one person offline that knows I write this stuff, but her view of Sirius is so ridiculously biased that I can't get anything from her (she also has a ridiculously jaded view of boys aged 16-21. I don't think that sort of thing should cloud your judgment when you're trying to fill in the blanks for a character from popular lit for fun and catharsis, but anyway...). I've got virtually no one to bounce my ideas off of, so I end up trolling this site to see what other people have done. I was feeling pretty off because I sort of forgot I couldn't talk with said friend about my ideas on him (and her jadedness made me depressed in general), but I found you updated and you made me smile. =) So thank you!

Y'know, I'm so ridiculously sick of the 'Sirius the womanizer' view, the one where he sees girls as nothing but another notch on his bedpost. I feel here's nothing whatsoever that supports this. I love the way you portray him here though, LOVE him. He's such a swoon-worthy gentleman in this, and it appears that you've made him into a serial monogamist, which is something that I could totally see happening (from one of my many ideas on him that I haven't quite solidified yet, as in my outlines, him and my OC aren't really interacting yet).

Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU for updating this! You made me so happy, thank you! =)

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Review #3, by burning_sunshine Abrasive

5th December 2010:
Perfect characterization of Sirius. Well done. Please write more!!

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Review #4, by burning_sunshine Claustrophobic

5th December 2010:
AMAZING first chapter. Written so well and centered around my favorite character : )

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Review #5, by Jessie Abrasive

28th August 2010:
I'm not sure whether I should root for Molly or Sirius in this scene, which is a good thing. I love it when someone shows the ambiguity of Sirius' character, and you've done this very well. Keep it up!

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Review #6, by LindaSnape Abrasive

10th August 2010:
Does it make me a terrible person that I laughed when Sirius prodded and provoked Molly into a fury? Especially considering that I don't even like the bloke? Oh, how it amused me. He reminded me of Fred and George in those instances.

Although, I was also smirking when Molly proved her point. I'm so indecisive.

However, I can't help but feel bad for Sirius. Everyone always does seem to assume the worst of him.

As for characterizations, I think you got everyone spot on. Especially Sirius, Molly, and Remus. I could understand Sirius' annoyance, Molly's frustrations, and I could certainly sympathize with Remus's plight. Not to mention, it all seemed rather canon. So great job there!

I like that while you can capture Sirius' grief and rage well, you can also appreciate that he is rather snarky and can have his amusing moments, too.

I think this makes him more realistic.

Your descriptions also make me stare at the page in awe. It's amazing how much you can convey in so few words and yet do it in such a way that I can visualize the scene in my head.

Again, I didn't pick up on any typos so wonderful work on that front! I can't wait to see how this story progresses. It's off to a wonderful start!


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Review #7, by LindaSnape Claustrophobic

10th August 2010:
Wow, I just don't know what to say! This was fabulous.

I feel that you have characterized Sirius to a tee. This seemed to ooze of the bitterness, longing, and anguish that I would feel Sirius had experienced in this part of his life. Is it awful to say that I enjoyed it?

I also think that you have pinned down how he would feel about Harry, too. I do think it would be hard to look at one's godson (especially if they looked so much like their father) and not feel saddened at the same time.

While brief, this beginning was very well written. It kept me intrigued. I'm curious as to what he is about to do next.

I also really adored your descriptions of Grimmauld Place and the comparisons you drew of it, and Azkaban. The only thing that was missing was Sirius's mother's portrait screaming from the hallway, but I'm sure we'll get to see that soon enough.

I really do think that Grimmauld Place would be a gilded cage. I've never much liked Sirius, but you actually made me feel sympathetic for him in this piece, which isn't something JK achieved. So kudos there.

As far as spelling and grammar go, I didn't pick up on any glaringly obvious errors, so that's awesome! I also adore pieces that have that polished look to them. Being an English major, I tend to love people with near impeccable or impeccable grammar, syntax, and substance.

So thank you for all three of those things.

It was lovely.


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Review #8, by Jessie McDonald Claustrophobic

19th July 2010:
I'm really hoping this is not just a one-shot because you've got the start of an interesting story here. Please continue!

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Review #9, by Helena Claustrophobic

19th July 2010:
Oh gosh, i have to confess that this made me tear up a bit, especially the Harry - James part.
I really like your start though, it made me think of Sirius as an adult instead of the Marauder at Hogwarts with his best mates.
I can't wait to
Oh & I really like the title, Tidal!

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