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Review #1, by Fawks5 Click!

6th November 2011:
Aww! I loved your story! I don't mind the waiting, it keeps me anticipating, and I find that's a good thing! Keeps the readers interested in your story. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :)

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Review #2, by jane pinkerton Click!

23rd July 2010:
Very cute story! The only thing I'd have to say is that some of the words like 'ain't' and 'reckon' kind of lead me to hear like a southern accent instead of a British accent. lol! Maybe it's just me :)
Really cute plot though! It fits their characteristics really well!

Author's Response: I'm such a newbie when it comes to British/Scottish accent and so on, it gave me such a headache to get it somewhat accurate xD So really, I'm not surprised at all that some of the southern words slipped in, especially that embarrassing "ain't" :D Anyway, thanks for pointing it out!

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Review #3, by Misty_Rey Click!

20th July 2010:
Alright, this isn't a word I throw around often so brace yourself xD.


Everything about it was. Plot-wise, I like that you in a way made fun of the so-called 'dating rules'. It's relevant, something practically all girls go through. The way you handled it was really realistic and believeable, with a touch of hilarity ;D in that Lily seeked advice from two opposite ends of the dating spectrum (Nina and Remus). Funny enough, I had a similar dilemma, although it was about whether to kiss this guy I was seeing, even when we weren't 'official'. I ended up not and he subsequently dumped me (git).

Anyway, I was able to emphasize with Lily, her naivety and neuroticness. I saw alot of myself in her. I find alot of writers tend to idealise Lily too much, making her this over the top, unattainable gorgeous goddess so your take on her was incredibly refreshing, that she came across as a normal, typical girl. It was also great to see that you didn't neglect the supporting characters. Nina Todd and Remus simply shone. Her accent especially was out of this world xD in the very best way. Remus, bless his heart, was adorably clueless and awkward, love him. He was such a boy about it. James... I'm on the fence about him. Very few boys would have reacted the way he did but those few boys who would, are definitely keepers :p.

The dialogue was spot-on. It flowed really well and was so natural. And groovy? Oh, I've been waiting for that to appear in a Marauders fic, soo 70's hahaha! And the context it was used in, made it even better.

In short (unlike this review), I loved it, seriously one of the best humorous marauders fics I've ever read. An easy 10/10. On another note, is it creepy/weird that I find your personal love story (in your author's note) really lovely/touching? I'm a sap for RL romance :p. Life and love really does work in mysterious ways.


Author's Response: Haha :D I really REALLY like long reviews! They always make me smile ^_^ I'm so so so so happy you bothered to review, especially when it was all just good :D I'm happy to hear that people can relate to my characters - well, Lily isn't my character, but the way I made her in this story, anyway xD I always like stories that are really "real", so to speak. Not much of a fantasy-world-fan, even if many many stories of mine tend to turn out like that. As for James... well, let's just say that he is the only fantasy-world-thingy in this story - very few guys would react like he did, and I had an argument with myself about it, whether I should make his respons normal and funny, or over the top lovey-dovey. I chose the second one xD Also, oddly enough, loads of people tell me my personal love life is very romantic - actually, it's not. It just sounds like it afterwards, but it's more like... good luck and good timing xD

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Review #4, by WhatAboutRegulus Click!

18th July 2010:
Haha that was so good! If there are rules like that... I fail especially since I had that awkward thing happening and instead of doing something about it we just broke up. Depressing really but hey I'm young. Anyway I really liked this one shot it was so cute and I really liked reading it!


Author's Response: Apparently, some women - like my sister and her stupid friends xD - think there are some rules, that you should sleep with the guy on your third date... or whatever xD But I'm glad you liked the story :D

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Review #5, by still_fly Click!

18th July 2010:
That was so cute! I liked the idea of them already being in a relationship but it being.. awkward. It was adorable! Good job!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you so much :)

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