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Review #1, by MoonyandProngs You're Beautiful

1st December 2010:
That was good. I liked it! 9/10!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm so pleased! :3

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Review #2, by hallowsorhorcruxes You're Beautiful

9th August 2010:
Jill! :) First of all, you're awesome! Thanks so much for the dedication which I so *observantly*, epically, didn't see at first. It made my day! & anytime you need a reader, all you have to do is ask (until I perfect my brain-reading powers, and then I will know even when you don't ask! *dramatic music*).
So I liked this story for several reasons, so now I shall tell you why. Be incredibly excited.
1) I can very much relate to Cedric's moment of panic and brain-searching. :) I hate it when this happens to me, when you hear someone's name who you supposedly know but can't remember or when someone makes a reference that you're supposed to understand. And of course you don't because this is real life and you have to humiliate yourself to maximum capacity throughout the course of the day. :P
2) I like how Cedric isn't Golden Boy for once! ^_^ Thank you because I personally like it when writers treat their favorite characters with a critical eye because they're people too. :)
3) Hermione did not have an instant makeover. Well done! :D
4) I feel like I am actually in Cedric's head: it is a nice, realistic capture of a moment.
Major kudos! And thanks again! Cheers!!!

Author's Response: Bahaha, of course dear! You're so lovely and helpful and overall awesome, you deserve it :)

I'm really pleased that you liked it. I love trying to make these characters relatable and not... I dunno the word. I feel like too many people try to make them perfect which, with certain characters can work, because a few of jkr's were like that, but I really enjoy taking them out of that mindset/situation.

Thanks for the review! :) I'm really really glad you liked it! :D

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