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Review #1, by Dojh167 A Love Without End

16th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF review

Omg I love that quote you start with. Itís so true that you see the differences between relationships as time and space pass, and it sure beats ďabsence makes the heart grown fonder.Ē

I love this line: ďFourteen was old enough to be strong and silent on the outside Ė stoic. Fourteen was young enough to be shattered and dying on the inside Ė broken.Ē It is incredibly poignant and touching, and the rhythm works really well.

It took me a bit to get my grounding about what part of this was AU. I thought for a moment that because Hermione was hit by a car, perhaps this was a muggle AU or one where Hermione didnít have magic. But no, that was just a heart wrenchingly simple death for an extraordinary woman. The fact that you changed the number of Ronís kids also confused me for a minute, so I wasnít totally certain who the characters were. I think it would help to clarify these things with an early Authorís Note or in the story description. The story is really good, but trying to figure out those details took me out of being able to fully enjoy it.

I really like the detail about the main character not having magic. It adds some interesting complexity.

Ron spending an hour in the bathroom and then coming out haunted and determined really gets to me. Right down to the apron! Very nice. I am really into this version of Ron. I am not typically a huge fan of him, but I think youíve done a very good job of combining his faults with his determination to do the best he can.

I really like how this story is told from the perspective of Ronís son observing him. There is a really great sense of distance between them, but also a kind of curious admiration. It kind of reads like Ron is putting most of his attention towards his daughters (which makes sense, since they would be the greatest reminders of Hermione, plus they had magic), but he nevertheless has a very deep impact on his son.

People always say that Hermione balances out Ron, making him more mature than he would otherwise be. What a tragedy that itís her death that really has this effect.

Yay Fredís not dead in this universe - there is some light!

It took me like three reads to figure out what you meant by Ronís ďoldest enemyĒ but omg, crookshanks? Thatís excellent.

Omg I want to see Ron learning about Rugby and cheering on his squib son ♥

You are so right about what you say near the end - that Ron could have never emerged from a dark pit of despair. Based on your first line, thatís what I expected to find here. But I really love how you showed that you can be destroyed by something and still be strong ♥

I thought this was a very excellent story. Everything that you described Ron going through was simultaneously heart wrenching and heart warming, and the way that you showed it through his soní perspective made it much more interesting and complex. Iím a big fan - well done!


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks so much for the amazing review! This was wonderful to receive!

And I'm glad you liked the quote. I'm a quote person - I tend to start a lot of my stories and chapters with quotes, it's a hold over from my Andromeda days. I love it when people feel like it adds to the story.

That's one of my favorite lines from the story that you just pointed out, so again, I'm so happy it hit you the way I was hoping.

I know I have the beginning of this rather confusing. I don't spell anything out, and that can leave readers floundering a bit, but I tried it with a more definitive explanation and it just didn't work. Perhaps I should add an author's note...I'll have to consider it.

I'm not sure where these different kids for Ron and Hermione came from. I know I've never really liked the canon Next Gen kids, and always tend to make my own families for them in my head. Tony and these little girls just kinda showed up and said they were supposed to be in this story. And Tony being a squib, that just kinda happened, too. It's it funny how sometimes our stories write themselves without us planning anything?

I do love Ron, but I love it when he is allowed to be more than just confused or a goof-ball. I was trying to tap into his mature side here - the side that adores Hermione and his kids.

I think it wasn't that Ron was putting all his attention to his daughters but more that he and Tony were at a place where they didn't know what to do with each other. At first, during the initial heartache and sorrow, the best they could do was just kind of give each other space.

I'm a sucker for AU, and I figured if I'm gonna go AU, I might as well go all in and let Fred be alive. That was a guilty pleasure of mine.

And of course I had to have Crookshanks here. :)

You know, you've give me plot bunnies now. Like I might have to do some more stories set in this universe, just for the rugby thing.

Thank you so much! This was such a fun review to get! You really made my day!

- Farmgirl

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Review #2, by SunshineDaisies A Love Without End

16th April 2017:
Oh god, that got me right in the gut. It took a lot of effort for me to not start crying right in the middle of it. My father died when I was thirteen, and this is just such an accurate portrayal of what happens when a parent dies while the children are young. I remember my mom having similar reactions, but just like Ron, she picked up and kept going. She learned to fill the roles of both parents. That's what happens when one partner leave, the other picks up the slack.

I really liked that you told this story from the point of view of their oldest child, rather than Ron himself. I think the narration coming from the future was a smart narrative choice as well. It gave enough distance from the pain and tragedy of Hermione's death to tell the story objectively. Though Tony may not have seen what Ron was doing at the time, especially with the distance between Tony and Ron. I loved getting to see Tony reflect on the past and realize how much work his father did to take care of them. Such a sweet reflection on a father by his son.

And the ending here is absolutely perfect. It was absolutely touching to see Tony finally able to say "thank you" and "I love you" to his father. Really, that's the part that got me the most! Such a good ending.

And random, but I loved the shoutout to Crookshanks in there. When you referred to him as Ron's "Oldest enemy" I definitely thought it was Draco and I was SO CONFUSED. It took me a minute to figure out it was the cat instead. And that whole section was just so sweet. I love the idea that Ron and Crookshanks finally bonded because they both missed Hermione so much.

Wonderful story.


Hufflepuff CtF

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this beautiful review, and for sharing something so personal with me. It is so comforting to know that I managed to get the right emotions to be true to what this situation might feel like for the people living through it.

I really wanted this story to be about Ron, but I also wanted it to be told from the POV of someone watching him, rather than from his own POV. And that's how Tony was born. And once he was in my head, I found I really liked him as a character.

Awww, thank you. I am quite fond of the ending myself, because I wanted to show that even though this was something that was so hard, they will be okay.

You know, a lot of people have been confused about that. I probably should have worded it better. I just kinda thought the word "fur" was a give-away that it wasn't Draco. Oops.

Thanks again for reading and for leaving me this heart-felt review!

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Review #3, by Crescent Moon  A Love Without End

5th January 2016:
This was so beautiful and heartbreaking.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by Lady Asphodel A Love Without End

14th February 2015:
Omg, I feel like crying!

This was so beautiful! My heart literally broke at reading this.

This is quite a refreshing AU and take on Ron.

Your description of Ron and the other's grieving superbly. It was very well-described. The pacing was great!

I felt sorry for Tony that his and his father's relationship suffered - not only because of losing Hermione but Tony being an only squib, but it's great that over time, they were brought back together.

Time does heal wounds, but it is up to the person's strength to pull through.

And you really showed that in Ron and Tony.

I enjoyed reading this, even though I'm leaving with a broken heart and burning eyes.

Well done! Well done indeed!

From the February Gryffindor Review Exchange.

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Though I am sorry I broke your heart, but knowing you were moved by the story is so meaningful.

I love Ron, but I get tired of him being portrayed as stupid or dumb and so wanted to pay tribute to all of his great qualities with this fic. And Tony just seemed the way to do it.

You are so correct about time and healing. Time can make things better, soften the blow, but it is up to us how we chose to deal with things and live from day to day. I think that is a very important things for all of us to remember. I'm so glad my little characters could help show that for a few minutes.

Thank you so much. I believe I still have a few tissues left from the box you gave me after I read your story, so perhaps I can share, if you like.

Thanks again! Loved your review.

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Review #5, by adluvshp A Love Without End

14th March 2014:
Blackout Battle 5/20

Hello! I am so glad I came by to read this. I think you've portrayed Ron very well here. I liked how it was shown that he loved his family, and that he would not give up in life even if he lost the one person he loved most.

It was also interesting that this was from Tony's perspective. What was even more interesting was that he was the only squib. I really felt for him too.

This was really a very bittersweet, heartfelt and just beautiful piece of writing. It was refreshing to read Ron in such a positive light and with real emotions and not just humour. Your descriptions were especially intricate and touching. I truly loved this.

Great work,

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for stopping by! And sorry I'm so slow responding.

I'm so glad you liked this AU version of things. This was one of those "hit you out of the blue" kind of stories that came in a series of feelings and images. It took me a while to figure out how to string them all together, but I couldn't ignore it.

Glad you liked Tony. I ended up quite fond of him by the end of the story as well.

I love Ron. I don't like it when people belittle him, or write him as dumb. I think he has a comic streak, and can be clueless sometimes, but he's not dumb and shouldn't be written that way. It was nice to get to show him being strong and tender.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #6, by BLONDEbehaviour A Love Without End

24th September 2013:
Hey Farmgirl! I am here with your Gryffie review :)

Thought I'd take some time to have a look at your other amazing stories, and I'm so glad I picked this one :)

You have totally put Ron in a new light for me in this. Wooow. Like seriously, you have written him to be the amazing man that he is. I always knew he was family-orientated, that comes from being in the family he is, I suppose, and you did a great job to show that in this story, I really came to love him more than I already had. You can see a reflection of Hermione in him also, that stubbornness to get by and continue life. You've done a great job on his character.

I especially love how you included Crookshanks into it. though, admittedly at first, for some reason when you said oldest enemy, I though Draco was the one asleep on the couch with him! Had to re-read it to realise it was Crookshanks! :p

I liked that Tony was the one that narrated this, as well. He was the odd one out of the family; only son, and only squib. So I thought it was a great deal to see the events of something like that from the perspective of an 'outsider', per se. He sounds like his healing took time, but without Ron being the man that he is, Tony would be a different person. I really liked him, and how we saw it from his eyes. You wrote it well.

Right, enough gushing! But seriously, really effective way to see Ron and a look into life a bit differently. Really enjoyed this :)


Author's Response: Ah, I'm so slow responding! I'm sorry! This real life swamping me thing is really getting old fast.

I have to say I was surprised when you dug up this old story. My one-shots don't get a lot of attention these days, so this review made me smile!

I love Ron. I don't write for him very often, or even seek out fics to read about him that much, but when I'm reading the books, I always remember how much I like and admire him. I know he sometimes comes across as a clown or clumsy or even a little dumb, but he's not like that in my head. I think how loyal he had to be - always in SECOND place to Harry, always with a best friend getting all the glory when he'd worked just as hard - but always sticking around anyway. I guess that's where this story was born from.

Hehehehe. Draco and Ron on the couch! *scrubs image from brain* Fur. I know I wrote fur in there somewhere. LOL!

And I'm a cat girl. How could I not include Crookshanks?

Tony. This part was interesting. He's not a character I consciously set out to create. I had this image in my head of Ron trying to fix the hair of four little girls...and it wouldn't go away. And I knew the FEELING of the story, but I just couldn't get the words out onto the paper. I tried telling it from Ron's POV. I tried using Harry, or Molly, or even Hermione... But then I just suddenly started writing it from the POV of their son and it clicked. Everything worked. And so I kept going. I don't think I even named him until halfway through the story. He honestly just kind of wrote himself - personality traits included.

I must be honest - I really don't mind the gushing. hehehe. Thanks so much for reading and leaving this great review!

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Review #7, by LittleLionGirl A Love Without End

25th July 2013:
Wow. This story was so sad and sweet at the end. I feel so bad for Tony the one lone squib but I'm glad he is making everything work out! I also like knowing that the father actually had to readjust- I myself have witnessed that happen and I think a lot of people skip that part in their tales. I just wonder which Weasley it is... Well lovely job anyhow!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! And I'm sorry that the story made you sad, but I am glad it made you feel something.

Writing the readjusting part of the story was how this whole thing came to my mind, really. So I'm glad you liked it.

As for which Weasley it was - it was Ron. An AU approach I know, especially with the kids, but I needed him to have lots of little daughters for this to work.

Thanks again so much for reading this story! Your reviews made my day.

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Review #8, by TenthWeasley A Love Without End

4th July 2013:
THIS. This is Ron as he's meant to be written -- not stupid, not useless, not angry, not jealous. There are too many instances of a bad Ron on this site, and that's what makes this story read almost at once like a breath of fresh air. I think it's even better that the story's not through his eyes, too, because we can see his growth and his character even more clearly through his son's eyes. Ron is one of my favorite characters in the series, and there's so much more to him that people give him credit for. You made him so strong, coping with the world after Hermione's death -- and more than that, fighting through the grief to be there for his children in a way that made me so, so proud of him. I have so many feelings for him right now. ♥

There's so much uniqueness to this story, too: Tony's being a Squib, the fact that the Weasley/Granger kids aren't strictly set out as Rose-and-Hugo. This is a glimpse into next generation that I miss sorely, because hardly anyone writes it, and yet this is ten times more compelling to me than a thousand romantic comedy Al/OCs. These are all real people, threaded with real emotions, and the grieving process is wonderfully written. I feel so bad for Ron, but then there are those feelings of pride, because he does love his children. His actions speak so, so loudly in that regard.

I swore to myself that no matter how sad this was I wasn't going to tear up. (You did say "kinda sad" but I tear up at TV commercials, which is to say everything makes me cry!) And I thought I was going to make it, but then we hit the image of Ron altering the dress robes in his Chudley Cannons sweatshirt, shamelessly sewing, and I could feel my throat close up. That was my favorite part of the whole story. It's wonderful, absolutely wonderful, and wonderfully Ron. Without reading any further, you proved to me his love for his children. Without even using the word love, and that hits a lot on a conversation I had with a group of people today -- but I digress, of course.

This is why your other one-shot still makes me revisit it down and again, two and a half years since I first read it. This is powerful! You say a lot in a small amount of words, and you make me think. This was beautiful. I'm so glad I read it. I'm so glad you were online so I could be shoved in this direction again!

Author's Response: Okay, I'm still in awe from this review! That's partly why it's taken me so long to reply. I just don't know what to say in the face of so many nice things. I've just kinda been blushing like a fool for days now. But I will try to do my best to reply to his amazing review.

I love Ron. He's not my all time favorite (we all know who those are) but he's Ron, and a Weasley, and what's not to love about him? He's got a bit of a bumbling characteristic about him, but I get so sick and tired of people taking that and turning him into either an idiot or a fool. He's brave, and loyal, and smart. Sure, he's hot-headed, but try and tell me Harry isn't as well. So, I really do try to do Ron justice when I write him so as not to perpetuate the bad Ron stuff out there.

As for this story being through Tony's eyes, and not using the canon kids for Ron and Hermione, I didn't consciously plan that. I just had this image in my head of Ron alone, having to fix all these little girl's hair, and from that sprang this fic. It didn't work, though, until Tony jumped into my head and started telling the story. And then it all fell into place. Funny how stories can do that sometimes, isn't it.

Well, that's probably not ENTIRELY true. I have issues with the "epilogue" and all the other stuff we've learned about characters since the books ended. While it's fun to learn how the characters could have ended up, I don't really like knowing it all. Half the fun of reading a book and falling in love with characters is the ability to imagine how the story goes on once the pages end. I really dislike having it all spelled out for me. Doesn't give me any room to play. I knew Ron and Hermione were going to end up together by book two, and I had their family all planned out in my head, because I knew the books weren't going to go that far anyway. And then I don't get that chance anymore. I guess that's selfish of me, considering they are JKR's characters and she can do what she likes with them, but I'm an odd duck that way. That's why I've never been able to get into next generation fics very well - I don't feel any connection to the characters because to me they feel wrong.

Sorry about the tears, btw. I should have told you to bring tissues. Of course, I did say it was sad, so I tried to warn you. And thanks again for more wonderful compliments. I think my head has swollen beyond what is healthy from all of this.

And I should tell you the fact that you go back and re-read "Silence" made my day. Heck, it made my month. I don't get a lot of reviews anymore, which is my own fault for not updating, but it is so nice to know people are going back and re-reading stuff even if I'm slow.

Thank you so much for granting my review request! It was a lovely gift!

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Review #9, by Moonyxluna A Love Without End

3rd April 2012:
This was so beautiful. So heartfelt, and the emotion flowed throughout so beautifully.

I actually had to read this when I saw the title because of the song 'love without end' by George Strait. I dunno if you've heard the song or even used it as inspriation; but this sort of reminded me of the song as I read.

Five whole rows of seats were filled with shockingly red hair, the whole clan turning out to show their love and support and celebrate a Weasley first-- loved this line. I couldn't help but laugh as I pictured this :)

I really liked the part about Ron learning how to put bows in his daughters hair and how he refused to go on dates. I think you did a great job capturing Ron's nature here.

I also thought it was neat how you included them having a child that was a squib-- intersting bit that I don't see too much in FF, so kudos for originallity!

Overall I really did enjoy this, thanks for sharing it!

Author's Response: Oh dear! I'm more than a year late in responding! I just let these things get so behind, and then forget to come catch up! I'm so sorry!

I do want you to know that I absolutly loved your review! I haven't been writting much lately, real life has swamped me, and so I don't get reviews very often any more. To see this pop up gave me lots of warm fuzzies.

You found my title inspiration. :D No one else has picked up on it or mentioned it, but that song is where I picked my title from.

All that red hair is probably convenient when it comes to vacations. Easier to keep track of everyone, like making them all wear the same shirt.

As for the part with Ron fixing their hair, that was actually the starting point for this fic. That image came to me, very clearly, and I knew I had to write the rest of the fic around it.

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed it! I hope you can forgive me for being so slow in responding.

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Review #10, by parashar_harry A Love Without End

18th November 2011:
owo , really amazing work.
i was reading a story of theelderwand where he mentioned u.

so i searched to see ur story .

i was thinking that u will make her die in the war, but i was completely surprised to find out that it was an accident.

the story from a point of view of a son is first time i am reading. i love it really.
thanks for for sharing this beauty with us.


Author's Response: Thank you! And if you've been reading Eldy's stuff, then you've been getting a treat! He's one of the best authors out there!

I'm glad you came to visit my stuff, and I hope it wasn't too much of a let down after Eldy's AMAZING writing. :)

Writing from the point of view of their son was nice in this story. I tried writing this story a lot, but it didn't work until I wrote from his POV. Glad you approved!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Review #11, by Amalia_Malfoy A Love Without End

15th November 2011:
Wow. This was quite a tear-jerker. First off, very well written. It was short and sweet and wonderful. I can relate to this story and it's really very good. I liked the idea that their son was a squib. I know the Weasley's would treat him just the same as all the magical children. Your story was very sweet and I very much enjoyed reading it.


Author's Response: Thank you! I can't tell you how much I love it when people find and read these older stories of mine! It is so nice to hear from readers still.

This was one of those ideas you have kicking around for a long time, but have to wait to find the perfect voice for telling it before it can come out. Tony ended up being that voice - and making his a squib it what really allowed me to finally write this, so I'm very glad you enjoyed that detail.

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to review!

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Review #12, by Singularity A Love Without End

7th January 2011:
This was beautiful, wow. I got really choked up and had to step back and take some deep breaths when I finished. It's just brilliant. It took me a bit to figure out who was speaking and who was being talked about, but that's fine. It drew me in and made me want to read on to find out what was happening.

I love this portrayal of Ron. It's so different from how he is usually seen, but still very much in character for him, at least if he were in this situation. The little details about how he ties on the apron and struggles to do the girls' hair were perfect. It paints a picture that I can definitely see in my mind.

I also think the choice to tell it from his son's perspective was a very good one. Somehow it makes it more heartwrenching to hear it all from someone else's perspective. Someone who notices things Ron might not have and gives a more unbiased version of events.

I love (am I overusing that word? Sorry...) that you included Crookshanks and Ron making peace and finding solace in their mutual mourning. That's the kind of brilliant details that really make a story.

The ending, as the entire story, was just perfect.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you so much. This review is incredible! And I'm so ashamed it's taken me so long to reply to it. All I can say is life has been INSANE this last year.

I'm so glad you liked my rather unothodox approach to who was telling the story, and the fact I never really mentioned any names, at least of the two main characters. It just felt like it needed to be written that way.

To me, this is Ron. I know he can be a goof and a little clumsy, but I also think there's SO much more to him. And I think he would be a wonderful father.

I had this story in my mind for a long time, but I couldn't ever write it until I found the right voice to tell it. Once I figured out WHO should tell it, it just sort of flowed out onto the paper. Funny how that happens, isn't it?

And how could I have a Ron/Hermione story without Crookshanks? *Kinda a sucker for that cat*

Thank you again for such a wonderful review! I seriously have warm fuzzies reading it again!

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Review #13, by blueirony A Love Without End

17th December 2010:
And I thought I was good at stalking? How did I manage to let this one slip my radar? Argh. I'm going to have to work on getting some new equipment installed.


Not that I, you know, stalk people with equipment or anything... *coughs uncomfortably*


This was so sweet. It took me a while to work out who you were talking about but I found that I didn't mind all that much. The pain of losing a mother is the same, no matter who it affects. And I really like how you just gave us clues as to who it was. You didn't make a big deal of saying who it was, or even who the mother was. It was impersonal, but it made it more personal. I don't know why that happens, but it does. Not mentioning names in writing often gets this connection to the reader because it is all the more relatable.

Some of the sentences in this were just really sweet and lovely. Particularly this: Patiently, she smoothed his motions, guided his rough, calloused hands, taught his fingers. By the time she left my father was passing fair at ribbons and clips, ponytails and plaits. One of my friends lost her mother when we were around five or six and it brings back memories of how her dad really did learn how to plait her gorgeous every day before school.

This was so... tender. There was just this underlying sweetness and fragilty to this and I almost feel like if I talk too much about it, it will break. And it ties in with the emotion so well.

I like the that you made Tony a squib. It is just another layer that he has to deal with, but he tries not to let it get in the way of his dad and how his dad is mourning. And it sort of shows that not everything in the world is perfect.

The way you described Ron in this was beautiful. It's funny how you described him from his son's POV, yet I could really see Ron in my mind's eye. His heartbreak, yet his determination to continue his life was so heartbreaking, yet lovely at the same time.

This story was also slow. I don't mean the pace, but it just seemed to be... slow. It sort of ties in what I was saying before about it being delicate. It was like the heartbreak and mourning over the loss of a mother and a wife is so great, that everything afterwards needs to be done with extra care, everything needs to be done slowly. And you had that here. You didn't expressly mention it, but it was there. I don't know how much sense what I just said made but, argh, it's so hard to describe what I'm feeling while I read this.

I think this is my favourite of yours yet. It was so simple and you didn't really overcharge the emotion, yet it was probably more emotive than anything else. It goes back to that impersonal/personal thing. Without explicitly talking about something or someone, you managed to describe that thing or person better than you ever could had you delved into length descriptions of it or them.

I'm going to read this again when I post my review.

Joop :)

Author's Response: I don't think stalking equimpment is set up to deal with author's who only update once a year, so don't feel too bad about letting this story slip through. Your equimpment is probably fine.

And my lips are sealed about you and the stalking...

Aw - I'm so glad you liked it! And yeah, I know it can be hard to figure out who it's talking about at first, but it just worked so much better this way when I was writing it, to not spell things out so bluntly. I'm glad you thought it worked!

The part about Ginny teaching Ron how to do the girl's hair is really the part that this whole story was created around. I was talking to some I knew once who lost his mother when he was young and he told me how his dad worked so hard to learn how to fix his sisters' hair. It just really struck me so hard - as such a quiet and ultimate way to show love - and I knew I wanted to use it in a story. The rest of this story just grew around it. I tried using the canon kids for Ron and Hermione, but it didn't work because I needed more girls - so I scraped it and created my own kids.

Joop - I must say, reading your reviews is like reading a great story in and of itself. You write reviews with the same beautiful language you write your stories, and I love it. You give me warm fuzzies everytime I read them! Thank you so much for such high praise written in such a beautiful (and sometimes fun and insane) way!

Ron has always struck me as a one-girl guy (once he got over being an idiot and admitted it) and I have always pictured him as the type that wouldn't get over the death of Hermione. So, it was just natural to use him for this.

I'm really so honored you liked this story, even enough to say it might be your favorite of mine! WOW! Thank you so, so, so much! I'm beyond flattered!

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Review #14, by butterbeergal A Love Without End

30th November 2010:
Oh, god, I'm in the office right now (ergo, should not be reading FF in the first place but I just couldn't help myself) and I'm desperately trying not to cry.

But I suppose for someone who's pretty darn good at writing heartwarming stories, I should have been more emotionally prepared. xD I've always thought of Ron as such a happy, boisterous character who never runs out of funny lines to say. This was the COMPLETE opposite, yet you somehow made me believe that this was still the same character, you know? Like you were showing this whole other dimension to him. I think what really sold this side of him to me was when you mentioned the fact that he was a devoted father/family man. That's definitely the adult Ron Weasley in my mind.

I also don't read much AU, but my goodness did this work so well! To have Ron's story told in his squib son's POV is just absolutely heartbreaking, effectively showing us how much Ron's heart had been broken, how much he had grown.

That there is honest to goodness LOVE in all its forms.



Author's Response: *Hands over box of tissues* So, while I must admit to being overjoyed by the emotion my little tale sparked in you, I need to ask. You didn't get in trouble did you, reading and crying at work? *is worried*

You think I'm good at writing heartwarming stories? Aw, shucks! Thanks!

I agree, Ron has always been happy go lucky and just fun in my mind as well, but I think he'd change if Hermione was ever taken from him. I've read many stories where he changes into a depressed, angry, bitter man because of that, and I wanted to show a different way. I think he'd be more sober and mature, but hopefully still find ways to be Ron. And I felt that love of his children would be the thing to save him in a situation like this. I'm SO glad you agree with me and liked how I did this.

I'm glad you weren't turned off by the AU aspect. I knew this had to be AU. The whole genisis of the story came from the image I had of Ron having to learn to fix all these motherless little girls' hair. Canon just didn't allow for that scene to exist, so I threw it out the window. Besides, I loved how it worked out with Ron's son being a squib.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful review!

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Review #15, by philly94 A Love Without End

24th November 2010:
*wipes away tears*
that was great. you did a really great job with all the characters.
really amazing story :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I forget about this little story sometimes and so it's very nice to get some feeback on it! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #16, by jrg0715 A Love Without End

15th November 2010:
Totally crying right now! You did a great job conveying Ron's loss. I liked the unusual idea of Ron and Hermione having a squib son. It really worked within the confines of this story.

Author's Response: Sorry to make you cry, but really happy I got emotion out of you, which means I was doing okay with the story! Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I'm glad you liked the slight AU aspect of the fic with my re-imagining of things.

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Review #17, by melian A Love Without End

16th August 2010:
Farmgirl, I am bawling. Like a child. And it's not like I'm somewhere private where I can sob away to my heart's content so I have people looking strangely at me right now. This was an absolutely beautiful story and you captured the emotions magnificently - the sense of loss, the slow recovery, the way Ron tried to fill the void himself to make sure his kids didn't go without. I admit that it took me a few paragraphs to work out who the parents were, but once I had that sorted it was all smooth sailing. And I might add, it didn't actually matter that I didn't know who it was about because it was written so beautifully that it was tugging at my heartstrings regardless.

One typo that I noticed - scrapped knees instead of scraped knees - but aside from that nothing that raised an eyebrow. This is magnificent, farmgirl. You should be very proud of it.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: Yeah, I guess I do really owe you some tissues, don't I! SORRY to do that to you! Did you survive without having to answer too many embarrasing quesitons?

I know this one can be a hard one to start and figure out what's going on, but I did that on purpose. And your praise has give me a HUGE head, knowing you compliment it despite the strange beginning and AUishness of it.

Thanks so much for reading! It was one of those things that I had in my brain for a long time, but one day it just hit me how to start it and it would be better with AU kids, and after that is was just so easy to write. Now, if only I could get my muse to do that all the time.

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Review #18, by Ronsgirl29 A Love Without End

16th August 2010:
When going to leave a review for Healing, I saw this on your author page and I couldn't help but read it.

Bascially every story that I've read based on Ron dealing with Hermione's death makes me sad, but your story was especially heartbreaking. I think it was so sad because we saw it through the eyes of his son. It gave his grief a whole new perspective.

Even though this was very sad, you also threw in that her death brought Tony and Ron closer together, which I just loved. A sad story where absolutly nothing good comes out of it is just depressing, but you added a silver lining to make the story complete.

Amazing job!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you saw it and it sparked your interest enough to read it! That always makes me insanely happy.

Now, I'm sorry for making you sad. I know it's a rather heartbreaking subject to write about and read about, but for some reason it wouldn't leave me alone until I did it. And it had to be from his son's point of view or it didn't work, as I tried it several different ways first.

I am glad you appreciated the fact that something good came from the sadness though. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to review!

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Review #19, by Azzy A Love Without End

11th August 2010:
Beautiful story, really heartfelt and well written, well done :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you read and enjoyed it.

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Review #20, by RonsGirlFriday A Love Without End

27th July 2010:
This is really touching and bittersweet. It really feels like you said so much, even in a relatively short word count, and that's pretty impressive.

To me, the idea of splitting these two up this way is so heartbreaking - that's obviously because of my bias in favor of this ship, but it is what it is. And a lot of people don't think much of Ron (which is unfortunate, because I think they don't treat him fairly), but I think you tapped into a lot of his good traits here and showed how they would shine in a situation like this. Maybe he's not the most selfless character ever, but he is when it really counts, and being a single parent would make him even more so. And something interesting here is that, even though this situation makes him mature a bit more, it comes at the expense of that spark we Ron fans know and love.

I thought it was so interesting that you chose to tell it from his Squib son's point of view - I think Ron having a kid who was a Squib would be a really interesting dynamic, because I do think that's something Ron would have a difficult time understanding, and he probably wouldn't always approach it with tact. It's definitely a dynamic where Hermione would end up being the mediator, or the bridge, as you put it.

I am so curious as to why you decided to make their kids different than in canon - names, number of kids, etc. Enlighten me? XD

I think one of my favorite parts was Ron making up with Crookshanks, "his oldest enemy." That made me laugh a bit, and brought some levity to it, but it was still very sweet. The two guys who loved Hermione the most (both gingers, incidentally - and believe you me, I always suspected it was no coincidence that she fell in love with a ginger cat).

Really wonderful one-shot!


Author's Response: Hey Melanie!

I can't tell you how excited I was to get a review from you! You are one of the authors on this site I admire the most and so it always means so much to have you look at my stuff. Thanks!

Now, on to the response, and I appologize if I don't make a whole lot of sense. Head cold + cold medicine + review responses = possible mess.

You, of course, are right. It is a very heardbreaking premise. And I'm usually against dying in general and favorite characters in fics doing it in particular, but this fic niggled its way into my brain and I couldn't stop it. Part of it is Eldy's fault, as he once asked me a question of what I thought would happen to Ron if Hermione died, and part of it is from a friend who once told me a very touching story about his own dad. Once the two meshed together, I was stuck.

I'm glad you still rather liked it, and I appologize for making Ron lose some of his spunk, but I think he gained a few things as well.

Telling it from his son's point of view was the only way this story worked. I knew from the get-go it had to be told that way. Why I chose AU kids instead of canon is twofold. The scene with Ron learning to fix his girls' hair was the point the rest of the fic all revolved around, and it really only worked if the girls were very young and there were more than one of them. Plus, I honestly tried to use the canon kids and they just didn't work. I'm not a big fan of the epilogue and the kids that were thrust on us. I don't mind most of the pairings, but I just invisionded different families for the gang. Just me, sorry if I threw you off with it.

I LOVE the Crookshanks part. You know me and being a sucker for cats, so I'm really glad you liked that part.

Again, thanks so much for reading! You're reviews always rock.

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Review #21, by schoenemaedchen A Love Without End

20th July 2010:
Schoenemaedchen here from the boards for your review.

So I don't even know where to begin. I suppose I should start with saying how incredibly touched and profoundly moved I was by your one-shot here.

That being said, I am always extremely leery when I head into the alternate universe world. Unfortunately, I have an assumption that all alternate universe stories are written by teenies who just want to make Harry Potter their boyfriend that goes to their high school or something...but this story tops all stereotypes...I know it sounds crude, but that's how it is (was).

No, it's not canon. But I could totally find myself dealing with it. Mostly, because the story is so beautifully written, but also because you somehow make it work. It is a different kind of reality, but the characterization is just great and the entire structure and flow of the story just pulls everything together so harmonically.

Not to mention some of your scenes and description work is just breathtaking, and somewhat tear jerking. You lost me (as in, the tears started coming) with Ron sleeping on the couch with his mortal enemy, Crookshanks. I just loved the imagery of Ron mending in his Chudley Cannons sweatshirt...just great!!

That being said, I think you capture the situation that happens in a family during death so well. I lost my mother when I was just shy of 13, and living with my Daddy was a challenge at the beginning too! My dad wouldn't be caught dead mending or putting pigtails in, but he did what he could, and I think you captured the side of Ron that I would expect him to fulfill. Everybody handles death so differently and interprets it differently, but I think, ahhh, I just think this story is so beautiful and wonderful!

Okay, the only thing I'm kind of glad about is that Hermione is not dead and this is only AU, so in my happy little mind, she's okay living with Ron somewhere ;)

So that's all I have to say, truly beautiful. If all your stories are as well written as this, then feel free to stop by with any AU, even though it isn't my thing... :-P You get the free pass as of now!!


Author's Response: Hi there!

Just as you said you didn't quite know where to begin the review, I'm not exactly sure how to start this response other than to say I was blown away with your review! I am so fortunate to have never experienced something like what I wrote about here, but to have you share with me your personal experiences just floored me. And then to have you say you felt I captured the emotions and feelings of a family dealing with the death of a parent made me feel very humbled and wowed. Thank you for sharing something so personal.

I know you were leary of the Alternate Universe thing. That's why I wanted to give you a heads up before I posted in your review thread. I'm SO happy you could appreciate and enjoy the story despite the AU aspect of it. I do find myself delving into the AU setting more often than not, but most of my AU's are even milder than this one.

I can't tell you how much your praise and compliments have left me grinning from ear to ear. I love to write and sometimes I just can't stop the words from flowing onto paper even if I tried, but it's always nice to hear that people appreciate what you write. Thanks for making my week.

And yes, not worries, in the real world Hermione is alive and well. :D

A free pass? Seriously? YES! I'm so excited! I will surely be requesting you again as this has been an amazing review! I hope you won't mind the little bits of AU-ness I throw into my stories.

Thanks a million!

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Review #22, by DracoFerret11 A Love Without End

18th July 2010:
Hey there, it's DarkRose from the forums.

First off: you, my dear, are a very good writer. In fact, I'm going to favorite this story when I'm done writing here and go see if you've posted anything else I can troll around. :]

Okay, secondly: your characterization of Tony and Ron and actually everyone was really great. I loved all the characters. You wrote for them so well.

Third: This is AU, yes, but I was wondering if you read Deathly Hallows? :] If so, then you already know what I'm gonna say about Fred and the names of Hermione and Ron's kids. If not, then you're going to spazz right now and try to figure out what I'm saying. Still, if you wrote with Fred and these unique kids on purpose: props to you. :]

Fourth: I loved that you made Tony a squib and a vet! So rarely do people write about squibs that it's tragic. And the vet part was a really cute addition.

Fifth (wow this list is getting long): These lines, "After she died, Dad made peace with his oldest enemy. I'll never forget the time I came home and found them there, both asleep on the couch, shaggy ginger hair brushed with grey melding seamlessly with shaggy ginger fur flecked with white. Misery loves company and they shared a desperate aching love for the same missing person, a love strong enough to bury even the largest of hatchets." literally brought me close to tearing up. So sad... poor Crookshanks. :[ (being part-Kneazle must help him live for so very long, haha)

Sixthly (is that even a word?): your passage of time was really well done. Years were passing, people were changing and growing up, life was moving on, and it all flowed seamlessly.

In conclusion: really, really awesome story. I loved it. You did very well. :D


Author's Response: So, you need to know that I've been sitting here, grinning like and idiot, for at least ten minutes after seeing your review pop up. It seriously made my day! Thank you oh so much! And then to say you favorited it, on top of that? And THEN to say you are intrigued enough to read more? Yep, cloud nine and not coming down for a bit. :D

Now, on to respond to the rest of the review.

2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sometimes I really struggle with keeping people in character, but this one was much easier. Once I had the first sentence, I just sorta knew "Tony", if that makes sense.

3. Ah, Deathly Hallows. That wonderful book (and I do mean that) that I have a love/hate relationship with. Yes, I've read it, and for the most part, I love it. 98% of it I love. But 2% I don't. I absolutly HATE that Fred died, and I'm not fond of how some of the epilogue played out. Sometimes I suck it up and stick to canon, but sometimes I throw it out the window and write as I imaged or wished it would have ended. This was one of those times. Glad you were able to enjoy the fic anyway!

4. Once again, thanks! It was fun to imagine Tony's character, and I really needed him to be a squib to have that unique perspective of his family. Another reason this had to be AU. Hugo and Rose just didn't work in this.

5. (That's okay, I like long lists.) Awww, thanks! I'm glad someone picked up on that part! I'm a sucker for cats, and the image of Ron with Crookshanks each missing Hermione kinda broke my own heart. And yes, I'm counting on the part kneazle stuff to extend his life.

6. That was the hardest part of writing this, figuring out how to do it without slapping readers in the face with it. So glad it worked!

Thank you so much for this amazing review! I'm so glad I requested in your thread! You rock. :D

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Review #23, by Pacific Wizard A Love Without End

17th July 2010:
Gosh Farmgirl, I've got tears in my eyes with this read. This was very touching and brought out a side of Ron's maturity, courage and love for Hermione that hardly anyone has touched upon. It was heart wrenchingly sad but well written and told from a very unique point of view. Well done. Thanks for sharing your literary gift. PW 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so pleased the emotion of the story is touching people, because it was very emotional for me to write this. I wanted to show Ron exactly the way you've described him, so that makes me really happy. As always, your praise makes my day and makes me blush.

Thanks again.

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Review #24, by Marybeth A Love Without End

16th July 2010:
Ah - so heart wrenching but I loved it. You captured the emotions so well and it was extremely well written. Going to see what else you've written...

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm pleased the emotions came through as I was hoping they would. Your praise means a lot!

I hope you do get a chance to check out some of my other stuff. I would love to hear what you think.

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Review #25, by theelderwand A Love Without End

16th July 2010:

This tale left me speechless, heartbroken and yet, somehow hopeful.

Even now I'm trying to find the words to appropriately describe just how thoroughly gripping this story is. Superb, excellent, amazing, awesome...these words get so over used in reviews. I just don't know how to articulate how touching this story was.

The fact that you open with Ron never getting over the loss of Hermione is gut wrenching. To describe how he locked himself away, allowing himself a few days to sink into utter grief and depression and then surface to take up his responsibilities as a father...Crushing, breathtaking, painful and yet so beautiful.

To have this entire tale told from the perspective of his only son, a squib, is just so...there are no words.

Fantastic job. A wonderfully heartbreaking story.


Author's Response: Eldy,

Thank you so much for reading, multiple times! It means a lot.

I'm sorry about the heartbroken part. It made my heart ache writing it, but I couldn't stop. I'm glad there was some hopeful in there, too, though, because I was trying to convey that.

Your praise is so high, I'm not sure what to say in return other than a thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The opening line was the key for this story. I've had the idea in the back of my brain since last fall. I heard a friend tell the story about how hard his dad had to try to learn to fix his little sister's hair when their mom died, and how that one act sealed for him just how much their dad loved them. And then when you asked those questions this spring, about what Ron would do if Hermione ever died, I knew I had to tell this story. I thought about it a lot but never tried to write it down because I couldn't find it's "voice" yet. Then yesterday the first line came to me out of the blue and after that, the story just sorta wrote itself.

I'm glad the transistion between utter grief and dispare to shouldering his responsibilities worked. I knew Ron would have to go through the dispare first, but I hoped the reason for him coming out of it so quickly was believable.

Thank you so very much for such a wonderful and heartfelt review. It made my day, and your support makes me smile.

- Farmgirl

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