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Review #1, by Lisa Chapter 2

10th June 2011:
Ah...I didn't see that coming. It was very good!

Author's Response: Dear Lisa,
I'm glad you were surprised, that was my intention... :)
Thanx for the lovely review!
Hugs xxx

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Review #2, by hermione999 Chapter 2

20th May 2011:
Wow XD that had a twist I didn't expect.
Wonderful story!! Bravo!!!

Ima try and either start off my new story or continue my old one within the next hour. Either way it goes look me up and see if I have updated whenever you get the chance. :)
I hope you are doing well!!
Yours truly,

Author's Response: Dear Deja,
Thanx so much for the lovely review!
Yeah, I've just seen you have a new story, I'll read it soon!
Hugs xxx

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Review #3, by dalarifat Chapter 2

12th April 2011:
A good ending!!
I've been waiting for the last chapter and I'm satisfied!! :D

Author's Response: Dear Dala,
Thanx for the lovely review and the great rating! :) You are really kind!
I'm glad you liked the ending! Sorry you had to wait long.
Hugs xxx

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Review #4, by MissThomas Chapter 2

26th March 2011:
This made my day:')
It was such a sweet and funny story filled with passion and the end made me chuckle.
I like it a lot silvergreen:)

Author's Response: My Dear MissThomas,
thank you for reading and reviewing this story!
I'm so happy you liked it! Then it was worth writing it.
Hugs xxx

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Review #5, by Awy Chapter 2

25th March 2011:
That's it? I had expected it to be a little longer ...

Just kidding. XD

Well, that was funny. It took me a few seconds to get the ending, though, but that might just be me being a little tired. Anyway, nice short story. No need to write a novel of response this time.

Nice language, not confusing, and a funny ending. To say it shortly: Everything a good short story needs to have. You seems to know more than just a few Italian words; have you been there on holiday, or are you Italian, or is it just all thanks to Google Translate? (You don't need to answer, I know I have no right to ask you).

(If it's okay to add something to your answer to my former comment, then I'm flattered you like my English. But yours doesn't seems textbookese to me, either. And to answer your former question, I'm also from Europe).

Very original story, I haven't seen something like this on HPFF. Hope to see some more stories from you soon. ^^

- Awy

Author's Response: Dear Awy,
Thanx for reading the story in spite of the fact it's not a Dramione. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
I'm not Italian but I've been to Italy several times and I'm in love with that beautiful country. I used to speak Italian quite well but now I've forgotten a lot of words.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Hugs xxx

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Review #6, by WeasleyGirl03 Chapter 1

28th January 2011:
Whoa George/Fred with long hair LOVE IT

Author's Response: Hi Becca,
thanx for the cute review :)
Yeah, I like them with long hair :)
There will be a chapter 2 (with a surprise end) but at the moment I cannot find my notes about it... As soon as I find them, I'll complete the story.
Hugs xxx

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Review #7, by dalarifat Chapter 1

20th September 2010:
It's a great chapter! Please write more! :)

Author's Response: Dear dalarifat,
Thanx for the motivating review, I'm glad you liked it!
Yeah, I know I should have written chapter 2 (which is the last chapter btw) but in the meantime I started to write another story (Who Murdered...) and readers seem to be more interested in that one, so I always work on that in my freetime. But I'll try to complete this one, too.
Hugs xxx

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Review #8, by hermione999 Chapter 1

17th July 2010:
WOW this was good I never thought I would like any kind of romance with fred or george in it (except for your fred/hermione...or was it george/hermione? I'm confused lol.:)
Awesome chapter please update soon!!! 100/100

Author's Response: Dearest Deja,
thanx so much for the quick and motivating review :) I'm glad you like it, the next chapter is coming soon.
If it was Fred or George... Well, you'll see at the end, I don't want to give away the plot.
Thanx again, you are so sweet!
Hugs xxx

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