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Review #1, by willow1 High Time

9th August 2013:
this is really great! Did you intensionally stick in all of those quotes, because currently I'm finding about 1 per chapter? Reading this is really fun!

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Review #2, by Zyii A Sea Change

5th May 2012:
I just love this story (hence reading it for a second time) it makes me all warm inside when I read it and you are an excellent writer :)

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Review #3, by AceFelton72 A Sea Change

15th November 2011:
Haha, Butteroinks :L
I think this was a really good chapter and introducion. I do feel kinda sorry for her because of that thing with Butteroinks *LOL*
I am going to read some more chapters now. Do you want to send some cookies to Norway?

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Review #4, by Loony_Scorpy Much Ado About Nothing

25th July 2011:
Ahhh I love this! It is soo funny and creative! (not to mention original!) it is also written really well :) I can't wait for more and I really hope you continue with this story!! :D

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you thought this was funny and original. *blushes* That could possible one of the best compliments an author could get and thanks for saying that! ^_^ I'm still working on polishing the next chapters for this and I do hope you'd stick around when I finally update.

You are lovely and thank you very much for this sweet review! *hugs*

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Review #5, by Lucy Much Ado About Nothing

10th May 2011:
chunky choc chip cookies?
love love love this story! I think it needs a complication though, i mean other than the fact that quinn lost alot of weight coz thats kind of already resolved you know? sure there's her new rep to deal with but honestly that can only last for so long. I liked this chapter and getting introduced to remus as a character!
Can't wait to see where you take this story - love the characters and your writing!
God Bless

Author's Response: *shares cookies*

Hello, Lucy! ^_^

Thank you very much for this lovely review! It made me smile and I'm terribly sorry it took me a while to respond. And I do see what you mean about the complications. When I was mulling over the idea for this story, I was aware that the hype about her transformation would only last for so long - people would eventually move on. I hope you're sticking around to see what would happened to the characters in the future! Thank you again for the amazing feedback. You made me blush! :D

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Review #6, by ruby_slippers A Sea Change

10th May 2011:
I think this story is holding alot of promise. The idea is an original and interesting take and i'm keen to see where you go with it.
God Bless :)

Author's Response: Hello, ruby_slippers!

Thank you very much! 'Original' and 'interesting' are definitely music to my ears and I'm really happy that you thought my story is both. Thank you for making me smile and taking time to leave me this lovely comment! ^_^

P.S. I adore your username, btw.

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Review #7, by I love shaping up with a marauder Much Ado About Nothing

10th April 2011:
I love, love, love, love, love, love this story! AH!
So...why did Serius not want to be with Florence???
Please, please, please update soon...
I have cookies

Author's Response: *blushes*
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Oooh, cookies! LOVE! Teehee.
Hmmm. If I answered your question, we'd probably go into spoiler territory, BUT, since you made my day, I'd just say Florence is not really the kind of person you'd want to be around with for very long. ;) I hope that makes sense. lol
Again, thank you for the review! ^_^

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Review #8, by Novi Zemog Much Ado About Nothing

21st March 2011:
I'm extremely dissapointed there isn't anymore to read so please continue it. You'll be my favorite author in the world if you do!

Author's Response: Baww. *hugs* I'm really it's taking SO long! I try my best to fix the next chapters. But you're so sweet and thank you very much for this review, sweetheart. ^_^

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Review #9, by PUFFLEtwins Much Ado About Nothing

13th January 2011:
I really love this story! :D and Quinns way of thinking! shes pretty funny

Author's Response: Hello, PUFFLEtwins! ^_^

I will assume from your pen name that you are are Hufflepuff and declare that you are awesomesauce. Haha Thank you, thank you for this lovely review! I'm glad that you like my character and she made you laugh. Yay! I'll see you around! ^_^

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Review #10, by hira62910 Much Ado About Nothing

4th January 2011:
I just wanted to say - I love your story and please please please keep writing!!

Author's Response: Hello, hira2910! ^_^
Awwe. Thank you for the review, dear, that's very sweet of you. And I will keep writing! *salutes* :P

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Review #11, by Reuben Much Ado About Nothing

29th December 2010:
How do you come up with this stuff? Really, how? I fail so hard at writing humor-every time, it comes out forced, idiotic, or an utter waste of time. Share your secret, Tinny! D:

Assuming that there is no 'secret' to it and it's just natural talent, then... you must have boatloads of it :D I laughed so hard at the various theories for Quin's sudden weight loss.

And James Potter's discussion with her about it? I lol'd, Tin. I lol'd hard. Clanker, indeed.

As I read this chapter, I came across these lines:

'I heard a clearing of throat and I turned around to see my saviour standing there, mighty and resolute, ready to catch me just in case I happened to collapse on the bloody floor.

And that, my friends, was the exact moment I fell in love with Remus Lupin. '

...and went o.o

Then I scrolled down and breathed sigh of relief, because I knew deep down inside that you wouldn't toss something random like that into this fic. Sadly, I've read fics before where the author has done just that >.< Hence my wariness.

Sirius seems rather interested in Quin now, and I find myself wondering where that will go.

Didn't note anything that needed criticism this chapter. I suppose I'd like chapters that were a bit longer, but... I tend to like 10k word chapters or better >.> So I'm just odd. Ignore that.

I would like to make it clearly known that I now expect four shipments of cookies, Tin. Four.


Author's Response: I don't have a secret - I just have a weird sense of humour and I find a lot of things funny, so that can be part of the reason how I pull this off... right? That makes no sense at all. lol And it's not as much as natural talent as the fact that I just enjoy making things hard for myself - humour is not an easy thing to write, I tell you. A lot of times, I have to force it as well and it doesn't usually come out right, so I usually just wait for my muse to get into one of her comedic modes. :P

The theories! Yay! I'm glad you like them. It's been really fun writing them, tbh. I find humour in the most unlikely places - I actually got the ideas for the theories while I was researching for spells and potions and magical devices etc. :P I dunno, I just read like Entrail-Expelling Curse and immediately thought 'this could be good for this and for that'. It was crazy having all those ideas and I didn't actually know what to do with all of them, so I just crammed them all in this chapter. lol

That James Potter scene is actually one of my favourites as well. I enjoy writing James when he's being his usual joker self and it's even funnier when he's actually trying to be serious. Loling hard is great! *happy dance*

Ahh. That line about Remus Lupin... You now what? I actually asked my beta if she thought it was tacky and we agreed that it's not that bad, because Quin's actually just kidding. I intentionally put it there, because I was aware of how overused that line was and I thought I'd make a sort of parody out of it. lol I had some people confusing that line to be a hint for a possible Remus/Quin romance, though, which I found rather odd, because I thought I made it quite clear that it was meant to be a joke. :/ It's weird, though, that you kind of knew I wouldn't throw something like that line randomly - is my style really that transparent already? lol Maybe you just know me better than I thought. *shifty* :P

Sirius being interested in Quin... hmm. No comment. Hahaha. We don't really want to go to spoiler town now, do we? *wink*

Hahaha I kinda know that you like longer chapters... is that weird? lol I'm basing in on the stories you've recommended to me so far. :P I'm kinda limiting my chapters to at most 5k, though, which might change in the near future. lol Let's just leave it at that.

Did I mention you're awesome? Yes, you are! You spoil me so much with all the reviews you left me, I don't even know how to thank you enough. You seem to enjoy the cookies very much, though, so I guess I'll have to give you a one year supply. Haha. But seriously, Sam, thank you for all the lovely comments. *sniffles* I'll see you around, my dear! ^_^

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Review #12, by Reuben High Time

29th December 2010:
Bahaha, I love Quin!



And the Marauders... *shakes his head sorrowfully* foolish young men. I can actually see some of my friends making idiots of themselves exactly the same way, lol.

About Quin's feeling's toward Sirius-'tis good. I don't especially care for Sirius/OC stories where the OC is a fangirl. Not for me, I suppose. And to this:

'Have you experienced that kind of infatuation where you hear a soft, sexy strumming of a guitar whenever the person you like comes around?'

>.> No comment.

'...spawn of Don Juan.'

Very nice rhyming there, my friend ;)

Only problem I might have noted-I'm unsure about this-but is 'ignominy' used correctly? I don't know (I've never used the word before, and only vaguely remember hearing it used sometime).

I can haz cookiez? :D

Author's Response: Oh hi, Sam! :P

You love her! Yay! Thank you for saying that. I like it when people tell me that, because I do intend you guys to like Quin. She's essentially a quiet, keeps-to-herself type of girl, but everyone has their limits and is allowed to lose their temper sometimes. I'm glad you like that line - she kinda pwns the Marauders right there. Haha. It's one of the reasons why this chapter is rather short, btw. I want to end this on Quin's terms using that line and I'm glad it works for you! The boys are rather rude here, I know, but I suppose most guys are at that age. Heehee. I enjoyed making up those nicknames, though, which slightly bothers me a little, because I don't really make it a habit to name people. Oh well. :P

I'm glad you like my decision not to make her a fangirl. I thought about it in the beginning, but it just didn't feel right for her character, you know? He was one of the people who teased her constantly and she couldn't really fancy someone like that, could she? She kinda did, though, when she was younger - I intentionally slip that tidbit in, because my characterization of Sirius was him being this sort of a charismatic, mysterious person (please don't cringe :P). People were naturally drawn to him at first, but Quin's not really dense enough to linger on it - that's my premise for their relationship anyway. lol Leaves room for development.

Bahaha! I'm not sure if that 'no comment' is a good or a bad thing, Sam. I owe that line from watching too much chick flicks - 90's chick flicks, to be exact. Eh, you can tell me you're a manly man and you don't watch those types of movies, but I'm SURE you know one of those scenes where the boy enters the scene for the first time and everything just slows down and there'll be this sort of them song, right? lol I've seen a lot of those, so I guess I just want to pay homage. :P

'Spawn of dawn Juan' was actually an afterthought. Hahaha. It used to be 'slut' but it didn't feel right for me to describe Sirius that way - I mean, it was bad enough already that he was a womanizer, but I dunno, it just didn't feel right for me, so I had to think of an alternative word/phrase to replace it. Glad you like it. Oh and I'm pretty sure 'ignominy' is used correctly. ^_^

Yes, you can haz cookies, my dear friend. You can take all the cookies you want. Cyber cookies are really magical - they never run out.

Gah! Again, thank you very, very much for this review. You're the best! I'll see you in the next chapter! Woohoo! ^_^

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Review #13, by Reuben The Game Is Afoot

29th December 2010:
Hi again! :)

One of the things I liked a lot about this chapter was the realism in the character interactions. I liked how her parents reacted to the 'new' Quin, and I liked how they were with sending her off. Good scene. The one with McGonagall was well-done as well-I can totally see McGonagall being embarrassed at her reaction to Quin's weight loss.

The scene where Sirius mistakes Quin for his girlfriend then doesn't recognize her was quite funny, and I liked the intro to both his character and Lily's. Sirius seems to be currently portrayed as a bit of a player, which is good-he's an easy character to Mary-Sue-ify if an author isn't careful.

I did like the girls; they seemed to fit well together as a group and their interactions were realistic. I especially liked:

'"You're only saying that because you're worried Sirius Black might go for Quin next and not you," Mary said carelessly.'

Isn't there always that one friend who's just a bit too truthful?

Okay, so for criticisms (I'm a terrible reviewer, really, I never seem to find anything to criticize in anything I review :P) Er, a few more minor grammar problems, such as:

'The girl got spunk.'

Could be 'The girl's got spunk' but as this is past-tense, it would really work better as 'The girl had spunk.'

'...Sirius lunged himself in front me.'

Could be '...Sirius lunged in front of me.' Or, alternately, '...Sirius placed himself in front of me.'

So yeah, minor issues, nothing to be too worried about. Good second chapter.

And yes. Yes I would like some cookies. Ship 'em over ;)

And yes. Yes I do want cookies. Ship em over :P

Author's Response: Hello, my dear! ^_^

Oh wow. Thank you for the kind words about the interaction between my characters. Yay! It's one of the things that I'm really trying my best to nail on this fic, because as much as this is a humour story (which obviously means that it requires some slapstick comedy every once in a while :P), I also want to make the interactions natural and plausible. Pretty ambitious, I know, but I really do want to do that. Haha. Real life and simple events can be funny as well. It all depends on how you choose to view them and I want to show that in this story, I guess.

Sirius Black as a player... *snickers* I'm really surprised you're not turned off by that, tbh. A lot of people are and I can't really blame them. FF has made the guy a notorious womanizer for some reason and I guess people are kinda tired of that. I sincerely thank you for not judging this story because of that, though. I know the premise to this is not entirely original, so I can understand any misgivings you might have, but I'm trying my best to make it my own and tell the story my way, you know? So your open-mindedness is very much appreciated. Haha

And that scene outside the portrait was actually the first scene that came to mind during the earlier stages of planning for this story. I'm happy that you enjoyed it. It's always like that, if you noticed, when it comes to my story ideas - they always come in these weird images in my head like clips from a movie. I try my best to translate them on paper, which is kinda weird, because I never really see my writing as the type that's rich on descriptions. lol And now I'm rambling. :P

And yes! Gosh. Don't we all have one of those ridiculously blunt characters in any story? Heehee. I have friends like those in RL, so I know how annoying that can be, but I still love people like that. As a reader, it's enjoyable for me when one of the characters actually says what I think sometimes. Hahaha. Mary's just one of those people who can't ignore the elephant in the room. :P

OMG Criticisms! Yes! I can see what you mean. Those sentences did sound kind of off, didn't it? I'll surely fix that on my next edit. Thank you for that! And shush - you're a good reviewer! You have no idea how your reviews really made my day. ^_^

Aha! I just sent that truckload of cookies for you this morning, so expect a knock on your door soon! lol Looks like my bribing for reviews really works. :P

Thank you for this lovely review, Sam. I'll see you in chapter three! ^_^

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Review #14, by Reuben A Sea Change

29th December 2010:
So like I told you earlier today, I had some thoughts on your Sirius/OC story, so here I am to share them :)

Firstly, kudos for originality. 'Butteroinks' made me laugh (and caused my parents to give me very odd looks, as I was reading your story while watching the sad part of a movie >.

Author's Response: Awwe. I'm sorry you got cut, Sam. :S

When you told me you have thoughts about my story, I was half-assuming that you'd put them all on the fourth chapter, but woah! You actually reviewed all of them! :DDD Thank you! I say this all the time, but you're spoiling me! Haha. Not that I'm complaining, of course. *wink*

Thank your for saying that this is original! One of the best compliment an author can get, eh? Thank you. *tackles* Butteroinks... that word has a lot of following. lol I have a trivia for you! Least I could do, since you're so nice to me. Do you know that the thyroid glands resemble a butterfly? Yep, you guessed it - that's where I got the idea for that word. I just added the 'oink' as a hint that it was sort of responsible for her weight problems. Heehee. Sorry, but that part about your parents giving you odd looks made me laugh. :P

I'll see you in chapter two! Again, I'm sorry your review got cut, but thank you very much. ^_^

PS. You have to tell me what the rest of this review says, because I'm dying to know. :P

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Review #15, by angiedotdotla Much Ado About Nothing

19th December 2010:
you are a really good writer...
made me laugh about a thousand times

Author's Response: Awwe, shucks! Teehee. Thank you for saying that. *is blushing* I'm glad you think I'm a good writer. I'm doing my best. ^_^

And I'm glad I made you laugh! Yay! That's one of the goals for this story, so I guess I scored, eh? Thank you very much, angie (I hope I can call you that - oh well :P), for taking the time to leave me a comment. I hope I'll see you in the next chapter! ^_^

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Review #16, by 65ashben Much Ado About Nothing

19th December 2010:
Yay! I love this story. I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you. And I'm glad that you enjoyed my story, dear. Bahaha! I can't wait for the next chapter as well. :P I hope I'll see you there again! ^_^

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Review #17, by Usgirl Much Ado About Nothing

19th December 2010:
I love this story. I can't wait for a new chapter. Please keep updating

Author's Response: Hey, Usgirl! ^_^

Glad to know that you loved this story. Thank you for taking the time to leave me this lovely and sweet review. You made me smile. Next chapter is on its way. Hmm. Not sure if it will make it before the queue closure, though, but I always keep my fingers crossed. :P I hope I'll see you again on the next chapter. Again, thank you! ^_^

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Review #18, by spangles Much Ado About Nothing

15th December 2010:
Great job again! I love Remus' little interuption and all the crazy theories, they were all so funny! Hopefully you'll update this soon. (:

Author's Response: Molly, my dear, you are awesome. You probably know that already, but just, you know, putting it out there. :P

Thank you for all your kind words and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate all of them and I'm really glad you liked this chapter as well. Yay! The theories are all kinda crazy and I'm glad that you found them funny. lol They're all a result of too much research about spells actually and I just sort of crammed all the ideas in there. Hahaha. And hooray for Remus! He really had good timing, tbh. :P

Gosh, you know, you really spoiled me with all the sweet reviews you left me. :P Thank you for all of them. I didn't quite expect them, but I think I know why I got this lucky. Well, I have a theory anyway. Haha. Again, thank you and I'll see you around, my dear! Hopefully on the next chapter as well. ^_^

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Review #19, by spangles High Time

15th December 2010:
Ok, let me just say that...


Made me die of laughter. I love Quin! She's great. The marauders are same as usual as are Quin room mate but you still have Quin's unique litte (well big before teehehe) problem. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hey-o! ^_^

Teehee. Yeah. Umm... you know, bribing your readers with cookies could really convince them to review sometimes. lol I suggest you try it, too. It's really cool. :P

Yay! You love Quin - that's sounds great! I do intend her to be likable, so I'm glad she came across the way I wanted her to for you. And the Marauders would always be the pranksters. Haha They were a little mean in this chapter actually, but such are the ways of naughty teenage boys. Hahaha. This is a short chapter, btw, because I wanted it to focus on the Marauders. *wink*

Gah! I keep saying this, but thank you, thank you, thank you for all the lovely reviews. You are the best. ^_^

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Review #20, by spangles The Game Is Afoot

15th December 2010:
Bahaha! I love Sirius thinking that Bennet (you haven't said her first name yet but from the banner I think it's Quin?) was his girlfriend or whatever, it was so funny! And the little common room party seemed like a lot of fun. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hey, Molly! Nice to see you again. *hugs*

Yay! Glad you like that scene with Sirius. ^_^

The two parts of this chapter were actually opposites, as far as their conception was concerned. lol The part where Sirius confused her for Florence was one of the first few ideas I got before I decided to write this and the part with the girls inside the dormitory was kind of an afterthought and an excuse for me to introduce the girls. Another trivia there for you. :P

Actually, I sort of mentioned her name on the first chapter, but very subtly, I guess. :P Remember Quin-sized Bed-net? It's not really that obvious, though. Heehee.

Again, darling, thank you very much for the review. That grin I told you about when I first saw all the reviews you left me? Yep. Still present. ^_^

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Review #21, by spangles A Sea Change

15th December 2010:

butteroinks. ROTFL

Ok, now for the review, I really like this story and can't wait to keep reading more, it's so original! Bennett's childhood and school life at Hogwarts sounds a bit grim, but I hope things will start to get a lot better for her now! I can't wait to keep reading. (:

Author's Response: Yo! :P


Teehee. Glad it made you laugh. That word has a lot of following, you know. :P And since you're my favourite person today (this week, actually - you reviewed all my chapters and stories - I LOVE YOU :p), I have a trivia for you! The idea for that word came from the fact that the thyroid glands actually resemble a butterfly. Obviously, I took the 'butter' and added the 'oink' to allude that it relates to her the weight problems, so yeah. Just a little side info there for you. :P

Original is good. I love hearing that word. Yay! Thank you for saying so. *is blushing* And yeah, her childhood experience was a little depressing, if you really think about it, no? It was actually a challenge for me at first to keep the tone of this first chapter light and funny, because the underlying premise was really pretty sensitive and sad. Hmmm. As for the things getting better, let's see. :P

Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to review! I'll see you in the next chapter! ^_^

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Review #22, by Serious Bunburyist Much Ado About Nothing

28th November 2010:
Love the conversation earlier about the thyroid being in the thighs, and shouldn't a muggle healer know that?
Butteroinks - Hilarious!!! :)

Author's Response: Hello, hello, Serious Bunburyist!

Bahaha! I'm glad you enjoyed that conversation. Heehee. Twas actually one of the first ideas of a scene that came to mind while I was planning for this story and I just had to write it and include it on the first chapter. lol And butteroinks really has a lot of following. Yay! That is good. I, myself, find the word funny. Want a trivia on where I got the word? The thyroid gland is actually shaped like a butterfly and I just added the 'oink' to allude the fact that twas the cause of my OC's weight problems - I just played with the words a little bit. Glad it worked for you! Yay!

Thank you for taking time to leave me this lovely comment. It's very sweet of you and you really made me smile. I hope I'll see you again on the next chapter. ^_^

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Review #23, by Insert_Witty_Comment_Here Much Ado About Nothing

27th November 2010:
Me! Me! I want a cookie!

Lol. Anyway, I think this whole story is rather fabby! I want Hamper's syndrome in MY butteroinks, just so I can say it every single day XD

I love this whole idea, you've made really loveable characters, and I can't wait to read on!


Author's Response: Hello, my dear! ^_^

First of all, your pen name is very clever and I like it. Haha. Second of all, thank you very much for your lovely comment! I didn't expect this at all and you really made me happy. Woah! 10/10 rating... score! Hahaha. Thank you!

Teehee. I'm glad you liked Hamper's Syndrome. lol And butteroinks has a lot of fans. :P I enjoyed inventing those two and I'm glad you found them amusing. Feel free to say them anytime you want - they're not real, so you're safe. Haha. And thank you for complimenting my characters! I got this idea for the story while I was reviewing for an exam, actually. Can you believe it? Plot bunnies can be that random, I guess.

Again, really appreciated you leaving me this comment. Thank you! And I hope I'll see you in the next chapter! *fingers crossed* ^_^

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Review #24, by IwRiTe4mE Much Ado About Nothing

22nd November 2010:
Cookies?! Yum! lol okay is it gonna be Remus and Quin? hm? Hm? I wanna know!! lol I really enjoy your story btw, well if you havent noticed. xD

Author's Response: Here's a plate of freshly-baked cookies for you! *hands Kat a plate*

Hahaha I am so happy that the bribery with cookies is working. *chuckles* Anyway, you are actually the third person to ask me about Remus and Quin. lol Is there really a romance insinuation in this chapter? I never really thought about that. Heehee. Anyway, this really is a Sirius/Quin story, sadly, so I don't see any Remus/Quin romance in the near future. But who knows, right? Haha.

I am extremely happy to know that you enjoyed my story! Yay! And yeah, you've kinda proven your point with all the lovely reviews and you know what? I loff you! Hahaha. Reviewers like you are the best and you really gave me more motivation to continue writing. Thank you very much! I hope I'll see you in the next chapter! ^_^

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Review #25, by IwRiTe4mE High Time

22nd November 2010:
Good for her! Standing up for herself! I mean gosh, rude much? Silly boys. Well are guys r idiots though. :D

Author's Response: Hello, hello! ^_^

Heehee. Right you are! That's actually one of the reason why this chapter is rather short. I wanted Quin to have the last word to shush the boys up, because really, they were gits in here. Pfft. It's nice to see you cheering for her, though.

I hope this will never get old, but you are awesome and thank you very much for leaving me all these lovely reviews! ^_^

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