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Reading Reviews for An Unpleasant Surprise
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Review #1, by FriendofMolly An Unwelcome Visitor

14th October 2013:
I like your one shot. It's too bad Ginny couldn't have given her an address that ended up in a pond. I can't imagine that Rita has kept her secret this long. She was bound to cross the line and gave the Trio no choice but to tell Kingsley. But since you still have her free, Ginny had to extract a bit of payback.
PS Have you ever thought about finishing your first fiction? I just finished rereading it, and it stands up. So please considerate!

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Review #2, by Lessa_Potter An Unwelcome Visitor

26th February 2013:
I only have one word for this.
I wish I could see Rita right now, hopefully she'll be up to her knees in a bog somewhere. :)

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Review #3, by Christine_Nighting An Unwelcome Visitor

23rd May 2011:
That was great! Good job with Rita's character!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I always like keeping things in canon, so I'm glad you thought I did Rita's character well. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :-)

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Review #4, by LilyFire An Unwelcome Visitor

5th May 2011:
I love it. Ginny playing with Rita is great! It's a great story, you've done a wonderful job(:
(hehe...not nearly as long as yours...)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :-) I'm really glad you loved it; I'd never done a humour fic before so I'm glad it played out well :-) Yeah, I just had to choose Ginny as it's just the sort of thing she'd do ;-)

Thanks for your review, and don't worry about the length - reviews are appreciated in any way, length, shape or form :-) Thanks again!

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Review #5, by adahpfan An Unwelcome Visitor

12th March 2011:
hee hee! very funny, just like rita skeeter! 8/10... ps. i LOVE your name

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it and thought Rita was in character. It was my first try at a humour fic, so I'm really glad you liked it!
Thanks :-) I've always been a huge Doctor Who fan so it seemed fitting! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by Rose Wilde An Unwelcome Visitor

2nd March 2011:
you absolutley ROCK! keep writing!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! I'm really pleased that you like my writing and it means so much, so thanks :-) This was a one-shot, but I have another story up if you want to read more; it's called War Is Over. Thanks again for the amazing praise and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by Carol78y An Unwelcome Visitor

28th February 2011:
LOL! i would right more exclamation marks, but they don't appear. this was so good, and really funny hahha. i also can imagine her there already!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it and found it funny. My aim was to give readers an image in their mind of Rita trailing around Scotland... I'm glad that worked :-)

Thanks for reading and reviewing, and thanks also for submitting the 50th review I have recieved since being on HPFF. Thanks again! :-)

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Review #8, by massieblockrox An Unwelcome Visitor

18th January 2011:
Great job! I kept expecting Ginny to reveal who she was . . . but I'm glad you didn't make her do that!

Rita was perfect -- nosy, a bit rude, and very persistent.

I'm not sure if this is a mistake, but when Rita is commenting about Hermione, she called her a "spoilt brat. I think it should be "spoiled brat".

Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review! I'm glad that you thought I wrote Rita right, and that Ginny keeping herself hidden surprised you :-) As for the mistake, sorry about that, I'll go back and fix it when I can. Thanks again for the great review! :-)

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Review #9, by LovinTheWizards An Unwelcome Visitor

6th August 2010:
Haha, great one-shot. Well written, and i've never read a similar story.

Author's Response: Thanks :-) I really appreciate the nice comments. Glad you liked it, thsnks for R and R!

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Review #10, by ravenclawgrl An Unwelcome Visitor

22nd July 2010:
hey dalek how are you???
love this story
its really really good xx :D xx
thanks xx

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry for taking so long to respond, I've been busy. I'm fine, how are you? I'm glad you like the story :-) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by hp481516 An Unwelcome Visitor

20th July 2010:
Great job! Like Ginny, I had a fun time picturing Rita running around Scotland for the Potters haha :)

Author's Response: lol :-) Yeah, a lot of people have said they're picturing Rita in Scotland, which is what I was aiming for. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by HannahHeart An Unwelcome Visitor

17th July 2010:
Brilliant :) It was really good. I now have a rather funny mental image of Rita trailing round Scotland... ;)

Author's Response: LOL :-) I'm really glad you liked it; the thought came to me when I was lying in bed and I was worried it would seem absolute nonsense, so I'm glad you didn't think so. Yeah, as for the image of Rita in Scotland... that's exactly what I was going for lol :-) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by ekroman An Unwelcome Visitor

15th July 2010:
Wow this is great :) Really!

Author's Response: Thanks :-) I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by Ringo Beeblebrox An Unwelcome Visitor

15th July 2010:
I have one fundamental problem with the story. Considering that Ginny is playing for the Harpies and therefore should have some notoriety of her own -- even if it is far less than Harry's -- it rather stretches things that Skeeter wouldn't know what Ginny looks like. The red hair alone should have been a signal to Skeeter that this might in fact be Ginny.

Author's Response: I understand your point, but I point out that I kept mentioning in the story that Ginny, especially her face, was hidden in the shadows. It was a very dark night and she kept out of the streetlights when she was talking to Rita so that only her silouette was visible. I apologise if I did not outline this clearly enough in the story. Thank you for pointing that out, though :-)

Thanks for reading and reviewing, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Review #15, by Alex_Cat An Unwelcome Visitor

15th July 2010:
Lol, I love the way Ginny trick Rita. Congratulation on ur first one shot, n story is nice and not boring.

Author's Response: Thanks you! I am glad that you think it isn't boring, as there's not really much plot to it. I'm also pleased you liked the trick at the end lol :-) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by Miss Weasely An Unwelcome Visitor

15th July 2010:
Nice! You wrote Ginny really well:) Just the thing I can imagine her doing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you liked Ginny; I think she'd think it was an oppurtunity for getting Rita back for all the stories Rita's written about Harry. Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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