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Review #1, by qweqwe Salt in the Wound

11th December 2013:
These chapters seem to be going by too fast, even with all the detail you put into every scenery, conversation, situation, I wish the story were longer, or better yet finished!

the only bad thing about the story is Harry is a bit too overpowered, but its still a very enjoyable read.

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Review #2, by qweqwe Into the Lion's Den

11th December 2013:
Wow, WOW!!

Lol, I always thought Ron even in canon was a dickhead, you've managed to amplify his git ways ten fold all while keeping it in tact with canon storyline and personality!

I mean, just brilliant, Ron betraying Harry like Peter betrayed Harry's parents, I've never read that ever in the piles of fanfics I've bothered reading, thats saying something to your imagination and writing skills, genius!

You should really post this on FF and finish it! its absolutely in my top 3 stories now, perhaps #1, I just love the writing, its of such quality regardless of spelling errors here and there, simply brilliant.

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Review #3, by qweqwe To Arms

10th December 2013:
This is one of the greatest stories on this site, truly, its unbelievable how your mind can produce such a great story!

its just brilliant, completely brilliant, I thought I'd never find out why Hermione left and never wrote Harry and why Ron said she married him, LOL, than you go chain this chapter together with that, I can't even fathom how you writers do it!

and it was so beautifully written it was, the way Harry spilled his guts to her and she couldn't help but kiss him, just wonderful.

thanks for this story, saddens me it doesn't have as many hits/reviews as it deserves, probably because its WIP I'm guessing.

I hope you finish this, such a great story, with a fantastic plot, and the greatest of all the best portrayal of the all the characters you've showcased, especially Harry and Hermione, bravo!

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Review #4, by qweqwe And Old Friends

10th December 2013:
This is honestly on its way into being my top 5, perhaps top 3 favorite fanfics!

everything is just beautifully written, I wish I had a talent like yours, being able to imagine anything and put it into words, a true artist if I ever saw one!

really really hope you get around to finishing this brilliant story.

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Review #5, by qweqwe Old Enemies

10th December 2013:
Harry sonning Lucius and forcing him to make an unbreakable vow?


lol, love it, this is by far the most realistically powerful Harry I've ever read, even though he's kind of OP, his genuine personality is still in-tact, and that makes your story so good.


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Review #6, by qweqwe Old Ties

10th December 2013:
I am absolutely glued to this story, can't seem to put it down, can't seem to do that with any quality H/Hr story I stumbled across.

Very grateful to have found this gem though, its so rare to find stories like yours, the writing is fantastically realistic and your portrayal of each character is spot on!

shame it doesn't have as much reviews, I'm sure it would be a hit on fanfiction however!

really hope you continue this to completion someday, truly wonderful story.

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Review #7, by qweqwe Endangered

10th December 2013:
Absolutely brilliant story!

the only downer was I didn't get to find out why Hermione didn't write Harry which made him leave in the first place!

you can't leave that stone unturned!

anyways, absolutely terrific read so far!!!

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Review #8, by qweqwe Reunion

10th December 2013:
That was just simply AMAZING!

what a return for Harry, just brilliant writing, other than the german accents, incredible chapter!

Really lovethe stor, wish it was longer, really wish it was!!!

the way you handled Harry's absence and return is just quality writing, love it!

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Review #9, by qweqwe Moving On

10th December 2013:
Er the plot looks fantastic so far, but the fact that Hermione left Harry high and dry after confessing her love for him just doesn't make much sense.

Still a great read, saddened that its only 80k words long.

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Review #10, by qweqwe Farewell

10th December 2013:

that was one of the greatest H/Hr interaction I've ever read! the great thing about it was that it was so realistic and evenly paced, than you go and have her marry Ron?! wtf! lol, good story though

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Review #11, by itchen Back To The Burrow

10th December 2013:
Holy! this is probably the most the most exciting chapter I've ever read, regarding H/Hr! LOL

I just feel super giddy, I know, real cheesy right, but this chapter was beautifully written and completely caught me off guard :P

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Review #12, by Panacea A Lesson in History

28th April 2013:
Please update!! I'm am completely hooked!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! They are the best modes of motivation. It's been so long since I've touched this story, so many things I disliked about it. I've tried a rewrite of sorts with my latest fic, Ghosts of the Past. There are many similarities, but the plots are different. As it takes so long to update each chapter, awaiting validation and I am way ahead, I just might come back to this one. We shall see. Thanks again!

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Review #13, by Jaime A Lesson in History

24th December 2012:
I am happy to know that you are still writing however I wish you would update this story because it is really good and I have been waiting patiently and you have me all wanting to know how this story continues.

Author's Response: I think... I might come back to this story. This was the first thing I ever wrote and just sat down and started writing without an outline or giving too much thought to plot or foreshadowing and what even what was to come in the next chapter, and then I found myself caring and I didn't like some of the things I did or how I boxed myself in, and I just quit. Think I might run through, edit and see where it takes me. Probably won't appreciate me changing things as a reader, this far in, but that is the only way I can pick this back up.

I do appreciate you sticking with the story, and thak you for the review!

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Review #14, by Byranawesome A Lesson in History

2nd April 2012:
Aright it has been entirely to long so plz post again I'm still here and im begging u

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Review #15, by Original Name Reunion

28th November 2011:
I noticed one obvious mistake :

A look of utter shock on their faces, each killed over dead.

*A look of utter shock on their faces, each rolled over dead.*

Think you can do something with the accents, its a real pain to read some of them especially one's like this:

"Mazter zed du vould come, und zee, here du are," the German said almost gleefully. "Come to deliver ze key durzelv denn, sehr gut!"

I felt like I spent more time deciphering this than the Mirror of Erised thing.

Otherwise another great chapter.

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Review #16, by Original Name Moving On

27th November 2011:
Im going to take a stab in the dark here, Hermione didn't write to Harry and agreed to marry Ron because she had heard the end of Harry's argument with Ginny this thingie:


and then she didn't hear the end so she thought that Harry loved Ginny and not her so she was upset and left blahblahblah.

Looking forward to finding out where Harry been hiding at, better be a good make-up scene haha :)

Great Story!

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Review #17, by Original Name Back To The Burrow

27th November 2011:
Loved it,

I'm a H/Hr shipper as well, but maybe Hermione was just a wee bit too forward by offering him to sleep with her, because she was technically with Ron at the end of Deathly Hallows, I know there is nothing too sexual about it, but if I can remember properly Harry's bed was a camp bed in Ron's room, It might be a bit of a squeeze for two although I think that might have been part of her cunning plan ;)

Also I think it would have been better if we had some idea of what the Ron/Hermione relationship is like, before you throw her at Harry, considering we all ready have a basic idea of the H/G relationship.

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Review #18, by Joseephus A Lesson in History

4th October 2011:
I love this fic!! I really like the mythology here! I pray you dont rush through these next parts and you really flesh out these characters. Feels bloody right to me. Keep it up mate!

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Review #19, by Byranawesome A Lesson in History

3rd October 2011:
Awesome chapter make them come faster por favor! Lil dull but important to the story none the less I love this story I obsess over I check for updates daily so PLZ end my suffering brilliant brillianbrilliant.

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Review #20, by Byranawesome The Mystic

29th September 2011:
Ok I have just finished reading this story for the second time and guess it's still amaaazzziiinnng PLZ hurry wit ure updates otherwise I'll just have to read the story again. U have ruined Hpff for me because if I read another story I'm always gonna be thinking about this one so as long as u never stop this novel I'll be fantastic PLZ PLZ PLZ hurry wit update as u can c I'm dying for it.

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Review #21, by Byranawesome The Mystic

22nd September 2011:
Literally the best story I've ever read I've read alot of story's on hpff and this is by far the most interesting thrilling dramatic theatrical piece Ive seen yet I've pictured this whole story as if it were a movie plz plz plz update as soon as possible I am dying to know what happens next u have kept me guessing the whole time so plz don't stop this brilliance ever

Author's Response: WOW! Thanks for the awesome review! Glad you've liked it.

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Review #22, by Jaime The Mystic

20th September 2011:
The plot thickens...yet still I yearn for more to see if Hermione is ok and who was the mystery guy who entered in the previous chapter?

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Review #23, by ronnie To Arms

14th September 2011:
best story i have ever read. please hurry up and post chapter 14

Author's Response: Why thank you! You are too kind! 14 has been submitted, just waiting for clearance, and 15 is most the way written, just need to polish it off!

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Review #24, by Unkown2you Decisions

28th August 2011:
Who's here! Who! Tell me more!

Author's Response: Moaning Myrtle!

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Review #25, by Unkown2you Into the Lion's Den

28th August 2011:
I love a good "Screw you Ron" story, i've always hated him, loving the mental image of Harry kicking his ass!

Author's Response: HAHA! Some have been really turned off by the route Ron's gone. He may still have more to play in this by the end..

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