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Review #1, by Sunstar Breathing down your own neck

9th August 2011:
Wonderful story, I loved it :D

Author's Response:
Very quickly,
Very far,
Burning rubber,
Melting tar,
This poetry,
Should leave a scar.

Sorry about that, that has to be one of the worst ones yet - Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #2, by Potternerd1997 Breathing down your own neck

5th July 2011:
Hmm. Is this Draco sneaking up and actually ENCOURAGING Neville? (Whilst insulting him simultaneously, of course.) That's just how I took it.

Author's Response: An interesting theory,
Makes Neville quite Leery,
Our Malfoy's a cunning young stoat -
Will Neville prevail?
Or fall flat and fail?
Only Miss Luna can vote.

That's easily the worst poetry I've ever written - Though I hope it's appreciated as much as your review :D

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Review #3, by ... Breathing down your own neck

4th December 2010:
D'awww!! I liked it! Very lovely, I enjoy Neville's cuteness and the disembodied voices. :D

(I expect that poetry...)

Author's Response: Poetry eh? I call it Anon's Lament -

Ellipsis eclipses all other reviews,
To share and impart us with all of her views,
Does she wear shoes?
Or is it a ruse?
I honestly haven't a clue ;)

Poetry: Delivered! Thanks for the review, always nice to get some feedback :D

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Review #4, by Writer Blocked Breathing down your own neck

17th November 2010:
Now, this was quite a sweet story. :)

I love reading these from Neville's point of view, although Luna's point of view is fantastic when you do it right (so few people ever do!). I was a little confused by the voice--it was in his head, wasn't it? For a minute I thought that it might be Ron or Harry under the Cloak, impulsively deciding to help Neville get up the courage to ask Luna out. For a wild moment I even thought it might be Fred's spirit lingering around Hogwarts.

Anyway, very nice. It was sweet and adorable.

Author's Response: Hmm, Fred's spirit you say? Might be worth a go ;) It was supposed to be what I'd imagine Neville's subconscious to sound like, kind of an imprint of his parents/Gran - glad all the same you enjoyed it! :D

Anyway, as for your terrible poem, I call it "Azkaban Island"

A Writer Blocked,
His prison locked,
Did very near eascape-
The gaurds were shocked,
The penny dropped,
He slipped upon a grape.

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Review #5, by DobbiesSock Breathing down your own neck

12th August 2010:
Hahaa, what a lol (: this is really cute, such a nice little fluffy one shot. I particulary like it because it was from nevilles point of view, and you very rarely get anything fron his pov. In fact that was what attracted it to me in the first place. Very sweet, and unique. (ooh, an almost rhyme!)

Author's Response: DobbiesSock,
Quite a shock,
Did very nearly blind me!
Can it be?
Before tea?
Reviews take months to find me!

Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it! I always found ol' Neville interesting, sometimes it's fun to write about the more obscure of JKR's splediferous characters :D
And a review already!? Cor blimey! :D

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Review #6, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 Breathing down your own neck

12th August 2010:
ummm... expand. it doesnt make sense if you dont add more to it. if you expanded it more, maybe apply some writing techniques, and dont end it like that. this story said completed. it has no end. edit a little. i know it can be great if you just put some work into it:)

6/10 with the possibilitty to become a 10/10

clea smith

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback Clea, really appreciated :D What do you mean when you say it doesn't make sense? I know my writing can be a bit erratic at times, sorry about that, still working on it ;)

Ah, and as for your terrible poem...

"Words that Rhyme with Clea"

Clea Clea, drive a Kia,
Try to make my writing free-er! :D

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