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Review #1, by EstherA The Birth of the Boy Who Lived

11th February 2013:
This is not what an unassisted birth is like. This is not what birth is like. A wizarding birth shouldn't be described like this. A wizarding birth should be awesome and powerful, like a normal muggle birth is.

I feel compelled, for the first time in my life, to write a fanfiction.

Just a few pointers:
There is no way in hell Dumbledore would have been called like this. It just doesn't sit right with the nature of a laboring woman. Also, at this phase (presumably the intense part of labor, or transition even), no husband is detached enough to make calls.
The sounds described are not the sounds of normal birth. When a woman gives birth, her sounds are not painful screams, they are more like powerful howls. Also, a laboring woman is normally standing, kneeling, or squatting etc, and likely never wants to lie down. Giving birth is hard work. You can't work hard laying flat on your back.

It is also ridiculous to assume the need for any type of pain medication. Women are made to do this. Also, the "I am quite the capable wizard" thing Dumbledore says... what is he going to do? Perform a magical c-section? He seems to be taking the role of a (thankfully laid back) male ob-gyn, who are not the best choice to have at your birth, since they have no idea of what it feels like. They just don't. I neither know what it would be like to have an erection, I can only guess.

Also, when a baby is born, it is not to be shown off for the public. A womb-fresh baby should be placed on his mother's belly, and breastfed. When this happens, they don't wail at all. The above description resembles an awful hospital birth, set 30 years ago.

Also, if Dumbledore was there to help,he should have stayed to wait for the placenta tobe born, to help assess it (and do something to remove any pieces that could have been left in the womb), and prevent Lily from hemorrhaging, if that happened, because these are the complications that occur more commonly at homebirths (or in births where nature is allowed to take it's course).

I don't know if the author has ever given birth, and in what setting, and how well it went. It is very nice of them to try to give the general public an idea of what Harry's birth could have been like, but I think this is nowhere near likely. It is just out of sync with Lily's and James's personality, and birth itself. They were much stronger than that, I know quite many couples (and read birth stories) where this kind of strenght is palpable.

Nice try, though!

Author's Response: Harsh much? Nope never given birth or witnessed one this is just something I made up one day. It's also called fan fiction. Fan generated works of fiction.

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Review #2, by rose Re-entering the Chamber

3rd November 2011:
This is so cute! You should have another chapter on them :) 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. there will be more on them in the future! :-)

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Review #3, by Miranda Jones Halloween, 1981

26th October 2011:
Yay! You finally updated! (Or, um, well, I didn't check...) Loved this chapter, and keep them coming!

Author's Response: Lol, no I updated. I am working on one right now so hopefully there will be a new chapter in the next week or so.

Glad you liked it and keep on reading :-)

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Review #4, by Lana Halloween, 1981

21st October 2011:
I really like this fic! It's a great idea writing about missing moments we'd all want to read about! I hope you'll keep up the great work, because I happen to believe that each chapter is better than the one before and it just keeps getting better and better! As you can tell I really enjoy your fic so post more soon!
P.S. I really hope you'll write something about Harry and Ginny...

Author's Response: Lana,
Oh my goodness thank you so much for the compliment!
I am glad you like it. I do intend to keep writing in the untold stories and hope to do one soon on when Harry proposes to Ginny (have started this one and am a bit stuck at the moment) and when they get married.

Moment such as James' birth and Lily's birth may also be included since they weren't in More to Live For or in my next novel-length fic.

I want to try some out for Molly and Arthur as well.

If you have any requests/suggestions, please let me know!

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Review #5, by MadamePuddifoot Slytherin's Redemption

21st July 2011:
Another amazing chapter!

Author's Response: This was also a fun one to write because Slughorn is such an interesting and complex character. Thanks for the comment!

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Review #6, by MadamePuddifoot The Birth of the Boy Who Lived

21st July 2011:
I loved this. I thought it was fascinating from Dumbledore's point of view and I liked how you showed the vulnerable, caring side of James. Brilliant!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. When I'm finished with More to Live For I will be focusing more on the short stories :-)

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Review #7, by MadamePuddifoot Ginny Weasley and the Boy Who Lived

21st July 2011:
I really liked this, very well written. Well done!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have to admit this was one of my favorite ones to write!

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Review #8, by Chloe Ginny Weasley and the Boy Who Lived

21st August 2010:
This is really cute!

Author's Response: Thanks! I tried to make it very Ginny-like! There will be more to follow soon hopefully :-)

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Review #9, by ekroman Ginny Weasley and the Boy Who Lived

19th July 2010:
Aww how cute:) I can just see her writing her name as neatly as possible for a four year old :b definitly a story told at Harry at Ginny's wedding :)

Author's Response: Of course the rest of the Weasley family would tease her relentlessly about her Harry Potter crush. Even on the day she would become Mrs. Ginerva Potter.
Thanks for the review! New chapter coming soon, just need to wait for it to be validated!

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Review #10, by Amanda Ginny Weasley and the Boy Who Lived

12th July 2010:

Author's Response: Thank you! I am currently working on a chapter that includes Neville hiding under his bed from his grandmother :-)

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