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Review #1, by Number_One_Ravenclaw_Forever Mission: Ravenclaw

12th July 2012:
I liked the story and I understand why you put him in Slytherin. How and why are you more like a Slytherin? You know, the hat takes your choice into consideration unless you're like Lysander and demand it... But I don't think you would. It just depends on what you value. Like I would say I have qualities from each house, but I value intelligence the most! I have taken many quizzes and stuff and they give me different answers all the time. When I did the pottermore quiz, it first put me in Gryffindor because I was like Lysander and tried to cheat my way into Ravenclaw. Gryffindor is the House where I would most likely not go because I am not brave at all. So, I deleted my pottermore account and made a new one. When I was sorted, I took the quiz honestly that time and the questions were all different than the first time I took it and it put me in Ravenclaw. If you're honest and true you will be sorted in the place you want. So I'm sure you're a Ravenclaw and not a Slytherin. And if you are a Slytherin, that doesn't mean you're all bad either.


Author's Response: Aww, thanks. Sorting Hat quizzes always seem to stick me in either Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin. I don't think I've ever received Gryffindor. I don't think there is anything wrong with being a Slytherin, but I personally don't see myself fitting in there. I'm glad you liked this! :)

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Review #2, by presario-x1000 Mission: Ravenclaw

10th January 2011:
That's sweet! It's a good story.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #3, by maskedmuggle Mission: Ravenclaw

8th January 2011:
Ooh, nice story! I've read a few sorting stories, and a few of Lysander + Lorcan, but none like the way you've written it!
I completely get why Lysander is in Slytherin, and I feel sorry for him hehe.
But Sylvia CREEVEY (yay!) and Lorcan in Hufflepuff was a nice surprise! I thought maybe they'd both go in Ravenclaw, but I guess that'll just make Lysander even more upset!
Anyhow, it was a nice story! Interesting twist to find none of them in Ravenclaw!

Author's Response: It's good to hear that this was original, because being original is always a great thing! I love the Creevey brothers, so that's why I decided to make Sylvia a Creevey. Thanks for the nice review.

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Review #4, by jessajay92 Mission: Ravenclaw

29th November 2010:
That's genius. I never could have imagined one of Luna's children in Slytherin but you made it work so brilliantly. I particularly enjoyed the bits with Lorcan and Sylvia and would love to read more about them.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Glad to hear that you liked it! :)

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Review #5, by WhatAboutRegulus Mission: Ravenclaw

13th November 2010:
That was a fantastic story!! Haha I was sure the Sylvia would be in Ravenclaw... :/, I'm confused thought, did no students get into Ravenclaw? Just thought I'd ask. Hahahah the twin begging to be in Slytherin was perfect hahah! Nice job on this story! I realy liked it :)


Author's Response: No, there were some students sorted into Ravenclaw, just none that had A, B or C as their last name. ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by Harrypotterbookworm Mission: Ravenclaw

17th August 2010:
Oh, this made me laugh. I can imagine everyone's faces when he pulls the hat off his head and has a tantrum. Priceless. But I do feel a little sorry for Lysander. I am a fan of him. Sylvia and Lorcan are just to cute! I'm sure they will stay friends through Hogwarts. The end of Lysander's sorting was a little rushed and I got a little confused, but it's a minor thing. Great fic, very enjoyable.
Hugs, HPB

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'll look over the part that you think was rushed. :)

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Review #7, by harrylilyjames Mission: Ravenclaw

8th August 2010:
Here with the review you requested a while ago.

At the start, you wrote that "the water seemed very calm"- but it either is or isn't, you say 'seem', when it isn't actually calm. So it be "she seemed like a good person, but wasn't really..."

You could say where their boat is in the students, at the back? Middle? Front?

When the little girl sasys "Excuse me?" you could describe her a bit more, add in the colour of her hair or if she's small or thin.

Umm...when Sylvia says that she wants to be friends, it doesn't seem like the normal thing that a person would do, probably say that they be in the same house, because atleast they would know one another.

When they go to the Great Hall, I would have like to have seen their reaction of the roof being of the sky outside, because that is the one thing that gets the big reaction from all the ickle first years :)

"to go talk to Sylvia"- there should be an 'and' because 'go' and 'talk'

Ummm...I found it a bit odd that the stroy sudenly jumps to Sylvia's pov when she puts the hat on. I think it would be better if you just stuck to the twins, as it mainly had been based on the two of them up till then.

If you want to put in what the hat said to her, you could have her tell the twins a bit later.
"last word allowed"- 'allowed' should a 'out loud'

But I dont get it, the hat puts you into the house you want to be sorted into, that was one of the lessons Albus thought Harry when he was in school. The hat was going to put him into Slytherin, but because Harry didn't want to go there, he was put in Gryffindor.

At the part where Lysander runs to the wrong table, you could write in everyone's reaction on it, and if the atmosphere in the hall changes when they are all looking at him.

But it was a cute little one-shot, I think the twins are just adorable in it and you wrote them really well.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'll look into the bits that you mentioned, and you really pointed out a lot of things that I never really thought about, so thanks. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it and liked how I wrote the twins.

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Review #8, by krissyanne426 Mission: Ravenclaw

1st August 2010:
I thought this was really cute.

At first I was a little confused as to why Lorcan was put into Hufflepuff, but that last little bit at the end really pulled it together.

And I loved that Lysander got put into Slytherin for his sly and cunning ways.

It was well written and I didn't see too many typos.

Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Sorry that you were a bit confused. :/ Anyways, glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #9, by books28 Mission: Ravenclaw

27th July 2010:
I think it is really good but it is also very sad. It is funny though, and well written. Also, a very clever idea!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #10, by Jazzeh Turnip Mission: Ravenclaw

22nd July 2010:
Nawwh, this is brilliant.

I love the voice of the twins. You've made them sound their age, which is a really difficult thing to do especially for that age.

You write really well too. Everything flows brilliantly and there were no mistakes or anything either. Well, none that I spotted anyway xD.

I love the ending. I'm guessing Lorcan ASKED to be put in Hufflepuff to be with Sylvia then, which made him more loyal than clever.

And you saying you're more of a Slytherin; You have to be pretty clever too to come up with this story so maybe you're more Ravenclaw than you think. (Saying that, I'm totally more Slytherin than I am Ravenclaw too. Haha.)

9/10 Lorren :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review (which I'm assuming I get for posting a blog ;D)

Anyways, I'm glad that you think I gave the twins an 'age-appropriate' voice.

You think I write well? Aw, that's really nice. Thanks.

Yay! We can be Slytherclaws together! ;) lol, thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #11, by lilylunapotter26 Mission: Ravenclaw

19th July 2010:
Hi there!

I think you did a great job with this story! One shots are always a lot of fun to read. I think you made the personalities of the characters clear and that's good. Lorcan is a promise keeper and a good friend. Lysanders wants to please people and he's sly and clever. Sylvia is kind and wants to make friends. I think your characters are very likeable and seem real.

I think one thing you could add to this would be what the characters look like. What color hair do they have? Eye color, are they tall, short? Even if you add a brief little part on what the main characters look like that would be great. When you add their physical qualities it gives the reader a better picture on what they look like.

I'm not good with grammar and such, but nothing stuck out to me. So, I think you're good.

The plot of the story is very interesting and I think the readers will like it. I think a banner would help draw in readers.You can get one in the dark arts. Other than that I think your golden! Great work!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm glad that you enjoyed the story, and uinderstood why the characters were sorted where they were.

Hm, I didn't notice that I didn't have any physical description of the characters, so I guess I'll have ot go back and add that in.

Yeah, I'm thinking about which actors I should use for the banner right now, so I shoudl probably have on soon! :) Once again, thank you so much!

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