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Review #1, by Dirigible_Plums Forgettable Me

1st April 2017:

Apparently, Paula's been a bit of a wild one and landed herself in jail so me being the mastermind that I am have decided to break her out for the CTF event.

Ooh, I don't think I've ever read a fic like this before. As you said, usually the pining fangirl manages to score the guy/Sirius in the end so it was interesting to see how she might not have. Of course, in a sense she did manage to get him. But not in a way that truly mattered and counted. Certainly not for life.

I have to admit, a little part of me was unnerved by this one shot. You described her emotions in regards to Sirius with beautiful imagery that had me hooked... but it is that very image that made me uncomfortable. I'm hoping that was the intention! It was just so intense and powerful for a crush, especially after so many years. I felt like the fangirling was taken to a whole new level with this girl.

But in its own way, it's rather sweet at the end. Or not so much sweet as bittersweet. Marian was never going to be the One for Sirius but he still meant a lot to her. He made her feel as she said.

But I do hold the opinion that the entire situation is far too complex, grey and ugly to be labelled as such.

It was a wonderful read!

Plums xo

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote Forgettable Me

1st April 2017:
Hi Tanya! Iím here to destroy hufflepuff in the capture the flag. :D

TBH I wanted to click Lying Josephine because I always hear how amazing it, but I know I only have so much time for the challenge and when I do read it I donít want it to be rushed.

Iím madly in love with this concept. The single OC who didnít somehow manage to make sirius fall madly in love and settle down his ďbad boyĒ behavior.

I'm unsure about how I feel about Sirius in this story despite Marian's feelings toward him. The notch lines, the thanking him, the hating him. All of it. I don't like that any person could do that to another person, intentional or not. And even if she knew that was what he'd be like, I still hate it for her. I hate that after all these years she hasn't found someone that so profoundly rocked her world, changed her life, loved her so much that Sirius faded into a distant memory himself. A notch. A thing of the past. I want her to find something that makes him insignificant other than a chuckle and moving on. But Sirius is Sirius and I understand where sheís coming from all the same.

I like the fact that you didnít introduce her name until the absolute very end because for all intents and purposes she was nameless for the entire story (very poetic and reflecting on the actual theme of it) and then in the end her name didnít really matter much. You could have put any name there and we would have blindly nodded.

I do like the way she describes what he made her feel. Happy and sad, confident and insecure, all of it. It really shows the range of complexity that comes with both young relationships and those that are that casual. One night with someone you may never see again would have been infinitely more easy than one with someone who is one of the most popular boys in the school. Someone you routinely face that can't even remember you.

Loved it!


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Review #3, by celticbard Forgettable Me

1st September 2016:
Hi Tanya!
I'm back for some more of your lovely writing. :) Ah, unrequited love. It's one of my favorite themes for stories, and of course, you captured it perfectly and took the idealization out of it and made it something heart-breaking and all-too human, but most importantly, REAL.

This certainly isn't the unrequited love of the movies. The entire time I was reading this one-shot, I kept thinking to myself how realistic the unrequited love between Sirius and Marian was in this story. Now, forgive me for saying this, but Marian doesn't come across as a particularly strong person. (She's a terrifically strong character, of course, her very obvious flaws making her so identifiable). However, I was still struck by her connection to Sirius, which kept her in a supine role throughout the story. It is very hard to write a character like that and I think you pulled it off quite perfectly.

To me, Marian's unrequited love, her carrying a torch for Sirius after so many decades, just proved that she was a little bit obsessed with him. And of course, writing a character who has a true obsession that is not creepy or stalker-like is another challenge in and of itself that I think you overcame with grace and eloquence. Is Marian a little obsessed with her love for Sirius? Yes, I think so. This line in particular convinced me of that,

ď It doesnít matter that you never looked at me, or that you used me for one night of pleasure, or that you never spoke to me again after said night, or that you left school and I never saw you again, or that years later you were accused of betraying your best friends, or that you killed innocent Muggles and innocent Peter Pettigrew, or that you were later relieved of all charges, or that you have now died before ever sparing me a second thoughtÖ ď

Marian is definitely not approaching her relationship with Sirius with a clear mind. She's in love and love, as you so flawlessly wrote it, is fraught with less-than-appealing qualities. Therefore, you've not only created a character who is completely well-rounded, but also, accurately showed the true pitfalls of unrequited love in a way that I think was totally realistic and insightful. That is incredibly hard to do, but it doesn't surprise me, given your talent.

Again, I really loved this one-shot, Tanya. Your characterization was fantastic, you've created a memorable OC and presented the idea of unrequited love in a true and accurate fashion. Really, really great writing, all-around. I can't wait to read your other stories in the future!

Lee Anne

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Review #4, by velajune Forgettable Me

4th January 2016:
The last line is what got to me. Unrequited love... sigh

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Review #5, by Veritaserum27 Forgettable Me

26th November 2015:
Hi there Tanya!

I thought Iíd drop off a Thanksgiving Day Review for you. I realized that Iíve already reviewed almost every single story on your authorís page. I want to get to Lying Josephine when I have some more time, so I picked this one.

Wow. What an interesting take on this. Iím sure there were so many girls that Sirius did this to and like she said, she was just a number to him. I actually feel really bad for this girl because I do know what unrequited love is like (who doesnít), but at the same time, I feel like she never found herself. She spent all of her time trying to define who she was in terms of Sirius, but she forgot that she is an entire person that deserves respect and kindness and love - with or without him.

As always, your words are so brilliant. You have a way of making the reading effortless, because Iím just into the story and not actually reading it. Iím really impressed with your versatility as well (and I can say that because Iíve reviewed just about everything of yours - haha). This is so different from Waltz and Feel Again and Murphyís Law. Sorry this review is so short - I just wanted to drop you a note of cheer!

Great job!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by Anon Forgettable Me

7th November 2015:
Never seen this idea before, and I loved it. That was awesome...

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Review #7, by carry on with your knitting Forgettable Me

23rd August 2015:

I'd just like to say, that although short I really loved this!
I've never come across something like this before and I loved the idea that it is from the point of view of one of Sirius' one night stands as it really let you think about what it would be like for those nameless girls that so many people write about! It shows a different side to Sirius and really made me think that although he was this great hero, he also hurt people in the most primitive of ways and did so casually. It really relays the fact that there are good and bad points to everyone.
I thought the technique of only revealing the girls name at the end, and referring to herself throughout as a 'notch' or a 'number' was brilliant! It really aloud the reader to form their own identity of this nameless woman.
I also like that this whole piece of writing is very cathartic and I feel that by writing this, the girl can now truly let go, it's really quiet beautiful.

Awesome job! :)
Katie (carry on with your knitting)

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Review #8, by EnigmaticEyes16 Forgettable Me

20th July 2015:
Hi! I thought this was a very interesting take on the playboy Sirius who goes from girl to girl, not caring about any of them. I like how you did it differently, presenting us with a girl he does not fall in love with, yet who is surprisingly not bitter--most of the time--for his abandonment of her. The fact she is still in love with Sirius after all these years, even after he is dead and gone, is just mindblowing. I have to wonder what she is waiting for, if not Sirius. It's sad that she hasn't been able to move on from him, hasn't been able to find anyone to replace him for her, to make her feel alive again. And I feel sorry for her. The ending is interesting though. "Thank you for letting me (love you)" seems like an odd thing to say. He didn't really "let" her, he probably didn't even know she loved him, as it seems like a very one-sided thing here. But I did enjoy reading this. It was beautifully written.


Slytherin. House Cup 2015.

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Review #9, by HermyLuna2 Forgettable Me

22nd June 2015:
Hi, I'm for the House Cup... Just kidding, but I found this story through the list. This story has a lot of reviews already, but I just had to review it because it's just so striking. It's wonderful how you managed to make this girl relatable and normal and yet totally insane. It makes you rethink the concept of insanity. Almost every reader will recognize herself in Marian and then wince. I also like that this girl doesn't feel any resentment or hate, even though the bitterness sometimes slumbers underneath the surface. She genuinely feels like Sirius has enriched her life. That's hilarious. That she thanks Sirius for having used her was heartbreaking.
The truth is, you may have used me for one night, but I used you my entire life. That line was great. Again, I'm not sure if that makes Marian pathetic or the most enviable of the two, seeing as Sirius does not seem to have been any happier.
It might sound odd, but I also thought this story was very in character for Sirius. I can totally buy that he doesn't have the faintest idea of the lifelong burden his irresistable charms accidentally gave girls such as Marian.
I am really curious now what he thought of her...

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Review #10, by DracoFerret11 Forgettable Me

20th June 2015:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums, here to review for you for the House Cup 2015! So, let's go over things:

Great Lines: I don't include this unless there was a line that really stuck out to me, but one of yours did: "You were pouring rain and blazing sunshine that created my own twisted, heart-breakingly beautiful rainbow." That was really nice. Good job.

Plot: I don't read a lot of Sirius stories because I don't have a lot of patience for playboy-type characters, but I'm glad I gave this a read. It was actually a totally different take, and I liked it a lot.

Characterization: I really liked how self-aware your narrator was. The line about, "I used you my whole life" was really great. It showed just how knowledgeable the narrator was of her situation, and that made me like her. She was really a decent person, despite her idealizing him. A really complex character.

Emotions: I really liked the idea of the narrator speaking to Sirius at his grave. It was poignant and realistic, and I liked what she admitted to him, despite him being dead. Her story is a sad one, but she's moved past that, and I admire her for being strong.

Overall, this was really good. I enjoyed reading it. Well done!

--Emily (DarkRose)

Ravenclaw, House Cup 2015

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Review #11, by Infinityx Forgettable Me

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Hello again, Tanya. :)

I really like the premise of this story. There have been so many fics I've read where the girl would have a one night stand with Sirius and then be so happy because she can flaunt it around since he's the popular guy that everyone wants. It was interesting to read the point of view of someone who has genuine unrequited feelings for him and doesn't really hate him for being with other girls but kind of accepts that's how things are. It's so complex in a way, even though the story in itself is pretty simple concept.

I love the way this has been written. There's something rhythmic about your prose and it almost seems like this really sad poem to Sirius about this girl's love for him and her desire to be known by him. It's just really stirring, the way you've written it. I mean, I'm sure all of us have gone/will go through a situation in which we want someone we can't have and this is such a brilliant story that can be easily related to situations in everyone's lives.

The way you've ended the story is so poignant and it makes me want to know more about Marian's life and her back story. So if you ever get the chance and want to do so, do write about her. it seems like she's got a lot of heavy things weighing her down and I'd love to read more about her. :)

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Review #12, by pointless_proclamations Forgettable Me

20th June 2015:
The summary of this story is one of the greatest I have ever come across. It serves as a proper punch to the gut in the sweetest of ways.

These contradictory lines are lovely and just make so much sense. Again, we witness Tanya in all her beautifully rhythmic stylisation. Again, we have this undeniable lyrical quality of words THAT JUST WORK WELL TOGETHER.

"How can one person make you feel every emotion. . . ." I am absolutely identifying myself with this emotionally-packed line right now because that one person is YOU. And you're sweet and lovely and your riddles are frustrating and clever AND YOUR WRITING, BOSS. Your writing is Boss.

This warrants an author favourite.

The prose, the beautiful, beautiful prose has an ethereal quality about it. It's so powerful in all its contradictions--lines and emotions. The obsession for Sirius Black is worded in the most novel of ways. And, this is remarkably clever of you, I love the way that the name of the narrator is one of the last things you reveal. It's amazingly symbolic and it speaks volumes.

So few words, so many feelings, Tanya, and all of them felt so powerfully. I call it emotional efficiency and efficacy. Both are present here in large magnitudes. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT.

Your writing is, very much, a treasure. ♥

House cup 2015 - Slytherin

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Review #13, by LastMinuteLuna Forgettable Me

31st May 2015:
Hello! Hello!

I'm LastMinuteLuna and I'm dropping by to leave you a review for the Pass It Along Challenge! I know. I know. It's awfully close to the deadline. I am cutting it quite close, but they don't call me LastMinuteLuna for nothing!

But enough about me. Let's talk about your fabulous story!

This was a really simple story, but executed beautifully. The speech pattern that the character has flows so eloquently along. The pace was just right.

I really enjoyed that the conflicted feelings about Sirius sort of resolved themselves into peace with the situation. Marian clearly really cared for him and it must've been a tough pill to swallow for him not to even acknowledge her existence. Heartbreaking really.

It was nice that Marian was able to take something positive out of her experience. If that one night stand was enough for her then I guess it all works out, but it does seem a bit bittersweet that her entire love life has revolved around this one hookup.

Uh oh! Times up. I have to run. I've got a few more reviews to leave and the deadline is approaching! Thanks for such a haunting story!


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Review #14, by The Peruvian Vipertooth Forgettable Me

9th March 2015:
Greetings Mortal,

Ah the power you humans allow others to hold over you with your emotions and your feelings. A weakness indeed. I am not partial to such musing, however the spurn of a mate is certainly call for some distress, even among my own kind.

As humans go Marian DeLacey is indeed a unique and intriguing one. Fascinating to say the least. You have crafter quite the work of art in this piece. A most memorable window into the world of humans.

Until we meet again,

~The Peruvian Vipertooth

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Review #15, by alicia and anne Forgettable Me

5th March 2015:
Aw poor Marian! I feel so sorry for her for being treated that way by Sirius. Curse his good looks and charm! But, at least she's alright with it, and has admitted that she used him as much as he used her.

Although, reading through this I wanted so badly for him to have not been a jerk after a one night stand and thought about her afterwards.

I really liked how you wrote this, so much emotion and I really felt for Marian. I wanted to give her a hug so badly!

This was amazing hun! :D

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Review #16, by Remus Lupin Forgettable Me

18th January 2015:

you certainly have an interesting story here. Of course, you've captured my dear friend Sirius perfectly through your character Marian. I do feel sorry for her, though that's just a testament to how well you write unrequited love.

Alas, you and I both know the real reason Marian would never be more than a notch on his bedpost is because there was only ever one person who could be... but the less said about that the better. Sirius is gone and I'm married now...


Anyway, super job on the writing.

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Review #17, by Aimee Forgettable Me

17th December 2014:
Tanya! So sorry for such a late Hot Seat Review after leaving me such a lovely one! But I'm here now!

I actually remember reading this a while back, I think it was when I didnít have an account and was lurking around just looking for Sirius/OC stories to read. And I remember how much I actually really enjoyed reading this short, but bittersweet one-shot.

I love how she switches it around when she says;
'The truth is, you may have used me for one night, but I used you my whole life'

It just makes you start to think about who actually used who and that just shows how brilliant a writer you are. Even the fact it doesnít have much dialogue in it, it just makes it better and not too descriptive.

I can almost imagine Marian sitting on a rocking chair in an old folksí home as she sees a picture of him or sees something that reminds her of him and then all this starts to flood back to her vividly. Itís lovely, sentimental, sad and bittersweet at the same time.

~Aimee xxx

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Review #18, by wolfgirl17 Forgettable Me

6th November 2014:
Hi Tanya,

I absolutely loved this story! It's so. there aren't even words. It's like you've captured that feeling that I think anyone who's ever had a one night stand will perfectly understand, and then you cloaked it in the feeling of loving someone from afar and knowing they'll never love you back. I've not read a story so capable of eliciting such an emotional response from me in quite some time, to be honest.

I find myself suddenly recalling my high-school crush, and feel as though you've expertly put into words the feelings I so often felt whilst lusting after him and loving him and knowing nothing would ever come of my infatuation.

Thank you so much for writing this Tanya, and as this was actually your first fanfiction story (I stalked you MTA page) massive kudos on your writing skills and such a poignant and memorable debut!


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Review #19, by randomwriter Forgettable Me

10th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Tanyaa! Here to review for the House Cup! I think you Puffs have been doing really well, congrats! Anyway, I'm favouriting this story right away!

It was nice to see things in reverse for once. Well, not reverse exactly, but yeah. You're right in your author's note. The girl usually manages to win him over, so it was nice to read something from the point of view of a girl who didn't manage that. I found it very relatable and I think that your idea is fantastic!

This was so beautifully written. Are you sure it's your first story, Tanya? I'm not :p The writing has this seasoned finesse that I wouldn't expect to find in anybody's first shot! This is nothing short of perfection, and I can't believe you managed to deliver all these emotions in less than thousand words.

I love the tone and narration. It's as if she's addressing Sirius, but telling a reader about him at the same time. I thought that the way she was talking about him was both sweet, and sad at the same time. Her emotions are so heart-breaking, and you've written this beautifully! I have tonnes of lines I loved! But this one -->The truth is, you may have used me for one night, but I used you my entire life.-- was somehow so raw and real. It just made me stop for a second and think. Apart from that, there were a lot of ,lines that really left an impact on me. Your choice of words was amazing and you managed to deliver this is the best possible way. This is going to stick with me. What a lovely read! :)

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Review #20, by LightLeviosa5443 Forgettable Me

4th February 2014:

So I decided to stop by because I read your status.

I. Loved. This.

I didn't expect it to be a one-shot, so I was completely ready to review bomb you. But this was so much better in less than a 1000 words than I think a novel you had written about it would've been.

This story was so beautifully written. I honestly can't believe it was your first! I love the way you've voiced it, I think it's fantastic. The way that she's remembering him, but talking to him at the same time. It has an eerily realistic aire to it, almost as if she's standing as his grave, or she's written a letter to him. Or maybe even a diary entry. I don't know, it was just lovely.

I honestly don't think I could pick out a single thing about this that I didn't like. I liked the way you talked about how she felt about her brief relationship with Sirius. I like the way you set it, by stating all of the things that had happened to him.

And most of all, I loved the way you ended it. I think that that was the most beautiful part of it all. I'm favoriting this and recommending it to my friends.

Beautiful job, Tanya!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Sarah! Gah, you are far too kind! Thank you so much! I'm just absolutely ecstatic that you loved it so much! :-D

Ooo, did you really? I wonder why you thought that? hehehe It's funny, I couldn't really imagine it as a novel, and I'm super stoked that you found it's short length and simplicity so compelling! That's always incredible to hear!

*blushes* Far too kind, I'm telling you! *hugs* Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed the writing - especially seeing as it was my first! Ah, that's so great that you said that! I actually imagined it taking place at Sirius' 'grave', even though, seeing as he fell through the veil, there was no body, and therefore no funeral or grave... but still, in my head, that's the sort presence I was experimenting with, so yay! I'm just thrilled that it came across that way!

That never gets old, I tell you. It blows me away, though, and I can't thank you enough for feeling that way about it. It's just brilliant that you enjoyed all of the different facets of the story. :)

This makes me so happy! It's funny, though, because the end of this story is the most heavily debated thing: I'd say about half the reviews LOVE the way I ended it, while the other half wishes I'd left out her name in its entirety! I feel on the fence about it, like I can see both sides, but either way, I'm just thrilled that you liked it! And *squee* That's so nice of you; thank you! :-D

Ah, this review is just so, so fantastic. You're absolutely wonderful for having taken the time to leave it. ^.^

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Review #21, by Maelody Forgettable Me

13th January 2014:
Sweet and innocently beautiful. I read it while listening to the podcast, so it was made all the more sweet. :) I love Sirius as a character, too, and always felt really bad for him from the get-go. Though he was never a complainer, was he? Very sweet story, and a job well done! :)


Author's Response: You, my dear, are just far too good to me. *hugs* I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed this story! And I love that you listened to the podcast as well; jazzeh_turnip, who read for it, did just phenomenally! I completely agree with you about Sirius; I love the complexity of him as a character, but it's sad that there is so much dark history for him. I'm so happy you liked this and just endlessly thankful that you left such a kind review! Thank you so, so much. :)

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Review #22, by Misty_Rey Forgettable Me

10th January 2014:
It was simple but wonderfully written! Is Marian DeLacy original or part of HP canon? Either way, without revealing a concrete backstory, you still crafted this character that's just brimming with complex emotions that go hand-in-hand with unrequited love. I can't decide if this is a tragic comedy or comedic tragedy but either way, you wrote the emotions in a way that felt (painfully) familiar. More than anything, the character's personality and spirit really shone through with how she perceived and handled her love of Sirius, that she could display such poignant optimism, that like Icarus she flew too close to the sun, got burnt but was glad and grateful to have experienced it at all.

This was a fantastic read. :D

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! What a gorgeous review!

Marian is an OC and not canon at all! hehehe I'm glad she felt real and developed enough to bring that into question, though! I'm just thrilled that this felt so accurate to you based on your own experience - and trust me, I can relate as well - though I'm sorry we've both been through it! *hugs* And what a wonderful comparison! I'm glad that though the subject matter is not particularly happy, Marian's ability to hold onto that silver lining shows through so that it is almost not so sad.

This review is just so very lovely. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it! :)

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Review #23, by UnluckyStar57 Forgettable Me

7th January 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Twelfth Day of the Twelve Days of Reviewing. :)

Awww, unrequited love. I can totally relate to that, but it would seem that Marian has it worse than I ever did. She obviously felt things for Sirius Black that were far beyond the normal scope of teenage love, and he obviously had no clue. She never had any chance to tell him, did she? And even if she did, he would've laughed and brushed her aside for the next pair of legs that came along. That's really unfortunate, and I think that you've captured that really well in a relatively small amount of words.

Why does she pine after him so? Did she never meet someone else who caught her eye? What a terrible thing it must be, to spend one's life longing for a person one can never have! Will she die lonely, the memory of Sirius Black still etched in her mind?

I thought that this was beautifully written. I think you did a really good job with characterization of both Marian AND Sirius, even though Sirius wasn't actually in the story. The fact that it's addressed to him is just incredibly sad, because he'll probably never hear or read the things that she said. He'll never know how much she loves him, confessed with words that were chosen so carefully by you. :)

Wonderful story! I know it has a lot of reviews, but I'm just helping you get to 100 on this one. (That would be a cool achievement!) Happy Twelve Days of Reviewing!


Author's Response: Hi, hi, hi and thank you so much for leaving this wonderful review! :-D

hehe I had a feeling when I wrote this that most people could probably relate to unrequited love, unfortunate a thought as that is (but yeah, Marian kind of took it to a new extreme - hehehe)! And you've hit the nail on the head! I'm so glad you could garner all of that from this story; that tells me that even with its simplicity, there was still some depth to it - which yay! haha

I imagine that some people, try as they might and close as they come to falling for a new person, still find themselves unable to let go of the past. It's really quite sad, but people truly experience that sort of thin, and Marian just... doesn't know how to move on completely. I love that you have these future questions though about her life! And truthfully, I've never actually thought past this moment! I like to think she'd be happy someday... :)

Aw, thank you! That's always so lovely to hear about my writing! And I'm thrilled that both Marian and Sirius were well-done! It is sad to think about that, but I'm so happy you liked the way Marian made her confession! *hugs*

Ah, you're wonderful; thank you so, so much! And hahaha! That would be INSANE! I was blown away that it even reached 50! 100 would be just crazy amazing! Ah, thank you again for taking the time to leave such a kind comment! :-D

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Review #24, by signedheart Forgettable Me

6th January 2014:
This is just so good! I actually clicked the podcast version of it because I thought that was neat. The girl reading it has a perfect voice for readings. I read along and loved it. This is so clever. New favorite author? I think so!

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you so much!!! I'm, like, bouncing up and down right now with pure joy! I've been stuck at 16 favorite author's forever - it's so amazing to see that number go up! *hugs* And I'm just absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed this story, too! And yes! jazzeh_turnip read it and she did phenomenally! I was blown away the first time I heard it! She's wonderful, and so are you! Thank you so much for leaving another brilliant and kind review! It is endlessly appreciated! :-D

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Review #25, by Secret Santa 2013! Forgettable Me

23rd December 2013:
Hello! Ho ho ho and all that jazz, Iím your Secret Santa this year!

This one-shot, from the word go seems very good. Iíve never read something from the point of view of a girl who didnít get the guy, and who didnít, I donít knew, find a replacement or something and itís just new and different and Iím excited to read it!

The poor girl, sheís just, a mix of emotions and just confusion and hate and love and annoyance and everything in between that anyoneís ever felt when theyíve liked someone that hasnít liked them back and I just feel terrible for her, but at the same time, itís a bit like, she needs to move on. I know sheís infatuated by Sirius and this and that but really, at the end it says that she wrote this after Sirius had died, meaning it had been how long since sheíd even seen him? Twenty?

But at the end, thatís a small bit heart-breaking. Thanking him for letting her love him even though he didnít even know and just itís, yeah. The poor girl. She seems a little obsessive, but still, the poor thing.

Iíll see you in the next story! Bye!

Author's Response: Santa! :-D Does this review mean that I'm on your nice list? *knee slap* :-p

Yay! I love hearing that a story of mine is sort of immediately well received right from the top! Woot! And I'm really glad that this was a unique story for you! Back when I wrote it, I too had only ever read stories where the main couple ends up together happily too, which is exactly why I chose to sort of flip the switch for this story!

Ah, I know, I feel so bad for writing her in such a sad state! Poor thing. But you're exactly right: She's going through every contradicting emotion possible, but is finally taking her moment to let go so that she can (hopefully) move on. It's a rather pathetic situation she's been keeping herself in, but I think the fact of the matter is that some people in the world truly are unable to let go of certain things, and for Marian, letting go of Sirius - regardless of how much time has passed and how little interest he ever showed her - feels impossible.

Hahaha Obsessive is kind of the perfect word, yeah. It's funny to have this balance of feeling bad for her and also feeling like she's sort of pathetic. She's a poor little thing indeed. *pets*

Anyway, thank you so much for the great review, Santa! Also, since I have yet to find out who you are, the riddle-hunting, secret-busting stalker in me has been trying to crack the code before you unveil yourself, so I wanted to take a guess at who you might be! After a little creeping and comparing, I'm going to say that you are... Siriusly89? *ponders more* ^.^

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