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Review #1, by lovesiick Simply Beautiful

9th September 2011:
This story is simplu beautiful. I wish there would be a sequel though!

Author's Response: thankyou so much...who knows there may be a sequel :)

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Review #2, by inkers Simply Beautiful

26th March 2011:
Very lovely story! You brought them together well, and stuck to your theme through the entire story. Nicely done!

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Review #3, by Donna Simply Beautiful

19th March 2011:
loved it. u should consider writing more to it. i would love to read more.

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Review #4, by HorseBabexo Simply Beautiful

11th October 2010:
Hey, it's me, finally, with a review :)
I liked this a lot. There were a few spelling mistakes, but I'll look passed it. (I have spelling mistakes ALL the time)
You explained Draco's loneliness really well. It made me feel kind of bad for them both.
But I'm glad that they found each other haha :)
Luna was a bit OOC (not much, don;t worry!) but that's fine because I can;t write Luna at all. I just don;t understand her character.

Great job!

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Review #5, by EmilytheWicked Simply Beautiful

31st July 2010:
Your prose is lovely, or at least, your vocabulary and grammar is. But it sort of... Dragged, for lack of a nicer term.
I wasn't thinking, oh, what's next, what is the narrator going to tell me next? I was thinking, rather, of when I could get to the end and the point of it.
If you can obtain a better grasp of action and pacing, even in as short a piece as this, then it would all read much easier.
I still enjoyed it, though!

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Review #6, by lumos_ Simply Beautiful

14th July 2010:
This was so cute! I love seeing a different side of Draco :) Good work! x

Author's Response: Thankyou very much

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Review #7, by LindaSnape Simply Beautiful

9th July 2010:
I was a bit worried when I saw this shipping. A lot of people rush into this ship without much thought put into it, so I have to admit I cringed at first. I also saw that this was for another challenge which I assume you got the pairing.

Despite the fact that I could never see this pairing getting together, I thought you did a wonderful job at it!

I love how you managed to capture a childlike side of Luna yet you still manage to encapsulate her wisdom and eclectic taste in clothing choices. I thought that was done brilliantly.

As for Draco, I think you captured him well, too. Although, I don't really see him as a 'sex' god, I can see him partaking in a meaningless fling or two for some unknown reason.

I really liked this because I think that you really characterized them well. I adored Luna's wardrobe, and the disinterest that she had in painting the rest of her nails. I really appreciated Draco's struggle to admit that he loved her because of what his parents would think. It was little details like that, I think, that made this piece really great!

I didn't catch any spelling or grammatical snafu's, so great job there! I always appreciate pieces that have that polished look.

It was wonderfully done!

Great job!


Author's Response: Wow thanks =) That was one thing I really struggled with - making them work without destroying their characters too much or making them too unrealistic compared to how we know them. So I am ecstatic to hear that I achieved in making them work. =) Plus I just love the many layers of Luna's character, she's a little like me, so I guess that makes it easier to capture a bit of her wisdom and crazyness all in one. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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