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Review #1, by norwegian girl Leave it be

18th March 2008:
"If the Head comparments as great as you make it out, Prongs, you better be bloody sure to let us come in, Prongs."

that's a lot of prongs...

Can't wait to read the entire story.

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Review #2, by a fan! A Death of a Dynasty

11th October 2007:
omg that last chapter was AMAZING
i was on the edge of crying
its so sad everyone diess!! god u just like JK R. lol
but i still

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Review #3, by HarryluvsHermione007 Lavatory Love

18th June 2006:
Nice chapter, i like the whole story so far, great job.

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Review #4, by hello_kitty Lavatory Love

6th December 2005:

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Review #5, by EMERALD_sapphire920 A Death of a Dynasty

22nd February 2005:
one word- wow!

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Review #6, by Anna Anderson A Death of a Dynasty

26th May 2004:

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Review #7, by ChocolateHorses [Too Lazy 2 Log In] A Marriage

23rd May 2004:
Hey this was pretty good. I'm not into the Marauders thing, but you made me see it in a new light. It was a very sweet, cute story and I hope you had fun writing it, because that's what is most important! Anyway, glad you enjoyed my story and I hope to be hearing from you soon! ~The ChocolateHorse

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Review #8, by Kristen A Marriage

15th April 2004:
Well done! Very nice job! Just finished reading and I just have to say tha I liked it a lot, congratulations!

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Review #9, by Spill A Marriage

7th April 2004:
That was really cute, I liked it a lot. My favorite line was when Dumbledore said, "May their future cakes fare better!" That was funny, I laughed out loud literally. Write more!!!!

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Review #10, by Mystic Moonstone Leave it be

3rd April 2004:
I got this story on random story and it's really good! I never thought I'd really be in to Lily/James stories but yours is really really good! BYE!

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Review #11, by SproutyGirl A Marriage

25th January 2004:
uh...whats up with the marriage thing? random. it was good until then :-D

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Review #12, by littleaquarianprincess A Marriage

7th January 2004:
wow i kind of forgot to read your story for awhile or rather i didn't know if i had read it or not but then i deicded i would read it anyway and it turnd out i already had started so yeah, i still love it. is this the end of the story?

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Review #13, by Amara A Marriage

5th January 2004:
Loved this chappie. Very intresting, but what of Alex and Remus? (Alex is the most intresting character to me) is she and Remus married/dateing/engaged? and What of Nacy? Does she "sleep around?" is she like a feminine version of Peter? Power hungry?

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Review #14, by Sara A Marriage

4th January 2004:
From the chapter "A Marriage" Maya will be writing the story.

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Review #15, by gina A Marriage

3rd January 2004:
this story is really great, you write it so well.... just one thing: you seem to be like jumping a lot from present to past to future.... and it gets a little confusing... but its REALLY GOOD!

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Review #16, by shade A Marriage

3rd January 2004: sweet and heartfelt! Very touching :-) I liked the details in here, they were nicely the yellow roses and the bubbles floating...very sweet indeed. Do a read-through when you get a chance...there are a few minor spelling's such a lovely chapter though so warm, and it truly brought a large smile to my well as a great big old "Awwww!"

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Review #17, by shade Explanation

31st December 2003:
Wow...well I'm hooked now, that's for certain! What happened?? ARGH. But there have been GREAT things in the last few chapters. Maya..Sara (I'm not sure who is writing this) you have a great flare for've really brought Hogwarts to life and the characters you are working with....That was some cliffhanger too! I'll be over here chewing on my desk until the truth is revealed. Who hurt her? Was it really James?? (pulls hair in frustration) But good, gripping work here! And yes, I write the longest reviews known to God or man. Sorry about that.

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Review #18, by shade Ill Fate

31st December 2003:
This is really going well! Did Daisy actually tell James? Wow, I'd throttle her! You've got good pacing and once again, detailed descriptions. I'm looking forward to where this is headed! Nicely done, nicely done indeed!

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Review #19, by shade Sleepless Secret

31st December 2003:
Strong descriptions again! Plus a laugh aloud moment from Lily with the "What do you mean, is that 'all'?" the sentence following that had me laughing like a fool! Are two people writing this story? Well, you are both doing very well. Question: what's with the / marks? Code problem when you transfer to html or intentional?

Author's Response: Yes, Sara and I (Maya) are writing this story (I was the one who read yours) About the "/" problem, we have no idea, we put " mraks but they change into / so I think it might be our computers on strike or something of the sort.

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Review #20, by shade The feast

31st December 2003:
This is also a really strong build-up chapter with very good dialogue in it. Gives the reader a very good feel for who's speaking....and once again, fabulous details. One thing I really loved was what looks to be the beginning of Lily's emotional process regarding James. - Sorry I've been slow to review, I've not been reading Lily/James fics recently...didn't want to accidentally rob anyone of an idea. Now that I'm nearly done's on to the next chapter here! Strong work here, I like the pacing too! This has every earmarking of a strong reading journey! Congrats!

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Review #21, by insane_gerbil Leave it be

31st December 2003:
Usually, update later means that you'll update later. SO DO IT!!

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Review #22, by insane_gerbil Thoughts

30th December 2003:
This is really good. i like it alot. Please update soon. I really like how you go into detail about the characters, but you ned more Lily in the story.

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Review #23, by shade Home

23rd December 2003:
This is an impressive work! You take the time to describe things that are really important to the story such as the bumps and shuffle of the train coming to rest (and suddenly a reader feels like they're on a train)....I like your dialogue patterns too, every character has a distinctive voice...I'm interested in the story and want to know CONGRATS you capture the attention (yes I write the world's longest reviews) and hold the interest! That's a HUGE thing in writing....and you help provide information that calls for visualization...such as McGonagall beckoning the students was a tiny detail that suddenly had me 'seeing' exactly that in my head. Really ...there's a lot going on in your writing....for heaven's sake, keep at it! You've caught the muse!

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Review #24, by Ger Thoughts

13th December 2003:
Update soon! I like your story

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Review #25, by HP's #1 fan! Thoughts

9th December 2003:
god!! r u plannin on updating soon? (or ever?)

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