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Review #1, by academica Crescendo

29th December 2011:
Hey! Stopping by from TGS review tag :)

You know, I've always seen Theo as being a bit quieter than his housemates, particularly when placed in the shadow of someone as loud and out there as Draco or Pansy. It was neat to watch you explore him in the way that I'm so used to thinking of him. It was so very Slytherin of him to separate himself from the others, feeling as if he would exist above the rumble of their meaningless noise in an ideal world. The title creates an interesting image of the noise growing steadily louder and louder until he absolutely can't take it anymore, so I think that was a very good artistic choice.

Nicely done! Sorry this review couldn't be longer -- it was a simple piece, albeit a very good one, and I didn't see anything that needed mending. I always appreciate running across a good under-loved character story, so I'm glad that Tag brought me over to find this one! :)


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Review #2, by George Whitman Crescendo

27th December 2011:
Hey Len! Merry Christmas!

I have been intrigued by Theodore in the past and I always wanted to find out more about him. You really didn't add much more to him for me but I must say this story has caught my attention. First of all it's your writing. I think it's very good. I was getting a headache by the description of his headache. It was really quite powerful and allowed me to tap into the character.

Secondly its the feeling of depression that I get from Theodore. He seems so detached from everyone, yet he claims to be a witness to their experiences. I still wish I knew more about him but you have enhanced the mystery that is Theodore very well. I wonder what has driven him to this sad life. It is very human and I can relate to it very well.

Thirdly, it is your depiction of Blaise. He comes across as more compassionate than I have imagined his character in the past. It is not something that bothers me but it is interesting to note his treatment of fellow Slytherins goes beyond cordial. He treats Millicent relatively well and even inquires after Theodore's departure.

Well done!

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Review #3, by tangledconstellations Crescendo

14th August 2011:
Hello! I thought I'd have a roam around your authors page after reviewing Wildflowers the other night (and noting your topnotch writing) and I came across this little gem! How wonderful was this? :D

It was so lovely to be able to have a snapshot into someone's life, into someone we barely see at all. I saw it was in response to an Obscure Characters challenge, and I thought it was such a unique take. A lot of fics are fueled by action and arguments and so on and so forth, but this was really lovely and ever so gentle in terms of pace, and I got a feel for the character of Theodore, even if he wasn't in the best of moods.

Having read some of Wildflowers, I can definitely see that one of your strengths is your ability to be able to translate emotions into words on a page. It sounds so lame of me to say it like that, haha, but we barely know Theodore, yet I can see how he'd react to any kind of confrontation or even just in a conversation by this mood we've seen him in here. I can feel his frustration at this god-awful headache and everyone else who is just making it worse. It was just...really really nice to have this snapshot into his rather rough evening. I am so impressed with your writing, and though I'm no judge really, it really is pretty awesome. You balance everything out, like the dialogue and just flows beautifully.

So, although this probably isn't something you spent forever on, unlike your many a-chaptered fics that I've spied on your page, do be proud of this, because its something to show you can write a lot for a story, and yet something entirely different to show you can do it in a couple thousand words.

Really, really lovely (: L xxx

Author's Response: Laura,
Any decent story should be able to put enough emotion into the pages that the reader gets a feel for what that character is going through. It is something a lot of writers (myself included) struggle with. Sometimes I'm not certain the emotion comes across as much as I want it to. But I'm glad you think it does.

Thanks so much for the lovely review. I really appreciate it. And it was a pleasant surprise to find a review on this story.

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Review #4, by CymorilofMelnibone Crescendo

24th July 2011:
I loved this! Your writing style is really captivating, now I wish that this wasn't just a one-shot and that there were more! I have to say that this is very inspirational in terms of structure and style, and that you manage to turn a simple little headache problem into something that portrays a character including all his details. Perfection!

Author's Response: I looked at it again to see if there was away of making it longer, and as much as I'd love to, I just can't. there wasn't much of plot in there to pull out enough for another chapter. But I do understand what you mean. I love this fic.

Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #5, by CARPE DIEM Crescendo

4th February 2011:
Ahh! I'd just like to start off by saying that I sort of have a fangirl crush on Theodore Nott, so I was so excited when I noticed this story of yours. There's just something intriguing about him... Maybe it's the fact that he's Slytherin but never a part of Malfoy's gang.

I really liked your characterization of Theodore -- the quiet observer. I think being Slytherin but not quite fitting in would be really horrible... I almost feel bad for the guy. Perhaps he would've been better suited for Ravenclaw.

Your writing really stood out to me. You made a one-shot withrelatively little dialogue very fun to read with your imagery and syntax. There were a couple sentences in here at which I literally went, "Oooh," because I liked how they were worded so much haha.

One criticism I have is to perhaps expand more on the "crescendo" of the sound. I think the steady rise of his annoyance could have been more prominent, as the sound of the Great Hall slowly scratched against his nerves more and more.

To sum up though, a really lovely one-shot! I enjoyed the concept and the execution. ^^

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I rather like playing around with Theodore's character, and he just seemed the perfect type to sit there and watch his fellow students. The Lexicon says he was a bit of a loner, which is why I think he worked so well with this one-shot.

Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Unwritten Curse Crescendo

23rd December 2010:
A Review from your Secret Santa. ;)

What a solitary guy. It's kind of sad, really, that he wants to forget that everyone exists. I feel like there is some underlying cause that could be explored more fully, to really get at his character. But it's definitely intriguing. I can relate to wanting silence and not being able to get it - and then that moment at the end of stolen solitude... it's like a release. Nicely done.

At the beginning, Theodore is speaking of the "petty" conversations of his classmates. What exactly is it that they talk about? Bringing in some specifics will bring us further into the world. I did like how you brought in Millicent's nagging little "listen to me" bit. I laughed out loud. You showed us quite how pathetic she is without having to go into unnecessary detail.

And once again, beautiful writing. I really enjoy your work. You really do a great job of isolating specific moments and bringing them to life. There is a lot of potential in this piece for further exploring and I would love to see you do that through editing or even writing a companion piece. :)

Merry Christmas,

Author's Response: Gina,

OMG thank you so much for the lovely review! I rather liked writing this one-shot. It was so much fun to delve into Theodore's mind for a little while and figure out what was going on in there. As someone who personally loves the quiet, I can totally relate to Theodore. Though, I don't think I'd go so far as to ignore my housemates to obtain it.

thanks again!

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Review #7, by Novadestin Crescendo

8th December 2010:
This is the first new story of yours that I have read in awhile and it just completely reminded me of why I have you on my favorite authors list :) It might sound strange but I can breeze through your stories really quickly. Meaning They are easily to follow/understand, flow really well, are easy to picture, etc etc etc you get the idea. The whole story just comes off the screen and my eyes read as fast as they can to keep up with what my brain wants hehe

"only adding to the fact that the Great Hall was indeed not so great after all" and "While he could put up with her longer than most people, Millicent wasnít the brightest person he knew, and the majority of the time he humoured her." were my favorite parts!

"Rather than giving in and yell at him" - shouldn't that be yelling?

"leaving him to think as he much as he wanted" - I believe there is one too many "he"s in there hehe

Great work hun, loved it!

Author's Response: I always look forward to seeing your reviews. You're one of the few people who have stuck with me through the years and I'm so glad you still read my work.

I'm also thrilled that you enjoyed this. I'll get to work on fixing those typos as soon as I find time. Thanks for pointing them out.

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Review #8, by Celtic_Dreamer7 Crescendo

15th August 2010:
This was a great little one-shot. I lover reading things from Slytherin characters pov. I have to admit, I haven't read any from Theodore's point of view. I like that you kept this as a one-shot, the length wasn't too long or too short but just right enough to enjoy the story without becomming bored. I love your descriptive writing style. You have a way of expressing the entire scene without overdoing it. Great job.


Author's Response: Celtic,
Thanks so much for reading this. I know you picked it up out of the thread in the common room.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #9, by SiriuslyPeeved Crescendo

6th August 2010:
Your descriptive writing is lovely in this piece. You took a minor character ordinarily portrayed as unlikeable, and let us see below the surface. Theodore's voice comes through clearly. Your descriptions of his headaches are by turns very funny (the hippogriff!) and made my own head hurt in sympathy. I found it intriguing to read about a character who was not really happy at Hogwarts: even Voldemort, in some ways, idealized it.

The pacing was very nice and I thought you did a good job organizing the entire piece around the theme. I'm really intrigued to see where you might go with this in future chapters, and where this is set during the books. (you don't have to tell me in the review response :) )

Author's Response: Given that this is a one-shot I don't plan to actually write any more chapters to it. When you mentioned chapters, I hit the back button to see that I hadn't actually put it up as complete (doh!). It's fixed now.

Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed this fic (though it was never intended to induce headaches). I figured there had to be at least one character somewhere in the HP books that didn't idealize Hogwarts. And Theodore seemed that type to me.

Thank you for the review, I'm so glad to hear you liked it :D

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Review #10, by LindaSnape Crescendo

3rd August 2010:
This was a beautiful story. While it is true that I don't like most 'general' tales, I think I was glad to make an exception for this one. I loved your descriptive tone in this piece. I found that you pulled it off quite well. I found myself irritated like Theodore when people talked to him. So I think you set the mood pretty well.

One criticism I have is that you seem to repeat the word 'talk'. Now, I know you use many other words for this, but it seemed that you went on at length about how Theodore would rather have solitude. Though, I criticize it, I also like this. Because I feel like this is how people really do rant in their heads. Sometimes, they can't adequately express to the people around them just how annoyed they really are.

I do like your characterization of Theodore. He is undeniably Slytherin, and while his attitude of people in general is deplorable. . . you can't help but feel pity and sympathy for him in his plight.

I particularly enjoyed your hyperbole of his migraine being the size of a hippogriff.

I also liked the characterizations of those around Theodore particularly the ones you mentioned at length like Millicent and the barely there Blaise.

This flowed quite well. I felt like I was being carried away on a musical note, and I don't know if that was your intention or not, but you did pull that off quite nicely.

I also liked that in the end, poor ickle Theodore got the silence that he so very much longed for.

This was quite beautiful, and I really adored it!


Author's Response: The repetition of the word 'noise' and 'talk' were purposely done. I know a lot of people don't like when words repeat as often as I've used them, but I did it with a reason.

I love the characterization of Theodore and I'm so glad you liked him as well. He's so under appreciated. Though, he does hate his surroundings, I tried to keep him to canon as to what the lexicon said about him. That he was a loner.

I did want to go with a musical note here because to some noise can be very much like music or not at all. In this case, while it was simply too much for Theodore, I believe the musical vibe was definitely worth it. And I couldn't end it on a bad note. I had to be somewhat nice to Theodore, thus he got his silence. :D

Thanks so much for the review and I'm so glad you liked it (enough to make an exception).

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Review #11, by Ellerina Crescendo

3rd July 2010:
Aw! Len, this was great! I can definitely tell that you were writing this during all that noisy construction across the street. Theo Nott is one of my favorite minor characters and his sort of loner-ness has always been really interesting to me. I think you were able to portray that sort of introverted personality (something not seen very often in FF) perfectly. I also liked that you didn't make him too friendly with Malfoy, because I've always thought that they both had strong personalities in their own way and Malfoy would have a hard time being around someone who was actually his equal for any amount of time.

Really enjoyed this!

Author's Response: Annie! Thanks so much for reading this, it means a lot to me. Now, I went off the lexicon info that said Theodore wasn't the type of person to feel the need to join gangs like Malfoy's and I used that in this piece. I'm so glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by hallowsorhorcruxes Crescendo

2nd July 2010:
Wow- what a nice one-shot! You should be proud of it. ^_^

It's very impressive how, in such a short space of time, you have managed to create such a sense of character. Theodore is an intriguing character, IMO, because he creates so much internal entropy for himself while condemning the chaos that is around him externally.

Does that make sense? I mean, the Great Hall for instance- he dismisses his classmates around him as thoughtless drones, going on and on about trivialities while trying to be louder than the other students around them. They're mindless, Theodore thinks. But it's sad, really, when you consider that Theodore is constantly judging these other students who--granted--might have their flaws, but at least they are not alone like Theodore is.

He's unhappy, which I think is why he's so dismissive of everyone around him. He isn't accepted, so he won't accept anyone else. He keeps up a constant internal monologue but never lets anyone in. He even keeps Blaise at a distance, who is the only person in the piece who tries to engage him at any point on a meaningful level.

Tell me if I'm totally off-base. ^_^ Hahaha. Either way, I loved it! Oh- and in addition to creating a great character, I enjoyed reading your description and attention to noise. It really got to me, the reader, like it got to Theodore- that's great writing! :)



Author's Response: I totally agree he is unhappy, and keeping people at a distance. I wanted to keep him true to what the lexicon said that he's a loner. This was such a fun piece to write and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for such an amazing review.

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Review #13, by Maybe Someday Crescendo

2nd July 2010:
Great story!
Love the poltergeist. ^^

Author's Response: I had to include Peeves somehow. He makes such a racket sometimes and it just works with this fic :D Thanks for reading and reviewing I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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