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Review #1, by lizmusic45 Chapter 2:Draco

18th November 2010:
Wow,I never was a big fan of Darco and Hermione but, you do a great job on each of thier's POV.
I'm impressed
I was actully on the homepage when I saw your name Muse princess.
Funny thing, I'm a huge muse fan I love the song supermassive black hole.
[Hopefully your username is after the band muse and not somthing else]
If it just so happend not to be named after the band can we forget I said anything.

Author's Response: Hello lizmusic45!

Thanks for the review. First off I'm very happy that you like my povs for the characters. I made my name because I'm a major Muse fan. So no need to forget. Lol :) I love Supermassive Black Hole. I love Muse they inspire me to write with their lyrics. I'm currently obessed with their song Sunburn.

Anyway thanks again for the review. I'm hoping to rewrite the chapters quicker so there's something for everyone to read. Thankyou :)
Lots of Slythie Love~Muse Princess~

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Review #2, by IzabellaRadcliffe Chapter 2:Draco

22nd July 2010:
Best chapter yet.YET! AQF thankfully I didn't have to post it.well can't wait to read your next chapter. BETA MY TWO STORIES I LEFT WITH YOU!
Your Best Friend and Beta,

Author's Response: Hola Izzy,thanks for betaing and reviewing my next chapter.I'm working on the next chapter so you'll have some work to do soon.I'll start on your chapters asap.see yah soon and Lots of Slytherin Love,
Muse Princess

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Review #3, by rj_sunshine Chapter 2:Draco

22nd July 2010:
cant wait for the next chapter. update quick!

Author's Response: Hey rj_sunshine thanks for just made my day and I'm so happy now :) as soon as the validation is open again ill post promise.the next chapter will be from hermiones point of view.then draco and so on.thanks again. Lots of Slytherin Love,
Muse Princess

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Review #4, by IzabellaRadcliffe Chapter 1:Hermione

3rd July 2010:
Muse Princess I can't wait to beta your next chapters and write them up for you. Your story ideas are the best I get most of ideas reading them. ;) Your the best beta and so you don't forget my reward better be GOOD. XD Good luck on your next top secret stories. Hope I can write the next chapter soon.
Your best friend and beta,

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I'm so glad to hear that my ideas help you.You have been major help so thankyou again. As for my other stories we'll see when I decide to post. Don't worry the reward will be good :). Lots of Slytherin love,Muse Princess

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