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Review #1, by lauraf68 Chapter four - Happy Birthday Babies Potter

16th August 2010:
Lovely tale you wove there. So much detail worked out meticulously. I do not normally like AU stories, however this one was captivating and enthralling. I found it today, read it right away, and couldn't stop until I reached the end.

I absolutely loved the aspect of James "talking" to his sisters in the womb. That little boy, along with help from Harry, saved his sisters and possibly his mother from danger.

Lovely little Birthday party you had for Lily and Molly too. Although if I had magic I would be more apt to celebrate more too, LOL.

Thank You for a wonderful read. I think I will try your other AU story. ~~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thank you for you kind words. Funny, I have never thought of this as an AU story as it was written prior to "Deathly Hallows'" publication. But I guess it actually is, just as my other story is as well. However, they are both written to fit in seamlessly and conform to canon, if you disregard DH. I do so appreciate your reading it, and I am very glad you enjoyed it and left a comment. I hope you will enjoy my other story and leave comments as well.

Thanks again.

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Review #2, by Mrs HJ Potter Chapter four - Happy Birthday Babies Potter

12th August 2010:
Pretty cute and congratulations on finishing!!

Author's Response: Thanks... Now it is full concentration on my other story. Have you given it a read yet? I Would appreciate a comment or two...

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Review #3, by Mrs HJ Potter Chapter Three - Birthing Babies

24th July 2010:
What a very tense delivery but worth every second. Can't wait to see chapter 4!

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words, and the vote of confidence. One more chapter to go. Unfortunately it will have to wait until after the Staff's summer break. But, it will be up as soon as I am able to get it submitted and validated.
I do hope you have taken a look at my other story as well? I would really like to know what you think of it.
Thanks again for the read and the review.

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Review #4, by sandy Chapter Three - Birthing Babies

23rd July 2010:
this was good, but a little cheesy...

Author's Response: We'll yes it is a little. Sentimentality is perhaps not my strongest suit, but it does come from a combination of experiences with the births of my own children, and with working in a delivery room. Combined together with the magical world of HP of course. There is one last chapter to round out the story and I do hope you will read that and comment as well.
Also, I hope you will read my other story if you are so inclined? I am finding it interesting how few people review and I am a review hound like any writer. Reader's comments keep me writing.

Thanks for the read and words.

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Review #5, by Mrs HJ Potter Chapter one - Molly's Family

10th July 2010:
A good start, interested to see what comes next.

Author's Response: The next chapter should be validated at any time as it has been in the que about 3 days now. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Thanks for leaving a comment!

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Review #6, by Dalek194 Chapter one - Molly's Family

5th July 2010:
Nice work :-) You have written Molly's perspective well, and it has a very happy feel to it. There are lots of new characters you've introduced that can make it confusing, and make it drag on a bit, but you've given each of them their own personality really well. Very sweet, I look forward to the next chapter. Please update soon!

A quick note; if there is another chapter, why does it say "Completed" and not "WIP" in the story status?

Author's Response: You are correct, it should say WIP! my mistake. There are four chapters total and the whole story is already written. It will be posted alternately with chapters of my other larger story "Harry Potter and the Heart of the Hero" and will show up as quickly as the validation process allows.
I am glad you like the children. People sometimes complain that there are too many characters, but the whole point is to show the post-war prosperity of the Weasley's.
The rest of the story changes focus, and it is not required that you recall childrens' names, only the impact of their existence.
Hope you enjoy the rest.

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