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Review #1, by Jason Garriott Chapter Nine - Hypothetical

2nd December 2011:
I think this story is great! Poor Pansy who is having to deal with a Mother who is drinking! Also having to deal with a Father who isn't around like he should be!

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Review #2, by Jason Garriott Chapter Five - Drawn to the Ground

1st December 2011:
Great story!! Pansy is just as mysterious as Draco is at this point!! Freeky dream that she had though!! I just hope her and Draco, the Slyhterin Prince, and Princess get together at last!!

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Review #3, by Anon Chapter Fourteen - Spontaneous Combustion

23rd February 2011:
This chapter contained a good deal many quotes that were my favorite in the entire story so far, I shall quote them below!
""It's very interesting to watch, two otherwise very logical people, with illogical motivations."
""You are like this disease, Draco, and its killing me, and I can't get rid of it and I don't want to."
Bloody Brilliant, that is all I really have to say about this chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you SO much! Ah, I am smiling like crazy right now. Blaise is the voice of logic here, too bad no one listens to him. Again, thank you! I am being really repetitive, but still.

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Review #4, by Anon Chapter Thirteen - Notorious

23rd February 2011:
I think that I must have gotten a little distracted in reading, because I have missed my review for chapter eleven. Alas, I shall go back and fix that later though. Once again this was another brilliant chapter! It is interesting to see how the plot is unfolding through the story's progression.

Author's Response: Oh don't even worry about it! You know, I logged in here and saw I had nine new reviews and had a little heart attack of joy. It really is amazing to here from you. I can't thank you enough!

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Review #5, by Anon Chapter Nine - Hypothetical

23rd February 2011:
This story is so many things, a romance, angst, drama, and even adventure. You have managed to meld these together into a flawless piece of fanfiction.

Author's Response: Thank you! I have a lot of trouble trying to balance my genres sometimes, mostly the adventure. I am really glad you like it!

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Review #6, by Anon Chapter Seven - What's Good For You

23rd February 2011:
The end was simply my favorite, the language and the poetry of the words was beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You're amazing :]

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Review #7, by Anon Chapter Five - Drawn to the Ground

23rd February 2011:
Hello again! I have decided that I will review every other chapter, it makes the reviewing process easier for me and I get to indulge myself in a few chapters before tearing myself away completely. I love your work, as previously stated before in my last review. I would honestly love to even read original work from you because you writing is beyond amazing. Even JK would be jealous, I'm not exaggerating.

Author's Response: That is really so kind of you, I totally understand. Sometimes it can be really hard to review even every other chapter, because you're trying to think of new things to say...
I have always wanted to write some original fics but haven't yet, but lately I have been leaning toward doing one. That is amazing of you to say, oh my gosh, I don't even know how to thank you!

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Review #8, by Anon Chapter Three - Foreign Flowers

23rd February 2011:
I absolutely love this story. I love to read Pansy and Draco stories and sadly there are not many on this site, or many others even. My friend recommended this story to me at the forums, and since I have started reading it I've just been thoroughly engrossed in the language, just the way the words flow in the story. I probably have a few pages of good words to say about your work, but I will not bore you to death with my tirade :P And I have quite a few more chapters to read, great chapter and great story so far! I will definitely try to read some of your other Draco Pansy stories.

Author's Response: I know! Draco/Pansy is so hard to find, it makes me really sad. Do you mind if I ask who recommended? I'd love to thank them :]
Thank you so much, I love love love to hear that people enjoyed this story in particular, since the ship is less popular. It was my first story in a long time.
I would also advise you to check out some of my favorited stories, there are some good Draco/Pansy stories there!
Thank you!

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Review #9, by toothpick Chapter Twenty-One - Motivation

13th November 2010:
Hey! Back from the land of homework and school laptops. ;_;

I don't know if I've written this in a review before, but I think you're writing has really changed from when you were writing your other fics from three years ago. It's gotten better, of course, since it's the only way to go xD Some paragraphs make me think, "Oooh, this one was really, really well written." And make me jealous they didn't come from my own pen x))

This chapter was amazing and was a really good round off to a good story. I'm glad that Pansy and Draco need each other- that it's mutual. And it's not only Pansy that is dependent on Draco, like some other fanfics would like us to believe. ^__~

The ending was perfect, not too mushy and is a non-awkward transition from being friends to something more x))

Now, I'm off to review the sequel :D

Author's Response: Believe me, I've been there before.

I hope my writing has changed! I really keep those fics up because I like to have them as a sort of background, but I still can't bring myself to read them too often. That's so sweet of you to say! I feel like that all the time with certain phrases or metaphors other authors use- I'm like dude, I love that. I want to write it. Again.

Blah! I battle against the Pansy-needs-Draco view constantly. Would he really hang around with her if he got nothing out of it?

I'm so glad you liked the ending, I have to sort of war with myself sometimes over writing romance but not making it too romantic.

I hope you love the sequel! Thank you!

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Review #10, by ssb Chapter Three - Foreign Flowers

14th October 2010:
Wonderful chapter off to

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

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Review #11, by ssb Chapter Two - Pansy Abandoned

14th October 2010:
I love the way you characterize Pansy, the girl who pines after Draco, but still beautiful in her own way. I wish more people characterized Pansy in a better light.

Author's Response: I wish the same thing! It can be really hard to find a Pansy that isn't trashy or stupid, she makes an easy scapegoat. Thank you!!!

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Review #12, by ssb Chapter One - The Girl Who Had Everything

14th October 2010:
So as your dedicated reader I feel the need to go through and write a review for every chapter of this wonderous story... just because it's so amazing!

Author's Response: That is so sweet of you! Thank you so much for doing that :]

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Review #13, by peppersweet Chapter Twenty-One - Motivation

27th September 2010:

I can't believe I missed these two chapters when they came out. I cannot BELIEVE myself. I usually check HPFF every couple of days or so, but I didn't even think about fanfic this week and, well, here I am, better late than never.

Oh, Pansy's dad is so twisted, yet so suave.

'And that was when Draco punched him in the face.' AWESOME.

And, phew! A happy ending. (If you ignore the canon angst that is to follow, that is. Which, given that there's a probably won't :P)

This is a super-short review, given that I've got music homework to do, plus the fact that it's difficult to express how much I love this story in any form of coherent review.

I just love it. Or, loved it, rather, given that it's over. Just reading this has made me love Draco/Pansy as a pairing, when before I was determined that they were both just prats in their own little pratty relationship. And, might I add, that Between Two Lungs is the first Flozza song I ever loved - you've got a great taste in music, did I tell you that already?

Anyway. I'll be off to the sequel now...thank you for such a lovely read (:

Author's Response: Ah! I'm so excited that you read it!

Even though that was a really serious scene, I absolutely could not stop myself from putting that line. The imagery of it was just so fantastic in my head.

There is so much canon angst coming, and even more noncanon angst, but also noncanon nonangst, and canon non angst. I've just absolutely confused myself. Anyway the point is don't worry, there will be much to eek out over.

I am so relieved that the ending wasn't totally disappointing, I was like having heart attacks posting it. They are sort of pratty but I love them anyway. Also F&TM owns my soul, and basically every summary would be their lyrics if I could do it, but someone would sue me so I had to go in search of more variety.

I really, really can't wait to see what you say about the sequel! Thank you!

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Review #14, by Carly Chapter Twenty-One - Motivation

25th September 2010:
I just got back from my college trip ( I'm a peer mentor) and the first thing I wanted to do when I got home was catch up on this. ( Sadly, no internet in the woods.)

It was amazing. As perfect as I thought it was going to be. Draco and Pansy are more beautiful then I have ever imagined. They are just perfectly, imperfect.

You deserve such a longer review and tons of more praise but I'm totally dying to get the the sequel. :)

This is amazing. Absolutely my favorite story on this whole website. And to think I stumbled upon it by accident!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, I was a camp counselor for a week once and when I got back I was like GET MEH TO A COMPUTER.

That's a beautiful way to put it, perfectly imperfect. They are so very flawed but so very fitted to one another. I think that's why I like writing them more than some of the nicer characters :P

Thank you so much for pausing to let me know you enjoyed this, I was so eager to post the sequel that I kind of neglected to let the last chapter settle, but I'm so happy you enjoyed it, really.

On the whole website, that is so incredible that I like can't really absorb it so I will simply say thank you so much :]

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Review #15, by mae Chapter Twenty-One - Motivation

23rd September 2010:
I'm sad that its over, but excited to see how the story will progress!
I have to say that this is one of the best draco/pansy stories I have read in a while. So I can't wait for the sequel!!

Author's Response: I'm really glad it's lived up to your expectations! I had so much fun writing this story. But I have even more fun writing the sequel! Thank you so much, I hope to hear from you soon!

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Review #16, by silver_cloak Chapter Twenty-One - Motivation

20th September 2010:
This story was incredible--possibly one of the best I've read. I honestly don't think I will be able to read the HP books the same way again. You've completely changed the way I view Pansy and her relationship with Draco, and you've answered questions about her I never even thought to ask. This is really beautiful, in a dark, elegant sort of way, and I can't wait for the sequel. 10/10--would be 11/10 if I could give it to you :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so incredibly much! I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear that. One of the most amazing things as an author is to feel like someone really, truly enjoyed reading your work. I appreciate so much that you too the time to tell me! And I can promise you the sequel will be out in the next couple of days, I am really excited to post it. Thank you again for sticking through the whole story and for your amazing words!

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Review #17, by toothpick Chapter Twenty - Inspiration

17th September 2010:
Haha, how can they make that transition from friends to sweethearts (lol, I really don't like this word). Weird to suddenly be all romantic with your best friend >_>

This chapter made me much more curious about her dad! x) He sounds, I know it's awful when he's the bad guy (but I'm always rooting for the bad guy), COOL!

I like that Pansy is finally standing up for herself. Makes me curious. Do you think there are students who are sorted into a house because they are the exact opposite of the what the house represents? Like, Neville. A cowardly boy sorted into the house of the brave, who grew up to be one of the bravest of them all? Because of the influence of his house? :P It's kinda clever though ^^

Well written, and some action at last! The dad is not stupid, haha.

P.S. Sorry, I'm hyper. Eating chocolate..!

Author's Response: I totally agree with you. I think that is what gave me the most trouble with the romantic aspect- how do you go from being best friends to being romantic? But the way I think of it is that they have never really been just best friends. Actually Pansy has a long think about this in the next chapter or so, so you'll understand better :]

Her dad will explain himself next chapter, I promise! He is not a good dude. He is kind of a interesting personality though!

I think that people are sorted into houses based on their most defining characteristic, regardless of whether they always display it or not. Harry's bravery is absolutely the characteristic that defines him. Pansy, while she may display characteristics totally different, is also definitely sly and ambitious.

Thank you so much, dear! I love chocolate too :D

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Review #18, by mae Chapter Twenty - Inspiration

17th September 2010:
omg omg omg!! so did her father know draco was there the whole time?? aahhh, im intriuged!!

Author's Response: He suspected. He did he research, he knew they wouldn't be very far apart- and he knew they had left the Christmas Party together. He got to Pansy's house early and scouted it out.
Thank you!!!

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Review #19, by electricfeel Chapter Twenty - Inspiration

16th September 2010:
Everything about this is fantastic. The writing, the plot, the characters. I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. It will be posted in the next couple of days, I promise!

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Review #20, by toothpick Chapter Nineteen - Unstable

12th September 2010:
As always, I like the poetic descriptions of her emotions. Finally a development in their relationship.. Pansy realizing that she needs to let go of the past that is. But then the kiss. Haha, hottness, but then it further complicates things between them. But then again, this means they would have to get on with discussing their feelings and expectations. Unless they are interrupted by DE stuff.

I liked the flashback. Showed times when they were carefree, which is kinda sad, because that's how their life should still be. Their biggest problems should be their exams. ><

I also liked the connection of Draco putting her arm around her and telling her to "have some faith".

I hope we get some clues as to what Pansy's done that is so horrible she needs to be arrested for it? And if her father really was the puppet master? Clues? Fragments of her dreams? :P

Gah, in short. Lovely as always. And looking forward to the next chapter... :D

Author's Response: Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! Gosh I've been so busy lately I like forget what day it is.

I hope that kiss wasn't too weird after nineteen chapters! Took them long enough, right? Don't worry, everything has gotten moving now with them.

It is pretty sad, isn't it? I got the idea from Draco in canon, actually, who is just a baby really when he has to deal with being a flipping Death Eater. When I was sixteen my biggest worry was whether I could go to my friend's party.

I had to throw in a little Sinners reference, I couldn't help myself. Actually until I went to post that I forgot that I had left the space for Draco's dialogue there blank because I couldn't think of a line for him !

Don't worry, you'll get some clues next chapter. Which is going up today, actually. I hope you like!
Thank you!

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Review #21, by mae Chapter Nineteen - Unstable

11th September 2010:
Wow. That kiss was awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #22, by peppersweet Chapter Nineteen - Unstable

11th September 2010:
I was deadly convinced for a minute there that they might splinch again and Draco would lose another few fingernails or something, but Pansy managed it ;)

'So if we get caught, we'll pretend we've busted you and Blaise for snogging in the corridors' - for some reason, I found the mental image of Draco trying to explain this to Umbridge really amusing. That bit of the chapter was awesome - it was a throwback to an easier time, were there were no mysterious fainting spells and messed-up relationships. Kind of nostalgic and such. Anyway, I liked that part.

And, finally! They snogged. But, as I might have suspected, it was abrupt and probably laden with doom, and, probably, will make a re-appearance in the next chapter. I love their relationship, it's so messy!

As always, I'm looking forward to the next chapter (:

Author's Response: I was sort of remembering being in high school for that part- ah, two years ago, its been sooo long... Anyway that feeling of youth and invincibility.

Nineteen chapters later, right? But as we've already discussed, there is no romantic, happy embrace for these two. It took me so long to write that section to my satisfaction, I so wanted to avoid bodice-ripping romance, but at the same time, there is a certain urgency.

Thanks for reading! I am so excited to end this story its a little sick- but only because I cannot wait to start posting the sequel. I don't want to blow my own horn, but I think the sequel is better than the original so far. More complex, anyway :D I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Review #23, by peppersweet Chapter Eighteen - One Step Ahead

11th September 2010:
Gah, two updates at once! I'm keen as mustard to move onto nineteen, so this is a teensy little review. I love how debonair Draco acted about losing a fingernail. I mean, he just waggled his hand around and hissed at her a bit, I'd be rolling around on the floor clutching my hand and pretending I was in the clutches of death. Presumably having Draco and Pansy sharing a hotel room will amount to no good whatsoever...ah, I was right, they argued. Now I'm off to read 19...

Author's Response: Remember when Draco tried to act all heroic for Pansy after he cut his arm open? I was thinking of that :P

Now I just want to read your review for nineteen, so this is a teensy little response! But you're absolutely right, it amounts to no good whatsoever. Thanks!

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Review #24, by toothpick Chapter Eighteen - One Step Ahead

10th September 2010:
Hah, I couldn't wait to read this chapter either. x) Today I experienced a lot of drama at school, and just had to escape from reality, as they say. xD

We don't really know where her dad's been taking her, what she's been doing for him, or even if it was her dad who was forcing her to do these things. I don't even know why they think the Aurors are going to kill them, but I can't wait to find out! xD

What happened to them after their escape, needing new clothes, etc. sounds realistic so far. (wait, where'd they get the money? xD)

I thought this chapter was well written, with some odd phrasing at places. And: "Maybe I'm a selfish, twisted bastard, but I can't let you do that..." Very well written, but a bit confusing at first, maybe it should have been, "You should be with Blaise," --- "but I can't let you do that. Maybe I'm selfish..." Just so there's more structure in his speech.

And also some really well-written at some places:
- when he was shaking his hand at her, what he said about her being with Blaise, and most especially, this line:
"But the thought and the action were two separate entities, and she couldn't seem to translate the one into the other." Love it! :D

Now that the truth has finally come out, I can't wait to see how they're gonna handle it just being the two of them with the situation being so awkward between them... You're good at describing what Pansy's feeling, and I'm sure the next chapter will be fun to read. xD

Author's Response: Basically all of those questions will come out in the final chapter. The Aurors are not going to kill them, really, but what Pansy has figured out is that whatever she had been doing is not sitting well with the Ministry, and the Ministry has no way of knowing that she hasn't been doing them of her own free will. She knows she has at least tortured a few people, and probably in the business of handling something illegal, so Aurors should probably be avoided.

Basically, since Draco has only left the castle for one night and he is a bit paranoid about it anyway, I imagine he would have brought some money with him. Its not like he doesn't have enough of it :P

I really hope you enjoy the next chapter, it took a long time for me to feel like it was right and finished. Thank you!

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Review #25, by Mae Chapter Eighteen - One Step Ahead

10th September 2010:
omg seriously? this was a major cliffhanger!! im dyin to know what's gonna happen between them and how long they are gonna be on the run!

after almost a month without an internet connection i read most of your recent chapters today so i didnt write reviews for them. sorry!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Don't worry, I went a long time with no internet and I totally understand. I felt completely out of everything! I'm glad you're back online, though, and thanks for reviewing!

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