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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherin of hearts, malfoys, and cousins

28th March 2011:
read, reviewed and added to my favourites :) I'm so glad I read this, it was so funny. I love how you write Rose!


Author's Response: really? oh great! yay! :D thanks so much!

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Review #2, by Pheonixfire73 of hearts, malfoys, and cousins

17th February 2011:
I really liked the idea and plot of your story. I thought there was a lot of humor and I like how you portrayed her feelings for him Just a little constructive criticism, only my opinion, but there are some grammatical and spelling and tense errors. Also there are a couple of times i got a little lost during her in her own head rambling, but i liked the idea of her talking to herself and scolding herself etc. Cuz OMG don;t we all do that when we feel dumb. I like that you really emphasized she wasn't perfect and that she possibly made a huge mistake, or that she did by calling her cousin accidently. HA HA. All in all I did find it very entertaining and funny, a pretty good read.

Author's Response: hello! im glad you really liked and that you thought i protrayed rose well :D i think you are right, i have been meaning to get this betad but i have been so busy, but no probs ill get it done when i can! and yeah! i wanted to make her real when we are all like 'you suck' no you suck' and putting ourselves down. and then James ;) im glad you liked it.
thanks so much!

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Review #3, by BrightStar of hearts, malfoys, and cousins

12th February 2011:
Well done! Your writing here seemed really frantic, which suited the story brilliantly. My stomach tied in knots when Rose was waiting for Scorpius' reply - and whimpered a little when it was James. At first I thought Rose was really full of herself - but then I've always imagined the next-gen characters would be, at least for a while. I really enjoyed this!

Author's Response: hello! im glad you think my frantic (? lol) writing fitted the story :p my stomach was in knots too! and rigth now Rose needs to be as full of herself as she was in a very strict omg-need-to-think-only-of-myself moment. im glad you enjoyed :D
thanks so much!

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Review #4, by sk8trmafia08 of hearts, malfoys, and cousins

9th February 2011:
Nice! I've actually been in a situation like this before, and I can say you hit that one on the head of the nail! Ooh, now I have to go read the sequel!

Author's Response: really? i have never been on a situation like this before. wow, I nailed it? cool! lol, i hope it went well! off you go little birdie, to see what happened to Rose! :D thanks!

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Review #5, by orderofthephoenix of hearts, malfoys, and cousins

2nd February 2011:
I absolutely loved this. It had me in hysterics, honestly. Rose's embarrassing stories from her previous Hogwarts years were brilliant and exactly what I'd expect from her :D

I love how Rose noticed Scorpius way back in first year when they were sweet, innocent eleven year olds and that she counted every sort-of-conversation they had with each other!

James was definitely in character with his big brother teasing and humiliating Rose. I'd love to know how Rose dealt with the phone call from Scorpius after that!

I'm definitely going to be reading more of your stories. Especially if they're as brilliant as this!

Sophia x

Author's Response: hi! :D YAY! it made someone laugh out loud! i almost never laugh out loud while reading fics so i see this as good thing! im glad i hit the mark in all the rose-stories -i just feel she's that sort fo romantic girl who counts every day with the boy she fancies, the day he talked to her, the day he stared at her, and all those stuff :) and james, she's just one year younger that he is so she would be one he got to hummiliate and tease the most. you should check out the sequel to see how it turned out! ugh, i have no shame :p
im so excited you think this is brilliant! :D thanks so much!

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Review #6, by Black_Lupin_Ravenclaw of hearts, malfoys, and cousins

16th December 2010:
This is so bad! Stupid James! I just lost, like, a million points of respect for him (but I still love him)!
He can't tell the school! Rose will DIE! She probably already did! I'm freaking out over here!

And... I love that part. 'Oprah's great earth'. :)

Author's Response: you should go read the sequel to see what happens!
haha, I know, typical James. And Oprah's great, great earth... is practically hers. the woman is a billionaire!
anyways, thanks so much!

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Review #7, by Olwyn of hearts, malfoys, and cousins

15th December 2010:
Anyway. I kinda died laughing after it was James.
I have no idea why this has so few reviews. Its fantastic!
Off to read the sequel. After a chocolate break, of course!
-Brain Twin. :D

Author's Response: CHOCOLATE RULES.
thanks so much brain twin! im officially dedicating it to you.
and of COURSE your brain is just as magnificent as mine! (haha, just kidding about the magnificent me part. im reading your story and loving it. off to review!
-Brain Twin. :D

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Review #8, by James2009 of hearts, malfoys, and cousins

25th July 2010:
Great Story and i really liked it but i got to ask... sequel?

Author's Response: no, sorry :( its supposed to a one shot and i ended it exactly were i wanted to. Its funnier that way :)

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Review #9, by Aidenk77 of hearts, malfoys, and cousins

24th July 2010:
I really liked this. It was funny, and a bit heart-breaking too.

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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