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Review #1, by LuminousTears I

24th August 2010:
I'm a bit addicted to your stories now -blushes-
I love Dominique the way you write her! Most seem to think she's some angst ridden child who's tired of being in the middle. That's fine, actually, I remember enjoying a fic with her like that, but this is an interesting take. I must remember to congratulate myself for being awesome sometime and see how it feels like.
With your original writing talent, I'd love to see you write Rita Skeeter. Unsure why, really, I just think that Rita's got that sort of air about her that makes me think you'd be good at writing her. Dominique is so much cooler than Rita, though, obviously.
I'd also love to see you take on Hugo (that is, if you haven't already...I really must get me facts straight before I plunge into my review suggesting you things you might have already been suggested to do/have already done). You have a talent at making me fall even more in love with me favourite lads from the Potter World (Louis, James, Remus, Sirius) and I think Hugo would have a personality you could capture...urgh, I'm bad at explaining things. Basically, I think your style of comedy and writing would work well with the Hugo I imagine. Just a suggestion, obviously :D
I love your work and I think you're an amazingly talented writer!
~ LT

Author's Response: Just a bit? You wound me! I joke, I joke. Thanks you ^^

I love her too! There's a lot of properly brilliant fics out there with that characterisation. It just never rung quite right to me though. That, and I think it's more interesting this way :P Should definitely give it a go, good for the old self confidence.

Hmm it's an interesting idea about Rita. I guess the problem I have with her is that she's a fundamentally bad, self-serving person. As much as Dom is a completely lunatic in this, she's still a good person.

As for Hugo... that's another interesting idea, I've never really thought about him to be honest. Slightly reserved in writing him for the same reason I am Rose - I just don't think he would be that interesting -hides-
It's just one of those things, for all the amazing stuff Ron and Hermione did, they weren't that crash hot as individuals, and they weren't particularly pretty either :P
So if I did write Hugo, I'd sort of have to come up with the character first, then adapt Hugo to fit it? It wouldn't be how I actually see him or whatever. Might give it a go as a one-shot though.

Thanks so much for your reviews, sorry it took me so long to reply, but I hope I've been somewhat interesting!

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Review #2, by purplewings721 I

15th August 2010:
Oh Dominique, she really is just a big ball of crazy, isn't she? Hahaha, I loved this! By far my favorite interpretation of Dom that I've ever read.

"Harry unfortunately not normal male."

Hahaha, I loved that line! Her relationship with Harry was very amusing to read.

I bet old Dom must be a right headache for her relatives, eh? Gah, I love it. And her. And you, because you wrote this. And while I'm here, I love your Louis stories as well.

Anyways, I'd say to write a full story on Dominique, but I can't imagine what kind of a handful an entire story revolving around would be. So, I suppose I'll just enjoy her in Monday, Monday. Which is my oh-so-subtle hint to you, to add more Dominique into that story.

Alright, I should stop before I start spamming you with my giddy nonsense. Great job, and I shall be looking forward to reading more from you!
-Camila :)

Author's Response: That's probably the best way I've ever heard her described ever! And she's surely not your favourite one ever, there have been like a BILLION more amazing than mine.

Dom-Harry antics were much, much fun to write. I just like the clash of two strong personalities. The thing about Dom and Harry is they have much the same beliefs and ideas, just two very different ways of getting there.

Oh I'd say that's a pretty safe bet :P Aww thanks, I'm glad you like them! He's pretty fun as well I have to say.

Yeahh full Dominique story isn't going to happen I don't think. Would just be way too much work! More Dom in MM is a pretty good chance though, she plays off well against the others I think.

Nooo more spam! Always with the more spam! Thanks so much for review, oh and I LOVE your graphics!

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Review #3, by aa I

29th July 2010:
i havent read any of your others storys but i really liked this and dominique (btw, whats the name of the girl in the banner?) YOU should reall consider doing a whole story on her!
I LOVE your version of Harry, he's soo cool!

Author's Response: Haha there's a fair few like this actually! The girl is Susan Coffey, I pretty much completely love her :P Haha don't think I could write an entire story about her, she's just a bit TOO crazy for that. She does appear in a lot of my other stories though.
Glad you liked him, and the story! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by butterbeergal I

27th July 2010:
Dude, this was totally made of WIN. Again, same style as MM and TT, but this had a lot more crazy and flouncing and such. Absolutely TERRIFIED of Dom, but head over heels in love with her nevertheless. I bet it was a ball writing her here - all that flash and pouting and twirling. Priceless.

Also, one very important point -

ZOMG YOUR HARRY IS THE SMEXIEST VERSION I'VE EVER MET. Seriously. Was gushing and drooling when I was reading that scene between him and Dom. Like WHOA. Had I known he'd turn out to be like this, I'd have loved him from the start. But yeah, your Harry is pure alpha male through and through (my weakness XD).

Could I possibly have, I don't know, even just 5% of your talent and wit and all that jazz?

HAD A BLAST READING THIS, just in case it wasn't obvious.

Author's Response: Gill! How am I meant to keep up with all your reviews you crazy thing? Oh man, SO much flouncing and crazy in this. It's Dom without any sort of restraint or moderating influence (i.e. Louis or similar.) That's pretty much where I am on her as well. Think if she was actually real I'd be found hiding behind the nearest chair. Was actually quite hard writing her right at the start. Just in terms of keeping the crazy consistent and still kind of a bit believable. Once I got going it was all kinds of win though!

Hahahahaha is he really? There you go then. This is pretty much exactly how I imagined him to turn out, at least the work side of him. I mean, think of everything he went through by the time he was 18, then on top of that everything he must have seen as an Auror. Would make anyone fairly hardcore I imagine. Actually do think he'd be a complete softy with his kids, Lily especially, and probably with Rose and Hugo as well. Anyway, pretty sure you don't care about that stuff.

OH SHUDDUP! You know I'll give you 6%. I'm generous and giving like that. But seriously, SHUDDUP AND STOP BEING RIDICULOUS.
Once again, thank you SO much lovely!

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Review #5, by Indigo Seas I

5th July 2010:

... and that is all. Lovely, dear. Lovely.

Author's Response: Hahaha Rin you silly! You've got me laughing as well now!

Probably a good thing I think :P Thanks for stopping by!

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Review #6, by Jellyman I

5th July 2010:
Dominique might possibly be my favourite character [cue dramatic music] ever.

Not much to say other than brilliant work - tons of fun to read, Dominique is insane but I love her. More than words.


Author's Response: GEORGIA THAT IS BEYOND RIDICULOUS! I mean, I'll totally take it but still!

Oh well that's pretty much exactly what I was going for. If Dominique stops being fun, then am doing something rather spectacularly wrong.
Thanks for stopping by ^^

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Review #7, by Ilasia I

2nd July 2010:
First off, I'd like to take the moment to say that I was SO RIGHT. Hopefully you recall my mad squeeing in the cbox over the prospect of a Dom-centric spinoff to Monday, Monday? Yes, well, you said writing her was difficult and I said that you were going to do a brilliant job anyways.

See? I was right! So very, very right!

Your characters are so likeable Jack, it's ridiculous. I love Dom a ridiculous amount in the first place, but you give her enough sarcasm and sass and general awesomeness that I'm practically weeping over the fact that she isn't real and isn't my utterly cool older sister who likes to defeat bad guys on the side. She's an incredibly amusing mixture of clever and sarcastic and I'm just going to stop because I'm going to end up rambling even more so than I already have.

And Harry! I lovelovelove your characterization of him and the interactions between he and Dominique because it's just such good writing, hysterical sarcasm and so much cleverness wrapped up into one.

Favorite Lines:
"Have you seen Lily recently? She's just like you, only smaller and, you know, angrier."
"Oh, rude. I'm your niece!"

First one because AHA! That's actually exactly how I picture Lily - this feisty little thing that will just kill you if you cross her. Second because, well, it's just such a total Dominique thing to say and I love it.

Ugh, this review is terrible - it's not helpful in the least because all I could do was swoon over the loveliness of this. Not that there'd be anything for me to pick out, of course, because you've got that mad talent and I love this so much that I can't get over it.

I've really overused the word "love" in this review, so I'll leave it at AMAZING JOB JACK! I absolutely cannot wait for what you have coming next! ♥

Author's Response: Of course I remember you silly, how could I possibly forget? I'm pretty sure you're still completely wrong though, okay, maybe not completely but DEFINITELY a bit! Anyway, she was difficult at first, did get easier towards the end though.

It's a funnier one that! I honestly thought I'd be the only one to like her when I first created her character, but most people seem to be on my side as well! I mean, she's not a nice person at all! She would be like the most amazing older sister ever! Just like beyond awesome but completely terrifying as well. Am pretty much completely with you on this :P

Harry is... well I'm just glad it works. I kind of just write him how I imagine him, so it's just lucky it works out alright. Those two were fun to write together, played off each other beautifully.

ME TOO! Expect Lily appearances in near-ish future for pretty much exactly that reason.

It's AMAZING! While it might not have much in the way of super mega critique - as far as ego boosts go it's absolutely DOMINATED XD

I'm thinking it will be that Victoire story, but when I decide you shall be the first to know! Thank you so much lovely!

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Review #8, by prettywishes I

29th June 2010:
I loved how casually everything was taken the entire time, it made it really funny to read. I also really loved the way you wrote Dom's character. :)

Author's Response: Oh good, I'm glad you found it funny! Have to say I kind of love the way I wrote her as well, but that's probably to be expected :P
Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme I

28th June 2010:
I have tried and tried and tried all day to ignore this, push it down the priority list and start on the updates I missed during exams instead but it was just far, far too tempting. From the summary to the banner to the idea, all very bad for my self-restraint.

I absolutely adore Dom's voice. I started reading semi-expecting it to sound like Louis but it absolutely doesn't and it actually seems to suit her better than him. Possibly the choppy, incoherentness of it that reflects her absolute...mentalism, whereas Louis is a bit more normal(ish).

Everything about her, I feel I ought to hate. She's arrogant, she's vain, possibly a bit vindictive, so completely overly relaxed and blasé and...not indifferent but kind of and yet I absolutely looove her. She is honestly one of the most terrifying characters in the entire world to the point where she would actually make me cower (admittedly that's not overly difficult) and run (slightly more difficult). Still, she's genius.

Loved how Louis and Victoire were both drawn in with such ease and fluidity, and the bit about Lily - MM foreshadowing, perhaps? Anyway, seeing a bit of Annah that isn't surrounded by a drooling Louis was also rather interesting. I'm seeing the scary in her now whereas I probably wasn't in MM due to aforementioned pretty part-Veela boy's swooning.

Line that concerns Molly was probably amongst my favourites but probably cannot quote it due to pushing the 12+ness. There was also a fantastic use of 'innit' which I applaud you for. Actually, have a couple more:
- Every silver lining has a cloud or similar.
- Pout at full throttle
- That was a pretty twirl

and one not favourite line, more an excuse to rage:
- therefore confined to a life of misery in Wales
-cue rage-

Anywaaay, it was - as expected - brilliant, even if I have had to scour this (rather poor) review twice to ensure it's in normal English not your English.

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you didn't, because this is a totally amazing review and if you hadn't read it then you couldn't have reviewed it. Self-restraint (then something that mockingly rhymes with self-restraint!) This was clearly the best path of action.

I was a bit worried about that too actually, so probably made her even a bit madder to compensate. It was a lot, a lot of fun to write as her actually. I kind of like how it works with the normality of Louis, but point definitely taken.

Oh she's just a shocking person! She's pretty much everything you say and a bit more. It's just that she's meant to be really rather charismatic and charming at the same time. I think she's one of those characters who is lovely on paper, but in real life would just be terrifying! I would be right behind you on the cowering and running front.

Me? MM foreshadowing? Lily? I would nev - yeah okay I totally would and it totally is. It's going to get awesome! Either she's going to pop over during school holidays, or there's going to be some serious Hogwarts drama. Either way it will be fantasticness.
Ooh yeah, about Annah - I'm glad you got that out of it. It is a little hard to completely get her across in MM because Louis is, well, pretty much constantly swoon when she's around.

I think I need to write a Molly oneshot now! Like a proper Molly-Dom rivalry one. Yay for someone spotting the 'innit.' That's just me being all hilaro and British and stuff. Pout at full throttle is brilliance, shall have to use it somewhere else.

OH COME ON! You know full well why that's there.

Oh rude, my English is nowhere near that bad! Point might be taken though.

Thank you so much lovely, your reviews are just... amazing.

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Review #10, by Margravine I

28th June 2010:
Jack! can't believe I missed this til now, but love, love, love!!

It really was an absolutely hilarious read (although that banner is TERRIFYING). Dom's completely mad but heaps fun to read; you had me at the cabana boy allegory but the whole piece was pure gorgeousness. Also very, very you, from flouncing to "Oh Rude!".

let's see, bits I particularly adored :

brilliant, brilliant opening - Even in sleep muddled state, looks really rather spectacular. High-fived self. Top work Dominique. Decision to leave hair long totally paying off.

elevator scene = made of win as was the brackets. Interesting also to see Harry/Dom dynamics, as it's hinted in MM but not outright shown. It was killingly sidesplitting (although the only cc I can give is that I want more and that Harry doesn't slip into what I will under protest term 'Jack-speak' as easily as the rest)

Actually, on flicking through, FAR too many favourite lines to quote, so just be content with general awe and extreme envy of skillz and the like.

Now get on a MM update.. pretty please with Gemma Arterton on top?

Author's Response: You've hardly missed it all you crazy! It's been up for like two seconds!

OH GOOD! Is the banner really terrifying? Or terrifying how amazingly gorgeous and perfect for Dom that girl is? She is a properly certifiable lunatic, it's what makes her so fun!
You wait Jo, it's totally taking over, one of these days I'm going to click on some completely random story and read flounced. When I see you writing it, then mission is complete.

Can't go wrong with a bit of self adulation. Just so completely sincere you can't help but admire it. Theoretically anyway.

Oh it's all about the brackets. I mean, it's quite lazy writing really, but then so is the rest of it I suppose. I'll just claim unique snowflake stylistic brilliance and flounce onwards.

As for Harry, it's kind of deliberate and kind of just hard to make him fall into it. As for the Harry/Dom dynamics, I think I mentioned that to another reviewer just earlier. I've definitely mentioned it at least once in MM, so kind of had to bring it out. Quite tricky getting the balance right, what with Dom being an absolute nightmare but then kind of charming at the same time.

Skillz you say? Pretty sure yours are the maddest out, but I'll smile and nod along with you!

Oh well how can I possibly refuse that? Tonight alright? As long as you keep hassling me, it's freezing cold and am already about half-way done with it. And have just reached decision to make Louis angst some more, so that should get things going.

Thank you so much for an amazing review, I truly hope you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by Kenna I

28th June 2010:
I love, love LOVE your writing!! Usually I hate people who fail to use proper grammar and/or full sentences, but you just make it work perfectly. So perfectly that the voice in my head starts talking in that way. Not good if I have to do homework after.

Dom is hilarious, as per usual, and so is The Famous Harry Potter. Quite clever, really, how you refer to him. James is quite cool too.

Your use of the word 'flounce' is the best I've probably ever seen. Just saying.

Anywhoo~ Absolutely lurvely. Looking forward to new chappie of MM. :)

Author's Response: To be fair I kind of love yours as well! Oh I completely agree with you actually, my excuse is that I'm doing to deliberately so it's okay :P
Man, you want to get on top of that voice - trust! It just doesn't leave you.

Dom is love. Just the most fun to write, even if she refuses to behave half the time. James and Harry are quite a lot easier to write, they aren't quite as complex at the very least.

XD YOU COMPLETELY JUST MADE MY DAY. Flounce is totally going to catch on, you wait, and when it does - you heard it here first!

Thank you so much for a lovely review, shall try and get MM going soon!

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Review #12, by SnitchSnatcher I

27th June 2010:

I loved this! Totally laughed so hard that I scared the living crap out of my dog. Poor baby - I thought I'd killed her the day before her first birthday.


Can I just say that I love Dom?'s insane how much awesome she is made of. She's hilarious, spunky, and just all around amazing.


Author's Response: MOLLY!

Hahahaha! Well you've got me laughing as well now! Poor dog, probably scarred the poor thing for life.


Oh same here times a million. She's just like the best ever. Except can you imagine what she'd be like in real life? Totally the worst, one of those characters best left to paper :P

GET OUT! Not even going to dignify that with a response. Except for this one which totally doesn't count.

Oh, and thanks, you're kind of amazing and stuff I suppose xD

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Review #13, by Ellerina I

27th June 2010:
Hahahaha, Jack! This totally made my evening. The Dom/Harry interaction had me in stitches. Especially this:


"Umm... yeah! As if you didn't know that?"

"Well it's not like you told me is it?"

"I did just then!"

"And I'm going to be dragging him into my office next, aren't I? Anyway, didn't I just tell you to shut up? I did, so listen. I'm not going to fire you."

I also completely fangirl about this style when I read it because it is so unique. Too much fun to read!


Author's Response: Oh well I do my best! I've kind of mentioned Dom/Harry interactions in passing in MM, was too good a chance not to actually do it properly here. She's just so completely irreverent, I LOVE her.

Haha well I need be able to do something to separate myself from the rest of you genius people! That and it's just WAY too much fun to write!

Thank you so much lovely!

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