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Review #1, by Cassius Alcinder Getting Started

17th October 2011:
This is definetely one of the more original next-gens I've seen. Lily (II) is usually overlooked and I liked how you portrayed her. It's also refreshing to see Scorpius paired with somebody other than Rose for a change.

I'm definetely intrigued to see where you go with this.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really appreciate the review/feedback.

This story is currently on hold while I try not to drown under school work, but it's really inspiring to hear that it still has the occasional reader.

Again, thank you for your review. You've made my day.

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Review #2, by Happy Birthday Getting Started

17th March 2011:
This was such a lovely piece of writing, Rin, and I thought you did a marvelous job with all of the characterizations. I especially love how Richard Wood is not only not obsessed with Quidditch, but also could careless about the sport, the complete opposite of his father; it definitely skipped a generation, at that. Oliver Wood must be obsessed enough for both himself and his offspring. Bahah.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the voice you've given Lily here as she truly seems like a Journalist who feels if not a bit inferior to those of greater stature around her. It's always nice reading of a character who feels lesser than they actually are than a egotistical-driven character who knows the story revolves around them and won't let anyone forget it. So, great job for knowing how to write the insignificance of the little people. (: squishes

Author's Response: THIS line: "Oliver Wood must be obsessed enough for both himself and his offspring. Bahah." MADE ME LAUGH. SO. HARD. I don't generally laugh at reviews, but really. This was hilarious. Thank you for brightening my morning. :)

And thank you for the birthday wishes! This is a lovely, lovely present.

And thank you (that's my third thank you, I believe) for this lovely, insightful review. Your comments are very much appreciated! Especially when they are as lovely as these.

Have a sparkling day,

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Review #3, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Getting Started

1st August 2010:
Argh, this is going to be haaard - reviewing the authors I stalk always is so I'm going to keep it very short and sweet. Or short and sweet for me, anyway.

This is such a fantastic concept of a story. I remember seeing the thread around this - or maybe a conversation about it in the cbox - and being so intrigued, but it was during my reading/reviewing abstinence period so I couldn't read it. It was on my ever-growing to read list, in fact, until you requested this.

This is a brilliantly executed first chapter (of course). It flows fantastically and I just looove reading your writing. You always make it so interesting that it's impossible not to carry on reading.

Lily's character - it's only one chapter but you've brought her across absolutely amazingly. I envy everyone who can manage to bring across so much background information so effortlessly and subtly like you have here. The way that we learn so much about Lily, her routine, her relationships and so on really comes across well here.

Erm, running out of things to say because your writing is flawless. That last line is rather JKR, I must admit. I like it very muchly and it sounds so wonderfully ominous! I can't wait to see what happens now - of course, the summary addresses a lot but you know, twists and turns and so on await us and it's exciting!

Fantastic, lovely, and I wish I could be more helpful and coherent but it's just too good.


Author's Response: Gah, I just wrote an entire response and my computer decided to delete it all. >< Let's try this again.

I actually wrote this chapter a bit differently than I usually do. I mean, usually I just write it in one sitting, read over it a couple times, and then post away. But this time, I was genuinely concerned with how it would be read, so I wrote it in several different sittings, kept changing descriptions and paragraphs around, and kept it to myself for a while before deciding to post it up. So, anyway, I'm really pleased that you liked it! Especially after all this effort.

Lily! I love Lily. ... That's really all I have to say on the matter.

Gah, anyway, thank you so much! I really... wow. I'm flattered. Thank you!

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Review #4, by JLHufflepuff Getting Started

20th July 2010:
I think you do a good job of setting up Lily's status at the Prophet and the boredom that goes along with it, and it will be very interesting to see what on earth is going to happen with Scorpius and his son... Castor. Poor kid, with a name like that! :)

Author's Response: I know, I can't imagine being named after a constellation with "Castor" as the name. :) Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate it.

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Review #5, by onestop_hpfan18 Getting Started

16th July 2010:

Author's Response: Haha, LESLIE!

Thanks so much for the review. I'm glad that I got to the PM before this, because otherwise I'd be like... o.O "Leslie?"

Anyway, thanks again! I'll respond to your REAL review shortly. :)

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Review #6, by SnitchSnatcher Getting Started

23rd June 2010:
I'm going to keep this review short and to the point. Ready?


Seriously. Your characterisation of Lily is to die for, and I love how you didn't make her job seem like it was overly glamourous because, really, that's one of the least glamourous jobs there is.

Great work, dear! ♥

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ♥ I really appreciate all your kind words, Molly.

Haha, Lily. I tried to make her job the least glamorous it could be without making it disgusting. :D I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much! I. Love. You!!

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Review #7, by DarkLadyofSlytherin Getting Started

22nd June 2010:
I love it. I like seeing Lily have a job that's not at all glorious like so many people give her. An ordinary job that leads to a not so ordinary adventure, I can't wait to read more. What I like even more is that Scoripus didn't marry Rose, that he married an Avery.

I really like that Richard makes me think of Oliver - who I'm assuming is his grandfather? I absolutely love how you characterize Lily. She is normal, not someone who wants to be in the limelight, but isn't quite happy with her position at the Prophet yet tried hard not to make a huge fuss over it either.

I can't wait to read more. I want to know what this adventure is going to entail. I want to know what's going on with the Malfoys. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Gah, what a compliment. Gah. Thank you!

I'm really glad that you liked that Scorpius married an Avery! I was scared people were going to take torches to my house, honestly, because I hadn't had him marry a Potter or Weasley. So, thank you! That's really eased my mind. :)

Again, thank you. I can't... gah. What a lovely review!

- Rin

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Review #8, by Triniti Getting Started

22nd June 2010:
This is a very good start, I can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate the review. :)

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