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Review #1, by Papyrus8 Open Your Eyes

26th June 2012:
Keep writing, your hg/hp story is the best I've read!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!
School is extremely hectic, so I'm hoping I can do some updating by the end of this month. (:

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Review #2, by meisme Open Your Eyes

3rd April 2012:
when's the next update? :3

Author's Response: Probably sometime this week. Thanks so much for reading! BD

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Review #3, by CF Somewhere Over The Oak Tree

31st March 2012:
Why are they called planetarium games? Its confusing to read planet (giant rock in space) and realize it mean person.
It is also hard to see hogwarts, a medieval place where technology is nonexistant, mixed with Panem, a very futuristic place.
Keep writing :)

Author's Response: I'm not sure, actually. Ahahaha. XD, I didn't want to call them Tributes, so I needed another word. ;P
Thank you! BD

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Review #4, by CF To Kill Or To Be Killed

31st March 2012:
I love Harry Potter, and I love the Hunger Games, but you've really only touched on Harry Potter, is Rose a witch? Is Hogwarts still a school of Magic? I want to know what happens next, but I am confused about what's already happened. The first third of the Hunger Games was dedicated to explaining about the capitol, and katniss's situation, but I don't feel I know anything about Rose, or Voldemort, or the games really.
Keep writing, and don't be afraid to have one major event per chapter, Rose being chosen as a tribute, and the explanations of hogwarts, and the games, and trainging, and mentors and things were covered to quickly for most readers to understand the scope of what you are trying to say. YOur entire first chapter could just entail background on the games, and Rose's view of the reaping.
I look forward to reading your next chapters :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the advice! When I was writing the crossover, I just wanted the action to start, so I rushed things slightly, which is why I'm gonna be starting on a version two of the story. C:
At first, I had added wands into the arena, but I lost track of them. ;P
Hope you keep reading! C:

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Review #5, by VampireMaidenPhoenix Open Your Eyes

31st March 2012:
Hai! Remember how you inspired me to read the Hunger Games? You also kind of put the idea of a crossover in my head, so I have one of these on my page as well XD I'm sort of stuck in a few places right now and editing/rewriting, but I am having so much fun with it... my sister refuses to read this one though because I'm killing off all of my characters... again. Kind of a habit of mine XD

I just wanted to say that I never gave up on you. I almost did a few times, and actually came kind of close to removing it from my favorites/bookmarks last week, but I had to hold out faith. And voila! Here you are, with an update and a promise for more! I totally knew that I had good instincts! Just bad coordination. So I'm looking forward to how you end this story and good luck with both of them ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :'3, haha, it's a habit of mine, too. I kinda regret killing everyone off so quickly, especially Seth. ;S, I miss him. XD
THANK YOU! That means so much to me. X3, real life just got much too hectic and I just got bored, I guess. Needed to try some new things.
I will definitely be checking out yours! We can learn fron one another. HAHA!
I'm looking forward to starting on a new one, too, where I can go more in depth with ALL of my character's histories. Also looking forward to reading your story! Keep checking. (;

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Review #6, by HG Fan Open Your Eyes

30th March 2012:
I love how your story began before the Hunger Games was turned into a movie. The original HP x HG crossover!!!
Loved it!!! I read this in less than two hours, nonstop. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Please please please please please update soon. Tomorrow?

Author's Response: Awww, thanks so much! XD
I'm pretty proud of that, actually. ;P
Thank you again! That really means a lot to me. C:, I will definitely keep updating (until I go on summer vacation in july, ;P). Then I'll be going on a hiatus again. ;P

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Review #7, by Intellectual Badasses Open Your Eyes

30th March 2012:
I HAVE BEEN WAITING ALMOST A YEAR ~ ! DID YOU DISAPPEAR OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH OR SOMETHING? But it's good you're back. Now we can finally find out what happens.
This is so mean of me to say, but I'm so happy Avril is dead. That sounds so horrible. But she was my least favourite character and Finn is mine ~ ! Hahahahaha.

Author's Response: THANKS SO MUCHLES! XD
Nahh, life was just so hectic and I was kinda, well, not bothered. XD, I'm planning on starting a v.2 which will be better (I hope).
LOL, it's fine. Your opinion. X3
I know, right? Finn's, like, the ultimate lone wolf. (;, I've unintentionally turned him into a bit of a softie, though. ;S, whoops. XD

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Review #8, by Fernanda They Lied When They Said You Always Have A Choice

20th March 2012:
i been looking for a hp/thg crossover and this one is perfect

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Hope you keep reading. X3
I am working on the new chapter, but I ahve been so busy lately that it is a slow process. ;S

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Review #9, by Dragoness101 A Few Days Ago In An Arena Not So Far Away

22nd January 2012:
Hi, i have been waiting for an update on this story for months. Are you going to finish it? i hope you do because i love how differient this is from everything else on this site.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I'm working on the new chapter now, actually. (Been working on it for a few weeks.) I was actually thinking of restarting the story, since I don't like the first few chapters, but I think I'll finish this one first! Thank you so much - I was fraid no one was reading this anymore. C:, will be uploading the new chapter today or tomorrow, so it should be out in less than a week. :'3

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Review #10, by Starry Knights A Few Days Ago In An Arena Not So Far Away

21st June 2011:
I love this story and i can NOT wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you! That really means a lot to me. C:, so sorry for the delay; but life has been hectic with exams & I was away all summer! But I'm back now. C:

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Review #11, by HannahJoyWeber A Few Days Ago In An Arena Not So Far Away

31st March 2011:
D: what's gonna happen with the dragon?? i don't really care what happens to Avril or Skyy, but the other three have to make it out alright! keep writing!


Author's Response: Heh heh, you'll just have to wait & see. (;
TROLOLOL, XD. First time anyone's ever told me that before! X3
Thank you for the review! ;D

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Review #12, by Hera A Few Days Ago In An Arena Not So Far Away

31st March 2011:
This is one mesmerizing story.. I began to read it yesterday evening and couldn't stop until this point :) The Rose-Alec story kept me stuck to the monitor :D

Author's Response: Hahaaa, seriously? That's so great to know! XD, hope you keep on reading. (;

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Review #13, by ShortPlatforms A Few Days Ago In An Arena Not So Far Away

31st March 2011:
:) superb as always!

Author's Response: Aaaaww, thank you! X3

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Review #14, by nirvana14 A Few Days Ago In An Arena Not So Far Away

30th March 2011:
FINALLLY! Anyway, I liked how you researched slit throats, and I'm now starting to get suspicious about your other extracurricular activities... hmm... Whether you're a psycho slasher or not, this was a random and unfortunately kind of filler chapter (except the reunion thing). Good stuff anyway. I kind of wish there was more character development with Alec and Sky, but Finn is coming out really well. I KNEW he would go for Avril. Thanks for updating, because I have had a bad 2 weeks, (including a brief suspension from HPFF for complaining about validation, which I now feel kind of stupid about) and your story made a difference. Sorry for the long review.

Author's Response: Haha, XDD. Yesss, I'm coming to get you. >;3
Sorry about that, XD. But no worries! I've got LOTS of action planned out for the next chapter! ;3
If I follow my plan - which I hardly ever do, XD - Sky's character will be developed a lot near the ending-ish. I'm not sure about Alec's, but now that you've pointed it out, I'll definitely work on it. (;
Ouch, seriously? D;, that must've sucked! DX
I'm so happy to hear that! That really made my day, X3.
Hahaaa. No worries. (;, sorry for the long reply? ;D

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Review #15, by ShortPlatforms Operation: Try Not To Die

29th March 2011:
BRILLIANT! :) so I've been away for a while and I'm sorry, but I'm back now and I really love this story! In fact, I love it so much that I went and read the Hunger Games as I figured that if I love this so much then surely I would like it. And I did! So I would like to thankyou for prompting me in that direction :) Keep up the brilliant work :)

Author's Response: Aaaaww, welcome back! ;D
Seriously? I feel really honoured to know that I caused you to read the series! (=, I never knew I would be able to, ah, influence others. (;
Thank you! ;D

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Review #16, by UR Biggest Fan Time Limit: Two Days

13th March 2011:

Author's Response: Thank you! ;D, so glad you liked it. ;3

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Review #17, by Kathryn Potter Operation: Try Not To Die

12th March 2011:
Update soon:) so good! Im prayinnng for a happy ending!

Author's Response: Aaaaww, thank you! (;
I'll do my best. ;D

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Review #18, by nirvana14 Operation: Try Not To Die

6th March 2011:
Actually, I'm kind of confused. What does Finn have to choose? Jahzara or Avril? Or does he have to kill Rose/ I've been losing the thread of the story for a while, because the cast is so huge. Who the hell is gabriella, and when did she come? Anyway, good stuff.

Author's Response: Ah. (=, he has to choose between Jahzara or Avril. Like, who he's gonna save/be with in their last minutes of life.
Gabriella was the First Year in the first chapter, then made her second appearance in the last section of the third chapter, 'Somewhere Over The Oak Tree', although her name isn't mentioned. XD, her name was first mentioned in chapter fifteen, 'An Unwanted Visitor'. X3
Really? I never considered that. XS, I mean, I know the entire cast. But, I constantly forget their names, as well, TROLOLOL. I know, I fail. XD
Thank you! ;3

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Review #19, by VampireMaidenPhoenix Operation: Try Not To Die

6th March 2011:

It better be Avril, woman. Elsewise there would have been no point. None. Zero. At all. JS.

. What are they? Jahzara and Luke, I mean. I mean wth? And DUDE!!! If you want another suggestion for like a sequel or something, you could make it like Them being at the banquet as the final chapter and the makers of the games say, You guys are taking too long. Sudden death. Here are your materials and you can't leave until there's only one of you standing. and they get transported to a new stadium or even a live one or something and and and.! (You can call it SUDDEN DEATH as well) But I dunno. I want to read THE HUNGER NAMES but everytime I go to my school's library I know that I want to check out a book, but I forget which one it was supposed to be XD.

I. Don't. Like Sky. Anymore.

I wonder if it was Sebastian who healed her or one of those weird dead-but-not-anymore things like Jahzara, Luke, and those other two. I can't remember their names :look:

I so canNOT wait for chapter nineteen now. I'm excited to see what happens next and how this story ends.

Author's Response: >;3
You'll le see, you'll le see. (;
That'd be a brilliant idea. XD, I'll definitely keep that in mind. >;D
Sudden Death is an awesome name. XD
XDDD, hahaaa. My school's library has, like, NOTHING. XD
Thank you! ;D

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Review #20, by HannahJoyWeber Operation: Try Not To Die

6th March 2011:
came in handy? not came in use... Whining and whinging? not sure what you mean there... definitely choose avril since jaharza isn't real... short chapters are ok, as long as you don't take forever to update, that is!!


Author's Response: Whoops. XS, my BRAIN IS MELTING DOWN. OH NOOEZZZ. XD, I type these up at, like, one in the morning. XD, but thanks for pointing it out. X3
Thank you! ;D

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Review #21, by VampireMaidenPhoenix Altering Fate

6th March 2011:
Ooooh, a sequel? I'd have to see how the first ends before I answer the question because you know, no matter how good the original was, an unnecessary sequel can ruin things, you know? Right now. I'm not sure. If this was the end, I'd probably tell you no because it sort of gives the reader the idea that Gabrielle outsmarts the rest, and the rest we can imagine for ourselves. As much as it usually pisses me off I sort of like movies and books that let the viewers decide the outcomes XD

Rose and Finn's relationship is so adorable! It's sort of lover-like, but at the same time also very sibling-ish. I can so see me and my little brother behaving like the two of them. I had been wondering the significance of Luke and Jahzara and now I know. Are you going to do any flashbacks to what happened two years ago like you did with Alec and Rose? Or will you leave it just as it is? It'll be really sad if Finn's heart gets broken twice though, you know, providing that he lives and Avril is too far gone to do so as well. Oh gosh I hate that I'm so late getting to this, I've been thinking about it all week but now they've this system that enables teachers to look at what you're doing online at any moment from their own PC and they're required to write us up if we're on the wrong sites as well. Dude this school is so dumb I can't wait until May when I grad. {spam}

Alec. Poor, sweet, stubborn Alec. In love and he doesn't know it (Don't tell me any different, this is my fantasy until you disprove it). I can't wait to see them reunited! *sings oldies reunited song* I wonder if Rose'll realize that she may have developed feelings for him? I wonder if she actually has developed feelings for him. Anyway, Chapter 18 is bound to be awesome, I'm on my way to it as soon as I submit this beaut :heart:


Author's Response: XDDD, personally, I hate those. After I finish watching them, I sit there staring blankly at my screen going: "Wait - what? That's IT? You have got to be kidding me," & then I go on Google &, like, get obsessed with the ending for a month. XD
I know, right? XD, Rose + Finn FTW. (;
Blerghh, that would suck. XD, but you'll have to wait & see. (;
Ughh, we have that as well. But none of the teachers know how to use it. TROLOLOL.
Lucky. XD, I still have YEARS & YEARS & YEARSSS. Like, yeah. XP
Yup. The tough kid has had his heart robbed by le Rose. (;
Thank you for the review!

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Review #22, by Dragoness101 Operation: Try Not To Die

6th March 2011:
Heya, i wanted to say agai9n your author note at the end didnt make the chapter longer, but it was interesting to hear how you came up with the story name... i think Finn will chose Avril...but thats what i think he should do. Id love there to be a sequal! So yeah thats about it. :)

Author's Response: XDD, teehee, I try even if it doesn't work, (;. (=, thank you! ;D
Thank you for the review! ;D

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Review #23, by HannahJoyWeber Altering Fate

4th March 2011:
yes sequel! explain everything more!! one thing in this chapter, use quickened instead of fastened, because to fasten something is to secure it, not make it faster.


Author's Response: Yayyy. ;D
Whoops. XD, I remember sitting there pondering over that word. XP, but then I was too lazy to think anymore. Thank you for pointing it out! XD, I knew it sounded weird. XP, but I'll go change it right away! ;D
Thank you for the review!

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Review #24, by nirvana14 Altering Fate

3rd March 2011:
I'm thinking sequel, because it's got lots of unexplored potential backstory.

Author's Response: Thank you for your opinion. Right now, I'm definitely thinking of writing a sequel. Maybe 'To Cleanse Your Hands Of Le Blood ~ ', XDD.

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Review #25, by Kimberly Altering Fate

3rd March 2011:
oh my goodness, I can't wait until the next chapter! and yes, a sequel would be awesome ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! X3
You think so? (=

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