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Review #1, by Jordan Chapter 1

21st January 2013:
I liked it and this is what I always imagined was happening 5,6,7th years at Hogwarts ;-)

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Review #2, by Starkidgleek Chapter 1

29th December 2011:
nice :) i loved the end, but there were a few grammar mistakes. I would just use word document or somthin next time and it should be cleared right up. other than that I loved it!

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Review #3, by tandymandy Chapter 1

25th July 2011:
loool i actuallt like the idea of them hating eachother so much that theyd end up having sex all the time.

Cool story Bro.


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Review #4, by SilverEmerald Chapter 1

7th March 2011:
:P halarious, and pretty good story i have to admit.

Author's Response: Thank you! =)...

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Review #5, by Potter_N_MalfoyLover  Chapter 1

21st October 2010:
haha! maybe later granger... I like that! this was cool, you dont see a lot of these style one-shots

Author's Response: Thank you =)

I'm glad my style is a bit diffrent...

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Review #6, by Jakeyboyxxx Chapter 1

11th September 2010:
ahahahaa I love Draco, he's so bloody cocky XD
This is a great story, well done

Author's Response: Same here =D
Thank you =)...

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Review #7, by MeadowBlossom Chapter 1

29th August 2010:
I think this could be a really lovely beginning to a longer story with some editing and a good beta. Beyond that all it needs is a little fleshing out. It almost feels more like an outline than an actual story because you seemed to stick mostly to the bones of it. I really hope you continue this or write a sequel because I would love to know what happens next.

Author's Response: Thank you
Thanks for reviewing
i prolly will make a sequel , i just have a little bit of writers block at the momemt but i'm sure ill get out of it...

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Review #8, by Shelby Chapter 1

1st August 2010:

Okay so it wasn't bad but it needs more like idk. It just sort of ended all of a sudden. But other than that it was good. A few capitalization errors but it didn't bother me too much. Uhmm... I love Draco/Hermione and I absolutely loved the idea of them keeping it a complete secret. I wish there was more feeling between them. But that's just me. Anyways, it was good. And I wish you would continue it on.


Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing =)
and i prolly will continue or maybe a sequel?

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Review #9, by writeyourheartout Chapter 1

20th July 2010:
I have to say that this could really, truly use some editing. It would be a thousand times better read if you went back and used some comma's, corrected your spelling error's, understood how plurals and conjoined words work, and capitalized the names of each character. The idea behind this story isn't very original, but I can see that you have moments that could really create a good story - if only you would go back and edit. Perhaps find a beta to help you out, and this story would be much easier to read. You have a good flow to the story, as far as it's story-telling structure, but it's hard to appreciate that when I'm forced to reread a sentence because it didn't have a comma and I read it incorrectly due to its lack of guidance. I really think this story has potential, but you are covering up all of its good qualities with the bad ones - and the bad one's are SO easy to fix! Honestly, this story could be a thousand times better in just a short, 15 minute editing session! I encourage you to do so, because this story has so much more potential than you're allowing to be seen due to things as simple as punctuation and capitalization, you know? Please don't take this too hard! I don't mean it to be rude it all, I'm very sorry if I offend in anyway - it's simply that I see the potential here and wish for you to take the time to make this fic shine! Either way, thank you for writing! :-)


Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing =)...

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Review #10, by poonamj Chapter 1

17th July 2010:
Loved the intensity and the fact that it was purely a physical relation they share.
great going.

Author's Response: Thank you , yeah i was just tired of the usual they fall in love and blah blah blah , i wanted it to be different

Thanks for reading and reviewing =)...

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Review #11, by miaa Chapter 1

15th July 2010:
and get a Beta.

Author's Response: Maybe , probably i'm considering it =)

and i'm planing on it

Thanks for reading and reviewing...

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Review #12, by hermione999 Chapter 1

13th July 2010:
Lol this was funny!!! I'm going to read and review some of your other stories too. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you lol

I'm glad you liked it and thank you for reading and reviewing my other stories and giving me a 10/10 =)...

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Review #13, by katiefelton Chapter 1

10th July 2010:
This is a good idea, and I loved your summary:) As a side note, I really am not a fan of characters dropping the f-bomb, but that's totally up to you. By the way, I loved your summary!


Author's Response: Thank you i'm glad you liked it =)...

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Review #14, by daisychain1 Chapter 1

7th July 2010:
i think its good, the description in it created a picture in my mind, just check your spelling but yes i thought it was a good storyline, i would love it to be longer and another chapter would be great, it seems to be a very good story and with more chapters i think you could develop it even more.
great job and keep the hard work up :D

Author's Response: i'm glad the description created a picture for you thats what i was going for

Thank you , yeah i know when i type fast i spell things wrong sometimes lol , I know it was short but i think i may decide to add more chapters like you said

Thanks for reading and reviewing i'm glad you liked it =)...

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Review #15, by pbabe87 Chapter 1

6th July 2010:
I like it! :) I like the lack of true love there, too.

Author's Response: Thank you =)...

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Review #16, by JohnnyPickAlot Chapter 1

6th July 2010:
Well, this was definitely...interesting.
Though it doesn't read very smoothly. I think it would flow better if you worked on your grammar. For example, you have many words that aren't supposed to be capitalized, you're missing periods and commas in certain areas, and there are a few misspellings. I'm sure all of this can be fixed with a suitable beta.
Keep working! :)

Author's Response: Yeah i know grammar is something i have a little bit of trouble with when i'm typing fast lol

Thanks for reading and reviewing =)...

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