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Review #1, by Jeenso Future

14th August 2012:
OHHH NO, Harry turned into a wasted dude! D: But it was interesting, having him being a total drunkard, giving up on life.I mean, for a story, as a person I'd be like ".D:" But anyway.

"Who was she?"

Oh dear, Harry, what have you been doing with your money.

Author's Response: Yeah, this is probably a bit ooc for Harry, but I wanted to explore some possibilities and this is how Hermione's chapter decided it wanted to go. I'm glad you found it interesting. Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by UH60TI Love

1st August 2011:
You have the very special gift of a storyteller. The nightmares continue for a long time. But things get better. Especially with the help of one who loves you.

Thanks for the story.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. And being called a storyteller is one of the best compliments ever, so thank you for that as well :)

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Review #3, by Emma Future

22nd June 2011:
This is my favourite fan fic i have ever read!! :) Harry and Mrs. Weasley was perfect.. Keep Writing! xx

Author's Response: Thanks, Emma! That's very sweet. I'm glad that you enjoyed it :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #4, by Julie Future

12th April 2011:
ek! this is so good! I love how you jumped around in time, and let each chapter kind of stand alone. I also really like that there wasn't an immediate "happily ever after" for ginny and harry, but it is insinuated that there will eventually be one. This is wonderful keep writitng!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you liked the structure of the collection. I'm always worried that it throws people off a bit.

In my opinion, it's unrealistic to think that Harry and Ginny would move from the war directly to 'happily ever after.' After all, they were together for what? A month or two? And their relationship was kind of defined by spontaneous passion. Even if they end up together right after the war, it's going to take some serious time and work for them to develop a lasting, healthy relationship.

And, that was probably more information than you wanted :P Thanks again for reading. I'm really glad you enjoyed these stories :)

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Review #5, by Faith100z Love

26th December 2010:
I think you really captured Ginny's personality beautifully and her reactions are so perfectly Ginny. I also want to applaud you for always making the time to respond to your readers reviews. It makes us feel greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

Author's Response: Hi Faith *waves* Thanks for all your reviews :)

I love all of my reviewers! You guys give me the motivation to keep writing. Responding to you is absolutely the LEAST I can do. Honestly, I appreciate you all so much. *hugs*

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Review #6, by Faith100z Family

26th December 2010:
Fantastic job as usual. This is a story I love to read over and over again. Oh, by the way, when I said in my review for Laugh I didn't realize you already had a banner. Oops. I know, I really need to use my eyes more ha ha! Luna would be quite a difficult character to write, so I admire you for taking on the challenge. And you did magnificently!! I am trying to get the guts to start to write some of my own fanfiction, and you are definetly one of the authors I look up to. Thanks for providing us die-hard Harry potter fans some awesome fanfiction!

Author's Response: Thanks again :) I'm glad you enjoy this story so much, and I'm super glad that you can see the banner. I kind of love this banner, so I was a bit worried that something was wrong before :P

I definitely encourage you to write some of your own stories. It's an awesome creative outlet. It took me several months to actually begin to write my own stories, and then several more to get up the courage to begin posting them. It's been a fabulous experience. This is a great site to write with. Everyone has been really nice and helpful. Give it a shot! And let me know when you have something validated :)

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Review #7, by Faith100z Future

26th December 2010:
Brilliant. You really captured Hermione's personality perfectly. I have a bit of a suggestion for another chapter. Maybe a chapter on endurance. Harry could be talking to Minerva Mcgonagall in the days right after the battle. He would explain about how the press, interviews etc. were affecting him. She would explain to him about how he would have to endure it and relish being alive, having survived. She would tell him to just keep looking forward and soon the press would have settled down a bit and he could have the relatively normal life he's always wanted. Please reply and tell me if you like it. I really admire your work.

Author's Response: Thanks :) I think this is the weakest chapter of the collection. Harry is probably a bit ooc, so I'm glad you thought Hermione was done well.

I absolutely love your idea. I could definitely see Harry thinking that as soon as the battle was over, he was going to get to finally have this 'normal life' then being frustrated/depressed at the fact that it doesn't happen right away. Hmm, I'll have to see what the plot bunnies have to say. It's really a very good idea. Maybe you'd like to give it a shot yourself?

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Review #8, by Faith100z Laugh

26th December 2010:
I have read this story a couple times and it made me cry the first time! This was obviously so well thought out and planned. It is pure genius. You should really try to get a banner made for it. It could be really cool. This chapter is wonderful you have really captured Luna perfectly. This is exactly how I imagine she must get over her grief.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I really appreciate you letting me know how it made you feel. My favorite part of reviews is finding out what the story made readers think or feel while they were reading.

I do have a banner...can you not see it? That's sad because it really is brilliant. The artist did an amazing job. I hope it's still working...I'll have to check into it...

I'm so glad you thought Luna was portrayed well. She's one of my favorite characters and I stayed away from writing her for a long time because I was afraid that I would ruin her.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by MoonlightDrive Future

18th December 2010:
The bit with Mrs Weasley made me cry, but everything else just made m feel really happy :) I really like this :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and leaving me a review :) I'm really glad you liked it, especially Molly's chapter. I think that one is my favorite :)

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Review #10, by Pacific Wizard Future

9th December 2010:
Singularity: I left a message for you on your blog. Thanks for the mention. That was sweet. I don't know why I can't log in and leave you a message directly but I was able to write something to you after "Melian's" message to your "Rockstar" blog. BTW, you are a Rockstar in my book and you are humble not arrogant in your blog message. Keep writing, I'll keep reading and reviewing. Merry Christmas, PW

Author's Response: A Very Merry Christmas to you as well, PW :) Thanks for reading my blog and for calling yourself a fan. It kind of made me blush a bit :* *hugs* You're a Rockstar in my book as well. Seriously. I appreciate you so much :)

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Review #11, by Pacific Wizard Love

3rd December 2010:
Singularity: Read this chapter again and it was even better the second time around. I'm glad they're not like fattening desserts or I'd weigh a ton right now. Starting to read your others stories. You have a great imagination that seems to flow effortlessly, but, I know better and what you are doing takes a lot of hard work. Very happy for your gift. Thanks from a dedicated fan. PW

Author's Response: I don't know if you ever go to the forums, but I recently wrote a blog there about how reviewers like you make me feel like a rockstar :P Seriously, you are so awesome for continuing to read and review my stories, it means a lot to me. *hugs*

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Review #12, by Jenna822 Future

9th November 2010:
(Reward Review #4)

Nice! I can so imagine Hermione doing that with the water. She always one to not pull punches. :D
This makes so much sense in the grand scheme of things. Of course Harry would go through a period of thinking where he now feels useless and washed up. Voldemort's gone...he's done. I could feel that sense of 'Was I just important because of Voldemort?' lingering with the way he was acting. However, this one kinda felt out of place with the other three. He seemed to be going up with the others, and this one portrayed him as a drinking and...inappropriately fraternizing kind of guy. I think I woulda liked this chapter better as a one shot. That being said, it was still well written and powerful! --Jenna

Author's Response: Hello again :) I agree that this story is definitely a lot different than the other three, but all four of them are supposed to be independent one-shots that feature alternative pictures of what could have happened after the battle at Hogwarts.

I struggle a lot with alcoholic, womanizer Harry myself, but that's how this chapter wanted to be written, so I went with it. I'm glad you think that it makes some sense, because I'm still not sure what I think of it.

Thanks for reviewing and letting me know what you think!

- Singularity

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Review #13, by Jenna822 Family

9th November 2010:
(Reward Review #3)

You're probably tired of hearing how great you are...? Well, I'll say it anyways, this was great. I didn't just read it, I felt it. I literally had tears building in my eyes as Molly was talking to Harry about all the accomplishments. I expected Harry to be in the list, but I was shocked at Hermione. I guess once she got a good look of Hermione with Ron over that summer, she probably truly started thinking of a future for her in the family. Despite the tears, I laughed at the 'you're seventeen' part. It was moving, end of. :D --Jenna

Author's Response: Aww, shucks *kicks at the dirt* I don't think anyone ever gets tired of hearing that they're great :P I think I might be blushing. You're far too kind, but I'm really, really glad that you liked this chapter. It's my favorite. I really wanted to write a Harry/Molly scene set after the battle because I love their relationship.

I went back and forth on including Hermione in the list, but honestly, she spent about as much time with the Weasleys as Harry did and being a muggle-born, I think Molly really took Hermione under her wing, not to the same extent as Harry, but it's still there. And you're right, I think Molly knows that Hermione will be an official member of the family some day. She's a pretty bright, intuitive lady.

Honestly, to me, the best compliments are when people tell me that stories have made them feel something, so thanks for letting me know.

Also, I don't know where that 'you're seventeen' part came from, but I love it, too. I don't know why, but it just seems like something Molly would say :P

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Review #14, by Jenna822 Laugh

9th November 2010:
(Reward Review #2)

Aww, this was sweet and sad at the same time. I think you captured Luna so very well. Hard to really think of a long review for this one. It was just flat out good. Nothing to criticize, I could pick it apart and repeat how well done each paragraph was. Lol. But in all seriousness, this was written quite well! --Jenna

Author's Response: I have always shied away from writing Luna because she is one of my favorite characters and I was afraid of ruining her. She's so unique yet so comfortable in her own skin. It makes her wonderful to read about, but rather difficult (at least for me) to write. Therefore, it makes me ridiculously happy that you thought I captured her so well. Thanks for your review and your kind words :)


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Review #15, by Jenna822 Love

9th November 2010:
(Reward Review #1)

Your writing is beautiful, just thought I'd say. Your words flow so well and there's never any grammar that seems off. The pace and style always seem right on. It's nice to read. Now, specifically on the chapter, it was also well done. I think you captured their characters very well and that slap was just really fitting. Both her doing and his reaction. I like the way you incorporated the diary thing. It would stand to reason that those kinds of experiences wouldn't just...stop bothering you. It was full out possession and a lot of writers tend to gloss over that. Very emotional chapter! --Jenna

Author's Response: Thanks for your review and the lovely compliments :* I have to give a lot of credit for the lack of mistakes to my wonderful beta ahoythere. She did a fabulous job :) I'm really glad that you enjoyed this chapter and thought that the characters seemed realistic. The slap was definitely one of those things that just happened in the course of writing. It wasn't planned, but I'm glad you thought it fit, because I think Harry kind of needed that. Thanks again for your review!


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Review #16, by Pacific Wizard Love

19th October 2010:
Amazing story. Love it when Ginny is strong and feisty. Your story is so good that I wished that you had embellished it more and made the story longer but I understand how you needed to structure all 4 stories. H/G relationship is my favorite and while I have all the respect for JKR, the H/G relationship was almost a minor subplot. But that's why authors like you can satisfy our longing for closure. You did a great job on this and I look forward to other stories from you. You are one of my favorites. Well done. PW

Author's Response: I love that about Ginny as well. I think they are such a great match, and I agree that the relationship wasn't really given much time to develop in the books, but that's the way of war. It pushes some couples together (Ron/Hermione, Lupin/Tonks) and it tears some apart, like Harry and Ginny.

Thanks for your lovely review (and for all of your lovely reviews) :D

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Review #17, by Pacific Wizard Laugh

19th October 2010:
So Luna and so Harry. This story was perfect in every way. The characters, the dialogue and the story line were awesome. You have a great gift. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. Well done. PW

Author's Response: That's extremely sweet. :* Thanks! I usually avoid writing Luna because she's such an amazing character, and I don't want to ruin her, so I'm really glad that you liked this story and this portrayal of her.

Thanks for taking the time to review all of the chapters of this story. It really makes my day :) I hope you will keep reading!

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Review #18, by Pacific Wizard Future

19th October 2010:
While I wasn't totally convinced that Harry could rebound from his alcoholism with one intervention from Hermione, I still loved your story and the dialogue between H/Herm. You captured Hermione so well in this story and while Harry is out of conventional character, you still showed his familiar flashes of temper and annoyance at invasions of his privacy. I am in awe of your writing abilities. You are very talented in that area. I would like to pose a suggestion that Harry carry on a battle with this new addiction like his battle with Voldermort. After all, once imbibed, it's in you like a Horcrux, is it not? As Harry pursues a meaningful relationship with Ginny, strives to be an effective Auror with the rigors and risks of the profession, having lots of money and the friendship of H/R as well as those from the DA, you could develop an extraordinary story of Harry's life poet-Voldemort. Great writing and a great story. Well done. PW

Author's Response: You're right, Harry probably has a long road ahead of him, but hopefully this event can act as a catalyst and a turning point for him. I love your ideas about Harry's new battle and I think that could be developed into an amazing story, I'm just not sure I could do it justice. I'll keep it in mind though, because it sounds brilliant.

I really appreciate your remarks about Harry's characterization. I know he is a bit out of canon in this story, so I'm really glad that he's at least recognizable. Thank you for another lovely review.

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Review #19, by Pacific Wizard Family

19th October 2010:
Outstanding, heartwarming and very moving. You got both characters spot on and the dialogue between Harry and Molly was sincere and compassionate. Molly's reasons to persuade Harry to come back to his family and for Molly to not lose another son was very emotional. I had tears in my eyes as I read it. Your writing style is fluid and your story lines are well conceived. It is a real pleasure to read your stories. Well done. PW

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate your kind remarks about this chapter (it's one of my favorites). It's such a compliment to a writer when a story is able to draw out emotion from the reader, so I really appreciate your remarks. I'm glad you enjoyed the store. Thanks again for reading!

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Review #20, by Maxima Family

16th October 2010:
This. When she got to Hermione, I started to sob. In the middle of my computer class. It's just perfect. Absolutely beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! It's a wonderful to hear that this story elicited a real, emotional response from you. That's one of the best compliments (in my opinion) that an author can receive, so thank you again.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it so much, although I'm sorry that it happened in the middle of your class :P Thanks for reading!

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Review #21, by themissingpotter Future

15th September 2010:
Very appropriate I think, it seems from day 1 that Hermione was Harry's rock, and as usual she was there for him again. She could usually get him to understand, and get over himself and I think you held that tried and true. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm really glad you liked this interpretation of Harry and Hermione's friendship. I think the two of them are kindred spirits. They have this rare and unique connection, and I think Hermione can get away with a lot because of it. In this situation, she might be the only one who could get through to him. She really is his rock and the one constant in his life. Much as I love Ron, Hermione is a much better friend to Harry.

Sorry, I tend to ramble :P Thanks again for reviewing :)

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Review #22, by lauraf68 Future

12th September 2010:
Dear Singularity,

Oh, wow, I'm at a loss for words. In a good way. In "my HPFF story" (you know, the one in my minds eye) I don't see a drinking problem and recluse coping strategy happening to Harry. Did I ever tell you that my friends tell me I have quite a Pollyanna complex?

However, with that said it chapter is completely believable. Heck, I've had it happen to me with my father. Unfortunately he did not have a happy ending. Drinking, denial, and lack of persueing proper mental health care is what ultimately lead to his demise. Maybe that explains my Pollyanna complex--LOL--(i.e I always want the perfect ending to the story).

I am so glad that Hermione could get through to Harry and in this scenario I believe she is the only one who could get through to him. He loves Ginny too much to let her see him like that and weak, so he distances himself from her. He would think that Ron just doesn't understand because he had a life Harry always wanted. Hermione is more akin to way of life Harry had before Hogwarts. He can be open to her because he doesn't have as much to lose---it's just different.

Thank You for writing a great short story set. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Author's Response: Hi again, Laura :) Thanks for reading and reviewing! This chapter is definitely the most different of the four. I'm glad you think that it's relatively realistic.

I think what you said about Harry/Hermione is completely true. They both have that background of being from another world, raised by Muggles, so there is kind of a kinship there. In addition, Hermione has /always/ been there for Harry. She's really like the sister he never had. She's the person who would still be there, even if everyone else had gone.

Sorry, I'm rambling. Thanks again for reviewing :)

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Review #23, by IdiosyncraticWizard Future

6th September 2010:
This one is the best of all the four stories. Although I don't understand. Harry being with a girl and not remembering her and getting stoned is plain weird, yet real! =)

But seriously, after reading all the four stories, I felt like going there and kicking him in the shins (and immediately conjure a shield charm, ofcourse) and SCREAM, 'GET A LIFE, literally!'

His best friends, the love of his life, Mrs. Weasley, and all of Ron's family, more like HIS family, is there for him and yet he is acting like such a jerk!

He couldn't have helped it, took four people to make him understand that. Although in Harry's case, thats far too less, considering how stubborn he is.

I loved it, though! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. I'm kind of worried about it since Harry is a bit out of character with the whole 'drinking away his sorrows' thing, so it's nice to get some positive feedback.

The thing about the girl was no so much that he didn't remember, but was more along the line of he never bothered to find out her name, one night stand kind of thing.

Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #24, by IdiosyncraticWizard Love

6th September 2010:
The one mark I really wanted to give but did not was because I wanted to read more! I wanted to hear Harry say that he loved her too, so you know, I'd know that Ginny knows too. I wanted to hear them talk, like normal teens do, Harry sure does deserve it. Of course its not possible. Harry and normal teen stuff are poles apart. But still you know, however close they COULD get.
I loved the story thought. I almost felt like I was reading the 8th part of Harry Potter!! There were always really less Harry-Ginny moments in the book, they definitely didn't suffice.
The way Harry is chastising myself, how Ron and Hermoine subconsciously hold hands, its all so real!
I loved it. Do write more!! :)

Author's Response: Hmm, you have a very good point. There aren't a whole lot of 'normal teenage moments' for Harry and Ginny, or any of the characters really. Their lives have been really intense, so their conversations have a tendency to be quite intense as well. I did once right a /relatively/ normal interaction between Ron and Hermione if you're interested. Well, it does involve slight talk of zombies, but otherwise it's pretty normal. :P

I'm glad you mostly enjoyed this story. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #25, by Renegade Niffler Laugh

25th August 2010:
I loved this. This is a perfect use of that quote, it is totally a Luna thing to say. :)

It was just brilliant to use Luna to break Harry out of his emotional bottle. She is an unexpected character for that, but she works very very well in that role.

Everyone was very much in character. The descriptions, and emotions through the dancing scene were just really well done. I don't have a single criticism to offer. Well done. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for such a lovely review. I really loved participating in your challenge. It was a lot of fun :) I find Luna incrediably difficult to write, but that quote really just screamed her, so I had to give it a shot :P

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