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Review #1, by Drummergirlred The Third Option

7th August 2011:
Aw I really enjoyed this. I don't think I've ever read Peter acting 'normal'. HE is usually so sneaky and nerdy and gross. I think I actually like this Peter. In fact this Peter is probably how Peter really was instead of ALWAYS trying too hard. He is just a boy liking a girl and going to a friend for some advise. Leave it Remus to let a friend spill their guts with the girl listening in, that was my favorite part.
Really cute and well done! :)

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Review #2, by momotwins The Third Option

7th August 2011:
Okay, partway through, I'm dying to know what Jane looks like, why Remus had that reaction to Peter fancying her! Is she ugly? Huge? Half-giant? A mermaid? Ack. Okay he called her Plain Jane, so I'm guessing she's ugly.

I'm very pleased with your depiction of Peter Pettigrew. His turning out to be a bad guy makes most people either leave him out of the Marauders altogether, or make him into someone they merely tolerate. He was honestly their friend back then, one they trusted enough to put Lily and James's lives directly in his hands. He had to have been quite close to them, a full-fledged Marauder. So I'm glad you went that way with his character.

I love the poetry bit - nobody could understand Sirius's poetry XD I don't know why, but I don't find it at all surprising that teenage Sirius would write obscure poetry. Love that. "That's the mark of a true poet" hahaha. Peter describing how he felt about Janie was so sweet! I kind of like Janie, too, she's smart (maybe too smart for Peter), and the kiss was sweet too. I'm a bit sad that you didn't describe her though, when she finally appeared, but it really wasn't needed - I'm just nosy and wanted to know what she looked like after that build-up in the beginning. Very cute story!

WTM - Ravenclaw

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Review #3, by forsakenphoenix The Third Option

5th August 2011:
Why does this not have more reviews?! Explain THAT one to me. This is brilliant. Humorous with enough insight into a younger Peter who isn't blinded by power and greed. I always hate when Peter is left out of Marauders fics or given a bad rep. Granted he doesn't have much of a future, but he must've at least been a good friend during their school years. Enough for them to believe he'd be a good Secret Keeper for the Potters.

I really really liked this line for some reason: “That’s shallow. I came to you because I expected that sort of response out of James.”

The dialogue between Remus and Peter was perfect, exactly how I imagined two young boys trying to talk about girls. And then Remus getting Peter to tell him why he liked Janie because she was right behind him. Then the interaction between Janie and Peter was so precious!

I'm probably sounding like a mushy fangirl as a gush out how much I love your stories, but you are really so talented. :)

forsakenphoenix (ravenclaw)

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Review #4, by lustylover The Third Option

12th July 2010:
I really enjoyed this. I think many many people dislike Peter Pettigrew as much as I do! Somehow, you have created a character that is just as normal as Harry or Ron in the throws of love before getting involved in a world of evil. I never thought of what peter may have been like when he was at Hogwarts. Thank so much for entering my contest! The winners will be posted tonight and I hope you check out my stories when you get the chance!

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