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Review #1, by bex Strut

6th June 2011:
this is really good! please please please post the next chapter! i cant wait too see what happens!

Author's Response: I will someday soon hopefully. Glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by Abby Strut

6th June 2011:
This is really interesting.

I notice you haven't updated for a long time but I really hope you haven't abandoned such a promising storyline with so much potential.

Please update soon. :-)
Great work.

Author's Response: Im still working on it slowly. Its been pretty busy right now in my life so I will be updating someday hopefully soon.

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Review #3, by FredWeasley_girl1987 Strut

9th July 2010:
I like it so far can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: thank you (:

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Review #4, by xXSeamus_and_DeanXx Strut

5th July 2010:
I noticed one little grammatical error:

"We got notebooks for our last birthday that was magical and allowed us to talk." It should be "are" magical instead of "was" magical.

Other than that the grammar was fine and the plot line was moved along pretty well. But I do feel like the part when they're in the Great Hall needs more description and explanation.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'll fix that grammatical error and try to be more descriptive. I'll probably rewrite some of it. Thanks for the insight!

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Review #5, by blimmchen Strut

5th July 2010:
this was another interesting chapter! I really want to find out how Layna got injured and how that is even possible. I love the whole mystery and suspense.

And my my... dear Aleksandar is very forward, isn't he? Not a bad thing tho lol... he sounds...interesting *winkwink*

I agree with you on the accent part. In one of my stories I was writing about Fleur and tried "writing" her French accent, but got so annoyed in the end that I also wrote her accent was still there, but not as thick as previously.

Hope to read more soon ;D

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Yeah Aleksandar isn't the shy type really. And when he wants something he'll fight to get it (:

Yeah I just get so aggravated trying to write in accents. It's too difficult for me plus I really don't know what a Bulgarian accent really sounds like.

Thanks for reviewing and I promise to write more soon!

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Review #6, by blimmchen Get Out Alive

18th June 2010:
Hey! That was a brilliant start for a story. The beginning was really building up the suspense and I just want to find out what happened to the three girls before they ended up at Alicia's house. Also the way you introduced the characters was quite nice and ending the chapter with a nightmare/vision was also quite clever. I hope you update soon and keep up the good work. Oh yeah and btw (not important, but I am curious lol)... did you say that Layna and Ella are twins? If so are they identical?

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes they are twins and no they're fraternal. They are very different from each other but alike in so many ways. You'll see later on.

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Review #7, by jessica<3'sya Get Out Alive

18th June 2010:
So awesome,you have to post the next chapter as soon as possible.I might go crazy if you don't!

Author's Response: haha no don't go crazy! I promise to update soon!

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Review #8, by katie Get Out Alive

18th June 2010:
Had to end there didn't you :( It's only the first chapter and I'm already obsessed with it.Love the whole story plot (even though I'm not exactly sure what they saw.)Different from all the other Oliver/OC stories but that's the reason i liked it.Post the next chapter as soon as you can.

Author's Response: I will post as soon as I can I promise.

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Review #9, by xXSeamus_and_DeanXx Get Out Alive

17th June 2010:
Wow that was intense! I really need to know what happens next, so please don't like those losers, who like randomly stop writing something awesome!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I promise to keep up with this story.

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