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Reading Reviews for You Belong with Me
16 Reviews Found

Review #1, by _hedwig_ Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

2nd December 2010:
:( :( :( :(

My life is sad, now. Way to go. You ruined my day.

Ahem, let's start over. Hi! My name is Sabrina. My favorite pairing is Albus/OC but I also love James/OC. I love Arielle. She can be my new best friend. But mow, you made me sad, and I will dislike you for that. You have an awesome pen name. I am sufficiently depressed. Make a sequel, NOW.

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Review #2, by goldengoose500 Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

23rd November 2010:
woah this is amazing continue like right now (not trying to be pushy but I really want to know what happens)

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Review #3, by Emandem Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

11th November 2010:
I read this ages ago, back then when I was bad and didn't leave reviews. I saw your request for a new banner in TDA and was all ohmygawd, is she going to update? This is not the best first chapter I read, but I know hwo hard they are, trust me. The summary is awesome, and I can't wait to read more!

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Review #4, by lovealways99 Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

10th November 2010:
hii. i reallly like the idea of this story. arielle seems very...brave to actually stand up to james. (thats why she;s in gryffindor :D)
i hope you havent abandoned this storyyy :( maybe, update soon?

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Review #5, by Fang'd Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

10th September 2010:
Cool stuff. Please continue =] x

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Review #6, by Grace Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

21st August 2010:
I'm really starting to love this story!
Can you please update soon?

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Review #7, by stepnhunguyen Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

25th July 2010:
Sniff This made me extremely sad and I cried... maybe.. just a little. Maybe felt my heart a little pierced. I mean, I would HATE if my friend did that to me. :( James is to blame, Arielle is tons better than Danielle. *Glare At James*

Update soon pleases?


haPpy DaZe,

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Review #8, by oleander Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

26th June 2010:
Really enjoyed the first chapter. Excellent character introduction. Seems like you have some great plot potential. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this sorry.

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Review #9, by elizabeth Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

20th June 2010:
That's.was... FANTASTIC! Please write the next chapter!

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Review #10, by anonymous Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

20th June 2010:
i really like it! your character set up and storyline have lots of potential.

cant wait for the next installment so please keep writing!

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Review #11, by Amberfire Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

20th June 2010:
brilliant story, I really like the start!
Oh god, when James didn't know her favourite colour... my heart wrenched. Poor, poor Airelle :( Gah James really needs to get his priorities in order :S

I really liked the confrontation scene with her asking if he knew her favourite colour and book and such, I could really imagine it, and also all the way through, I could really hear Airelle's voice and pain so kudo's for that :D

I'm really looking forward to see where this fic goes and I'm sure I'll enjoy it all!!

heh heh you do quite have a similar style to dream_BIG :D
Thank you for the story!!

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Review #12, by Equilibrium Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

19th June 2010:
This made my stomach twist -it was S O sad! It was really good. Im looking forward to the next chapter

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Review #13, by McKenna Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

19th June 2010:
That was sooo sad... in a good way. It was really great writing and i really want you to continue it! I totally felt Arielle's pain throughout the whole thing, and that means that your writing rocks! PLEASE KEEP WRITING! Great job!

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Review #14, by marciabarcia Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

19th June 2010:
Woah... this is really good! Poor Arielle, James really is a terrible friend. I feel bad that she tried so hard, and he just ruined it. Update soon please!


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Review #15, by Raquel Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

19th June 2010:
I understand that this was kind of a basis for the rest of the story, bt you're almost panning out a life in one chapter. Also, it's very dramatic and the main character is just wallowing in self-sorrow. However, it has a good start in there. Make this character into something special, so that James'll want her back.

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Review #16, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 Dude. I知 a Third Wheel? Wow, thanks.

19th June 2010:
i like this. it may be a taylor swift song but it has a twist. the girl actually has guts this time. i love it please keep it going!


Clea Smith;)

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