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Review #1, by Lovely27 Daddy's Paper Dragon

23rd November 2010:
I love this--its such a unique view of the relationship between not only Narcissa and her father, but also her and Bella. I like that for once she isn't absolutely adored by her sister, as adoration does not usually fit Bella's personality well!

Great writing, keep it coming!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Your review puts the whole story into perspective, I'm happy that you understood it and not just thought it was some dreary thing. It was easier than I thought, characterizing them in that way, it was more realistic and fun.

Thanks for you review again!

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Review #2, by FannyPrice Daddy's Paper Dragon

26th June 2010:
Hello! Thank you for competing in my challenge.

I thought your piece was very well done. You were given tough characters--the Blacks are an enigma and I think your characterizations of them were highly plausible. Bella was downright scary, and her speech patterns were quite close to those found in canon.

I found your characterization of Cygnus was especially interesting. How cold and commanding he was, but how much he really cared. It was quite a lovely combination, and realistic, too. I also loved the way you started the piece, which somehow reminded me of King Lear--you know, with the three sisters, two of whom are power thirsty and the youngest who is honest? Did that play a role in your inspiration. Another part I greatly enjoyed was when you described her father and Bella being like the marble; the imagery was awesome there.

Great Job!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the review! It's so cool getting feedback like this!(: I didn't know you could look so deep into the characters like that, I just put down what I thought those people would act like, but it was amazing having you delve so deep into my story.

I believed that Cygnus was once a good man, but what could you do when you were expected to be evil. No, I haven't heard of King Lear, I just thought, well if you have two older sisters, there's just so much that you have to own up to. But if I did hear of it, it probably would have a role in the story. I haven't seen a lot of marble in my lifetime, but its something that stuck out to me as a way to describe someone who has so many conflicting attributes.

Thanks again for your review! And I'll make sure to join your other challenges! (:

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